#Day 18 Netflix Christmas Films

From the end of November and until Christmas Day, there is so much Christmas related STUFF out there, it can sometime blow your mind a little bit.

Netflix has a lot of Christmas related movies – I don’t mean the general movies like The Grinch or Elf. I mean Netflix Original movies relating to Christmas in some way or another. Here is what I have watched so far, and my thoughts!

I really wanted to like this, because it has  Kat Graham (Bonnie from Vampire Diaries) in it. It’s called The Holiday Calendar and it is about a struggling photographer who inherits a holiday advent calendar, but the contents of this calendar appear to predict the future. It is a bit tacky to be honest, but I could not finish it. I found it to be super annoying and I honestly did not get the point of the entire movie. Kat’s acting was good but that’s about it 😦 

Due to epic failure of the first film, I decided to try out A Christmas Inheritance instead. This film is super predictable and borderline tacky, however it has a sweet message. A spoilt heiress is taught a lesson by her father, on how to share and love others. It is pretty predictable but I really liked the main characters. This sounds really weird but a lot of the music reminded me of the film Baby’s Day Out, for some odd reason!! I would give this one a go, it’s interesting and warm!

A Christmas Prince

So I have never seen this before but apparently it’s from last year! Amber is a reporter trying to get her big break. She travels to Aldovia to find a story relating to Prince Richard, as he may abdicate the throne. It’s such a far fetched storyline and the reviews are pretty negative. I will be honest, I have up after 20 minutes but then I decided to give it another go and I LOVE IT. Princess Emily, Richards sister is my favourite character and the main lead Amber is pretty good. Its a stupid story but still very festive and romantic!

The Princess Switch

The Princess SwitchOh, my, gosh, I absolutely ADORE Vanessa Hudgens. This movie appeared on my NetflixUX Recommended and I wanted to watch it but hesitated because it literally looked like another Parent Trap. However I have it a go and it’s only because of Hudgens that I pretty much cried during this movie. It’s about a young baker who has a controlled, scheduled life. She is super organized and competes in a baking competition in a different country. Whilst there she bumps into the future Queen, who happens to look EXACTLY like her 😒😒 The Queen wants to experience normal life and the baker let’s herself relax for once. Its an epic storyline, borderline cringy but honestly I loved it. I would actually watch it again. Hudgens is a brilliant actress, she plays both characters so well, that I actually believed there were two different actresses playing the roles! This one is a MUST to watch as it’s full of romance, spontaneity and Christmas magic!

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Ok so this is the sequel to the first movie I mentioned earlier. You are able to see Amber and Richards lives after we left them kissing in the snow, at the end of the movie. Its again a very typical storyline, where Amber is planning her wedding but due to royal protocol, she can’t be herself. Also there is a side storyline which is good. There are some hilarious side actors and I think this sequel was better than the original!

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