My thoughts on Aladdin (Live Remake)

The new Aladdin live action remake has been out for over a month now and I feel like it is safe to start talking about it.

My initial reaction was SPEECHLESS -like what i did there? 😉- I always found Aladdin a little on the dark side, but the remake is quite different and much lighter. These thoughts lead to me thinking about other differences between the original and the remake, so I’ve made a little list of what i did and did not love. Goes without saying, if you haven’t watched Aladdin yet, firstly why the hell not?? Secondly, SPOILERS AHEAD!

  1. Arabian Nights. My absolute favourite song from the original is Arabian Nights. It’s super dark, scary and mysterious. Will Smith sang it in the remake and I just didn’t feel the same vibes. I thought his voice was good but overall it was just .. meh. It’s disappointing when you wait for the “Aaaarabiaaaaan niiiiiiiiiiiiights” to be belted out but instead you get Will Smith.
  2. Prince abooboo line was cut. OK you’re probably going to say WTF are you going on about, but this was my favourite line from the original! When Jaffar meets Prince Ali for the first time, he calls him Prince Aboobo and its a classic line! I was gutted that they cut it out.
  3. Sultan was not funny/bubbly. OK this really bothered me. Sultan in the original was a little jolly man. I used to watch the Aladdin cartoon series as well and again, he was a funny, bubbly little man. However they made him so prim and proper in the live action, he just ended up being boring! I also really didn’t like that he was tall and slim. That is not the Sultan that we know.
  4. Jaffar was boring. Speaking of other boring characters… Before the movie was released, all I heard was “omg Jaffar is so hot” but he IS NOT! He was sinister and dark, mean and scary in the original and they should have stuck to that! I just found him boring and quite frankly a joke.
  5. Jasmine’s clothes. How could they not dress Jasmine in the red outfit with her ponytail!?! I was sad to see that they cut that entire scene. I also found that it was actually quite PG in terms of clothing. In the original, a lot of skin is on show but in the remake, Aladdin has a shirt on for the majority of the movie!!!
  6. Abu could have been cuter. OK I am nit picking here, I know. I found Abu scary rather than cute. I feel like they could have made him look a lot cuter.

What I did love!

  1. Jasmine’s new song. Speechless actually made me cry in the cinema. I was skeptical at hearing a new song but the words are brilliant, the melody is catchy and it’s such a strong song.
  2. The ending which is very empowering for women. To be honest it’s not just the ending. This movie should have been called Jasmine, because it was about her. I like that they changed that, from the original. Girls can learn alot from her.
  3. Will Smith’s genie. Following Robin Williams was always going to be a tough act, but Will actually smashed it. I thought he was absolutely brilliant as the genie. His humour was on point, and I love how it started and ended with him. Such a great performance from Will.
  4. Hakeem. Ok I don’t remember Hakeem from the original ( was he the ugly mean guard?) but I really liked the character development in the movie!
  5. Carpet was brilliant. I didn’t like Abu but carpet was amazing! How they were able to make a carpet have personality, I do not know.
  6. Graphics. I dont know why I’m surprised as the graphics and CGI is always amazing on these new movies, however I was blown away when I watched Aladdin. I LOVED the Cave of Wonders scene and also when Aladdin was whisked to whatever cold country that was.

I’m curious to know what others thought about it!

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