#Day 19 Work Xmas Party

Every year I plan to blog my outfit and make up for the work Christmas party and every year I fail!

One of the first reasons is that we have an afternoon party but we need to still go to work, all dressed up at 9. This meant that I had to get up at 6:30 to get ready. For me, that meant I ignored my alarm and got up at 7 anyway! Then I rushed to get ready and really didn’t take any good pictures.

When picking my outfit, I knew that I wanted the wet leather look. I would then find a top to work around it. Me and my husband went to New Look and found the entire outfit, including shoes and jewellery in one shop.

You can’t really see too much of the top, but it’s a lovely velvet cape, black, with gold glitter. It wraps round and then of course I had my leather trousers on underneath. The glitter on the top is SUPER annoying and sheds by the bucket load – I have to be honest, I don’t know if I will ever wear it again.

With make-up, I own a lot of products and I enjoy it, but that doesn’t mean that I am good at applying it at all. I knew that I wanted to use my HUDA Beauty Rose Gold Palette, so I searched online for some ideas and found this:

This is such a smart idea! Each colour is labelled and then on the face, you are able to see the order to apply the colour in and where it goes! My recreation was NOTHING like it but it was still better than any look I have tried to create before.

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