Advent Calendar for Ramadan?

I am a huge sucker for an advent calendar. During Christmas I research all the beauty ones and work out which one I want to spend my money on. Trust me, they are not as cheap as they used to be, even the chocolate ones!

I was shopping in Morrisons and came across the Ramadan aisle – okay, how great is it that a major supermarket has an aisle dedicated to Ramadan!!!- and I spotted advent calenders!

Upon closer inspection, there were 2 options. A chocolate calendar or one with dates. It just made me stop and think for a second about how much money I would have spent on a beauty calendar that would only make me happy for a short while.

Purchasing the chocolate one (of course) was always going to happen and I immediately thought I can use this to show my daughter what Ramadan is about and the countdown to Eid.

I guess my point is that part of this month is for a detox. Eat healthy, watch what you eat, sleep, pray and think. Most importantly, think. When you don’t have food and drink making you feel complacent, you start to really look at your life.

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