#Day 21 My Year -twenty eighteen

Another year has almost passed and it is important to go back and reflect on what has happened during the year. Has it been a good one, have you done anything meaningful and important? 

One of my biggest worries is that I don’t achieve everything that I wanted to, during the year. On reflection, I want to plan one thing every month, at least, so that we enjoy and build memories together! This is my twenty eighteen:


The snow! It snowed heavily – Beast of the East! (or from the east? I can’t remember!) It feels like a lifetime away, but the snow was amazing – slightly annoying, but we got some great pictures out of it! 


Valentine’s Day was a success this year! My husband actually thought about what to get me and I LOVED IT. We went for a lovely meal and it was a lovely memory to cherish. 


I held an Easter egg hunt and learnt a LOT. Don’t invite children of different ages, hide eggs in a better place, PLAY MORE GAMES! It was a great day though. Also E’s first proper World Book Day at Nursery and she went as Matilda. 


This is oddly enough when I first started using Insta – Stories and realised that they were archived in the history section! I was ill and off work but it started an obsession with Insta Stories for me, which in turn has created some lovely memories. Also, my sister got engaged! 


May – Most people will remember the Royal Wedding and it was such a great memory. It’s not like I was camped in London, waiting for the couple to drive past, but simply watching it on TV with my family was so much fun. Also, E learned how to ride a bike!


June – The best memory of this month was my first time, hosting a party for my family at my house. It was for our Eid celebration and it was FANTASTIC. I was so stressed out but it was so totally worth it in the end.


We had an absolutely stunning summer! I didn’t do too much but taking E to the park most days, getting ice-cream, going to mum’s house and sitting in her garden 


September – I won’t forget the BUSY work days during September. I have a LOT of memories, but can’t really say whether they are all completely good or bad! 


October – E’s birthday and our first trip to Butlins! This will be a memory that I will cherish forever and I am in the process of creating a scrapbook about it as well.


I had a lovely chilled out birthday, which was definitely a lot different than what I was used to, but I have memories of me crying when getting certain gifts and just feeling loved by my child and my family.


December was full of lots of illness and colds but I want to remember the advent calendars! Sounds material, I know, but they really made me look forward to the next day, especially the suspense to see what I got next and for E to enjoy opening the doors on her calendars as well.

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