Muslim Pro App

One of the hardest parts about Ramadan is trying to remember to fit everything in. Most of it is normal day to day life, like praying, but it’s nice to have a reminder. Since getting married and moving out of my parents house, I’ve been using an App that helps me remember everything.

I’ve only got the free version but it’s still pretty cool. It’s called Muslim Pro (easy to remember) and it’s quite simple.

I can see what time Sehri and Iftari is, plus the rest of prayer times. It also let’s me track how many fasts I have kept. One specific part that came in handy was pointing out which direction to pray in and also translation of the Quran.

There are only two things I don’t like. Number one, the ads. I know you can purchase the full version to remove ads, but still, there shouldn’t be inappropriate ads on an app for Muslims. (eg…. seriously?)Secondly, the notifications. I had to turn them off because they are unpredictable. You either get too many or too little.

Overall, for a free app, I think it is really good and perfect for someone as forgetful as me!


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