Glossy Box It’s All About Love Review

I have been so lazy getting this review out, but it really took me a while to even try out the products this month and then when I did, I kept delaying writing about them! February’s box was all about LOVE! Of course. I actually liked the design this month and have kept both the ribbon and the box. I also was impressed with the prices of the products – bar one, but more about that later – and it looks like they have stepped up their game!

Luxie Beauty Medium Fan Brush 560 £15.00

My favourite thing to get in these boxes is a brush. You can never have too many and I’ve been patiently waiting for a fan brush, exactly like this. It is PERFECT. It matches in with my white Morphe Brushes and I actually own a few Luxie brushes now. They are good quality, apply product perfectly and clean very well!

Nails Inc Status Ready Nail Varnish RRP £15

I LOVE Nails Inc. They have brilliant nail polishes that last long, dry quick and the colour is normally lovely. This colour was perfect for the Valentines theme and luckily for me, the colour is perfect for my skin colour. As always, it applied easily and lasted quite a few days, before it started to chip. Bare in mind that I didn’t apply a base or top coat, so I am quite impressed. However, when I did remove it, it left quite a deep red stain on my nails, which I am still trying to get off. I do think that applying a base would have sorted that out. Great item to include in the box and one I will definitely continue using.

Vitamasques Multivitamin Mask RRP £4.99

I almost never try a mask out immediately, so this has not been tried, but it does look good. It’s a Korean face mask that is meant to hydrate and moisturise your skin. I have a few parties/weddings that I am going to in the next few months, so I am going to save it and see if it does work.

Huda Beauty Lip Contour RRP £16

I’ve got mixed feelings about this product. I really want to like Huda Beauty but I didn’t like the lipstick, the highlighter in the advent calendar and to be frank, I didn’t like this lip contour. The main reason is because you cannot even see it on my lips. I think I got the wrong colour – the other option was a much darker shade and that would have been better. In regards to application, it does apply nicely, it’s soft etc but I can’t really see it! I will say, that once I added lipstick on top, it did look slightly like I had lined my lips, but my Nyx lip liners are so much more pigmented.

Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste RRP £10

Not going to lie, but as many people, I was pretty annoyed to see this included as one of the 5 items, in the box. Firstly, it’s a toothpaste. I buy that regularly myself and it’s not a treat!! Secondly and most annoyingly, on the tube it says FREE SAMPLE, NOT FOR SALE. How can this be given as one of the 5 products in the box! I’m sure I will use it but I’m annoyed right now and haven’t even tried it.

Mugler Alien Fusion Perfume and Alien Man Fusion RRP £49 & £47

I love getting free samples and perfumes are even better to get, so you can try them out. I think Glossy Box should do this more often. I have never heard of this brand but I tried out both samples and they smell lovely. I actually prefer the mens version – I did give it to my husband but not before trying it on myself! You don’t get too much use out of the sample, but the scent is strong and long lasting. I will actually purchase this and I never would have given it a second glance!


This month’s box had quite high priced products in it. I loved the perfumes, the fan brush, the nail varnish. I can tolerate the mask and lip contour. To be fair, I will use the toothpaste but I wish it was a free sample rather than one of the 5 products. Last month I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to continue and I’m still not 100% sure. I might give it one more go, to see what I get next month – and since it took so long to review Feb’s box, March is right round the corner!

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