Glossy Box The Empowerment Edition Review

It’s that time of the month again, where the Glossy Box has arrived! I’ve tried out as many products as I could. I noticed this month that the card that tells you what the products are and how much they cost, has changed to a little booklet! I quite like it, it looks classy and has quite a bit of information in it.

Bella Pierre Kiss Proof Lip Creme RRP £20

I’m not a fan of this range – at least I never have been. Most of the subscription boxes I had always featured this brand and I just never liked the products. I thought, eh, when I saw this lip creme but decided to try it anyway. It applied beautifully and it’s actually quite unique. You line your lips with the top of the applicator and it really applies a good, thin line to the lips. Then you use the other side of the applicator to just fill in your lips! I barely used any products and I felt like it looked quite good.

However I didn’t really like the feel of the product on my lips and it just a bit sticky. I also found that the lipstick IS 100% budge proof – I was scrubbing at it for AGES to get it off and in the end, had to use a cleanser, micellar water and then just water on it’s own, to get it off!!! I like the colour as well but wished I had received one of the more natural shades, compared to this dark berry one.

Laritzy Cosmetics Dew Pot RRP £15.30

This is such a cute little product. It is a highlighter and its very soft when applying. I used it with a fan brush and my fingers and didn’t really like the result as it was barely there. However on the brow bone, cupids bow and inner corner of eyes, this is perfect! You need the tiniest amount and it gives off such a nice shimmer.

Bybe Plumper Lip Balm RRP £9.00

This was the product that I already knew I was getting, as it was the sneak peek last month. It’s a lip balm that is meant to protect dry lips. I will never know if that is true, because I cannot get the product out of the tube. At first I thought I wasn’t applying enough pressure, but my tube has bent out of shape and nothing is coming out, still!

I know I could have contacted Glossy Box but I couldn’t be bothered – it’s such a long process to just ask for something I probably wouldn’t even use.

Neutrogena Ageless Boost Hydrogel Recovery Mask RRP £3.50

I love a good mask and I don’t like to waste them, so I haven’t used it yet, but it sounds amazing and has gone straight back into my “skincare” box. This mask is meant to help smooth out fine lines and give you youthful looking skin!

Essence Glow To Go Illuminating Setting Spray RRP £3.30

I used to love setting sprays and then suddenly I just stopped using them. I was quite happy to get this in the box to try out. Sadly, I just haven’t had a moment. I have been wearing make up but I feel a bit nervous – the last time I tried a setting spray, it made white lines in my make up so I have a good reason to be a bit nervous about it. I will try it out and I am glad we got it in the box!


I think that this was actually quite a good box. If the lip plumper worked for me, I would have actually liked every product in the box! My favourite would be the highlighter and least favourite of course the lip plumper.

2 thoughts on “Glossy Box The Empowerment Edition Review

  1. Aww, it really sucks that the lip plumper was a bit of a bummer but the highlighter and sheet mask sound amazing. Thanks for the review!


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