Glossy Box Beauty Resolutions Review

New year, new month and that means another Glossy Box! I joined Glossy Box again towards the end of the year and I only meant to keep it until December, however I didn’t cancel my subscription, just because I was curious as to what we would get this month. The theme is Beauty Resolutions.

Avant Skincare – Deluxe Hyaluronic Acid Vivifying Face & Eye Night Cream RRP £98

I literally cannot believe this product is £98. That has to be a lie. I could not express my disappointment enough, when the first product contained almonds, of which I am allergic to *sigh* Also, even if I wasn’t allergic, we have had SOO MANY creams in the advent calendar, I literally have no room left on my shelf!! Pretty disappointed here.

Batiste – Rethink Dry Shampoo RRP £1.50

A dry shampoo. I mean, every one needs one and it’s great not to have to buy it again myself, but then I took a look at the ingredients and what do you know it…. infused with smoothing coconut (of which I am also allergic to!) So far, this is not a good box for me

Maybelline – Dream Blender Foundation Sponge RRP £4.99

Finally a product that might save this month for me! I have heard a lot about this little sponge. You are able to use it to blend out foundation, concealer or even powder, with a even coverage and smooth finish! I have not tried it yet to be perfectly honest, as I don’t wear foundation regularly, so I cannot comment on how good it is. However, I know that I WILL use it, so that’s something!

Hask – Repairing Deep Condition Treatment RRP £2.49

I quite like the look of these masks. I never used to enjoy using hair care products, mostly because they require you to sit in the bath whilst they work, and I really don’t have time to do this. However lately, I have been making time and I guess that’s why they have included hair masks as their “Beauty Resolution” Again, I haven’t tried it out but it has bamboo extracts that will repair, strengthen and smooth the hair.

-417 Facial Micro Luffa Foaming Gel RRP £13.31

Last item in the box is a foaming gel cleanser. I actually have a cleanser that I am using at the moment, that I absolutely love, but at least I have a back up now. The good thing about this one though, is that it can remove your make up, so I will definitely be trying this out to see how it works.


I am sad to say that I am not impressed with the box. There is no make up, it is literally face cream, hair product, a sponge and more creams. I also feel like they could branch out by including other beauty products like make up brushes, or even accessories. Also, because I am allergic to 2 of the items, I felt a bit hard done by. I know they can’t cater for everyone but they should be able to cater to those allergic to nuts as it’s a very common allergy! I would have cancelled the box this month, if not for the sneak peek of a Huda Beauty product, coming next month!


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