#Day 12 Gift Selections

Every year gift selections are released that I always want to buy for myself, forget other people! I always hope that someone will buy one of these for me. Every year the same companies release some amazing sets and you do get the odd new ones as well! Here are my favourites this year

Niomi Smart 

Niomi’s range is absolutely amazing. It is her first range in Boots and there are so many lovely healthy products for your skin! For those who don’t know, Niomi Smart is a lifestyle Youtuber. She focuses on healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and sustainability. I watch her and feel much better about the world. She is such a kind and sweet person and when I saw she had a range out, I couldn’t wait to purchase it.

Clearly I was not the only one with the same thought! Almost everything was out of stock in Boots, pretty much straight away. It is now back in stock but most likely not for long! There are avocado bath fizzers, healthy body washes, a metal water bottle and more. Definitely a brand worth purchasing.

Harry Potter

I literally screamed when I saw the products that were available in Boots, themed Harry Potter. Think Bath Bombs, Make up pallets themed by the houses, eye masks, nail polish, OMG I literally want to buy it all!!!

Sanctuary Spa

Sanctuary Spa is one of my favourites. I feel it is too expensive to purchase generally but they have some really good gift sets during Christmas. I particularly like the room sprays and the candles. Every year they have released some great value gift sets but I couldn’t find a candle set this year that has been in stock at all!

Real Techniques

Everyone knows and loves this brand. I actually don’t know anyone who does not have at least one Real Techniques make up brush or sponge in their collection. I think their Christmas Gift Sets are value for money and beautiful to look at.


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