What I Got For Christmas 2017

I cannot believe i failed Blogmas. I was doing so well up until the last 3 days where I ended up being sick and very poorly. I spent Christmas Day feeling very sorry for myself and even now, 7 days later, I still have a really bad sore throat. Anyway, better luck next year! I thought I would still show what I got for Christmas. I love these type of blog posts as its hard to remember a year later, what you received!

I absolutely love what I got and am very thankful. My husband got me these lovely Ugg slippers which were a complete surprise.. They are super warm amd comfy. I have also been LIVING in them since Christmas Day. I also asked for some puzzles and he got me Disney 1000 piece plus a 3D puzzle. I have almost completed the Disney one. I just find puzzles so relaxing and you can spend hours on them!

My mother-in-law kindly got me a few jewellery holders. I actually asked for these and they are beautiful. There is a necklace holder, trinket box and a ring stand. She also bought some lovely pyjamas!

My brother in law and his partner got me a board game, a lovely perfume and a Yankee Candle set. I also received a restaurant gift card from some friends and of course E was spoilt! (picture below)  


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