I’ve decided to do a little countdown to E’s birthday. It’s only her 4th but I’m super grateful that she is happy and healthy, so a countdown it shall be!

The idea is to post a memorable photo from the past 4 years, every day up until her birthday (16th October) with a little back story for each one. Photographs stir up a handful of emotions and I want her to be able to look back on them.

My first picture is a blurry one but I’ve kept it that way because the moment E was born, I felt like everything was pretty much blurry anyway. Clearly you can see, she was seriously poorly from the moment she came into this world.

This photo actually marks the first time that I actually saw her. All these amazing photos that other mums take with their babies on their chests and my baby was in an incubator. In a nutshell, she had a bleed in the brain and had to be taken to intensive care, in a hospital 3 hours away from me.

This was the moment that they wheeled her up to me and I saw her for the first time. I couldn’t hold her, I could barely see her but that mother’s instinct and love for my child hit me directly at the first glimpse of her.

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