My thoughts on Dina Tokio

Dina Torkia (known as Dina Tokio) is a YouTube Influencer of around 10 years. She is actually one of the most popular and well known Muslim bloggers and covers things like fashion, lifestyle, families and modesty.

Recently, she has been ALL over Instagram and Twitter as she has revealed herself without her hijab. A little bit of context here: I believe Dina has worn a hijab for the majority of her life. Most of the women in her family wear it and she has been raised as a Muslim so chose to wear it as well. Slowly over the years, she has changed her style of hijab and chose to show a little bit of hair, here and there. Now, she has confirmed that she has chosen to go “part time” with it, meaning she will wear it when she wants. Think of it like a fashion accessory now! She has blown up on social media from angry hijabi’s and a lot of people with a lot of different opinions.

So…… here’s the thing. Everyone has a right to an opinion and when you put yourself out there, it’s just inevitable that people will comment and judge. I do think a LOT of people are taking it too far and becoming too invested. What is my opinion? Personally, I don’t believe in a “part time hijabi” My own belief is that you wear it or you don’t. However, having said that, it really does depend on the person and WHY you want to wear it part time. Also, this is a personal opinion but it is her right to choose and do what she wants.

The whole point of the hijab is to please God. It is not for you, for your partner, for your family or for other people. You are wearing it because that is what God has requested. He has also given free will to everyone, so in a sense I guess that does mean you can choose whether you wear it or you don’t. When you choose to go part time, what is your intention? I mean, I used to wear it, for a number of years and then one day, I just stopped. I didn’t feel like it was helping me or that I was helping the “hijabi image” at all. I had also gone through a traumatic labour experience and pretty much didn’t leave my house for a few months. When I finally did step out, I was happy that I was wearing clothes that matched, let alone a hijab! I’m curious to know what her intention was and why she struggled with it, but that’s the other thing. It really isn’t any of my business as to WHY. It is her life and it is her choice what she does. We can comment and share an opinion but it should not slate, degrade or judge a person.

The thing about Dina, is that the styling of her hijab made her unique and it made her stand out. I absolutely love her. I would NEVER be able to pull off her clothing style and I love how brave she is with fashion. I haven’t subscribed to her because of her hijab, although as a hijabi at the time, that IS what pulled me into her channel. I’ve subscribed because of her. Regardless of whether she chooses to wear it or not, I will still watch her because I like her content, her family, her personality.

The funny thing for me was that when I was watching the video podcast, I didn’t even REALISE until her husband said it, that she wasn’t wearing her hijab in the video. I think that is quite powerful and it says it all!

4 thoughts on “My thoughts on Dina Tokio

  1. It’s actually very freshening to see someone that was thinking the same thing I was. It’s very cruel I feel like it’s defiantly also portraying us in a bad light. Love reading this. ❤️


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