Beauty S.O.S|November|GlossyBox

I was so excited for this month’s Glossy Box, especially after seeing the sneak peak last month. If you love Huda Beauty but haven’t had a chance to purchase any of the products, to know that a full size lipstick would be included this month would have made anyone’s day! I’ve also been trying and using all the products in the box to be able to give a fair review.

STYLondon – Eaton eyeshadow pallette £9.99

I’m never a fan of eyeshadow palettes that come in these boxes, as the pigments are not usually great. However this was a brand I’ve never heard of before and the colours looked amazing! They are all wearable but do contain a lot of shimmer, which I don’t normally like. I tried the pallette out a few times and I have to say that I am impressed. The colours don’t last all day but they don’t smudge or look awful(maybe a little faded at the end of the day) not a bad little every day palette!

Context – Micro-derm Regenerator £6.50

I really wanted to like this, especially because it’s a really useful product to have. I’m not sure if I used it wrong, but it didn’t work for me and it did not feel good either. It’s a cleanser that has microbeads in it and it is meant to be gentle on the skin. I found it quite abrasive actually. I checked the instructions and it doesn’t say to use it with a wet face but if you use it dry, it doesn’t apply properly! Not a fan of this one, sadly.

Your Good Skin – Balancing Skin Concentrate £5.83

Now this I absolutely love! It’s a deluxe size of a balancing skin lotion and it is amazing! I love the smell and the texture. My face immediately feels better and i do feel that the texture of my skin has improved greatly. I wish this was a full size product and honestly I will purchase this once my sample has finished.

Living Proof – Restore Mask Treatment £10

I’ve never liked receiving hair products, simply because I don’t have time to use them when I’m having a shower. I wasn’t impressed when I saw this mask however decided to take some time out and give it a go. Surprisingly it worked on me!! Its a mask that you leave in your hair after shampooing and it is meant to restore your hair back to a good place. You are meant to leave it on for 5 minutes but I wasn’t able to tell if I did or not (no clock in my bathroom and I forgot to take my phone/watch) the smell is amazing, my hair feels better and I think it looks like it has had a bit of pampering as well!

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick – Girlfriend £18

I’ve followed Huda Beauty on YouTube for a long time, and of course her blogs. Whilst I know about her make up line, I never could justify spending that much money on them. I was so happy to see that it was being included in this month’s box and that the colour was a lovely neautral nude! It looks a bit pale on me as I have brown skin but a lip liner makes all the difference! Whilst the colour is good and it dries matte pretty quick, I just found that it transferred easily and didn’t last long! I’m happy I’ve got it but I’m not sure if I would buy anymore.

Chloe Nomade

As an extra, they threw in a little sample of a Chloe perfume. I love the one I have received as it’s good a real earthy, woody note to it. It’s different than all the perfumes I own, in the sense that it’s quite strong. I also found that the fragrance lasted quite a while on me. I could possibly buy a full size bottle at a later point.


This month was a good box. I was surprised by items I thought I would never like but I ended up loving them!


It has to be the balancing skin concentrate by Your Good Skin or the Chloe perfume sample!


The Context cleanser/moisturizer was not a favourite at all for me.


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