30 Day Wedding Advent Calendar

I had an idea in my head to create a countdown of gifts for my sister to open, days or so before her wedding. I started purchasing gifts and then together with my other sisters, we collected 30 gifts in total. A month before her wedding, she started to open them, one every day. I couldn’t find a lot of inspiration on what to buy online, so I decided to type up a blog about it instead.

Wedding Countdown Chalkboard

Purchased from a local pound shop. This is the best gift to start the countdown with!

Milky Bar Buttons

This is my sisters favourite chocolate so I would recommend that chocolate is included in the countdown. I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate!

Plant Pot

Purchased from Primark.

Yankee Candle

Tinkerbell Keyring

This little keyring has a Tinkerbell on it which is my sister’s favourite Disney character, aswell as her initial and birthstone. This was purchased from Etsy.

Monogrammed Cosmetics Bag

I absolutely love monogrammed things and you can’t have too many cosmetic bags! This was purchased from Matalan.

Huda Beauty Lipstick

On the hen party trip to Paris, my sister was looking at this particular lipstick in Sephora but didn’t buy it. We thought it would be cute to include that. We got it from Cult Beauty.

Eyelure Eyelashes

My sister’s favourite lashes, purchased from Boots.

Face Mask

I got this face mask in a subscription box, never used it! It came in handy to add to the calender.


Purchased from Primark.

Compact Mirror

Purchased from Matalan.

LED Lights

Purchased from Primark ofcourse.

H Light Up Letter

I found this in The Works for only £2! Thought it was a bargain and it’s super cute.

Poo Pourri

Obviously there is an inside story about this gift 😂😂 but I think it’s good to add something that only the bride would understand.

Ring Dish

Purchased from Etsy.

Bride Hanger

I couldn’t find a bride hanger for a reasonable price so I decided to purchase a decal from Etsy for £1 and then we used a hanger we already had at home

Passport Holder and Luggage Tag

Purchased from Matalan.

Documents Pocket Folder

I really wish I had one of these when I got married. You need somewhere safe to keep all your birth/marriage certificates, change of name, house details etc. Purchased from Matalan.

Bride Tribe Illustration

Purchased from Etsy.

Eye Mask

Purchased from Primark

Emergency Bride Kit

Purchased from Primark.

Betty Crocker Cake Mix

My sister loves using these cake mixes so we had to include one.

Personalised Wooden Spoon

Personalised Chopping Board

Wedding Mugs

Mr & Mrs Frame

Monogrammed Notebooks

Inappropriate Gift

You have to include something rude!

Wedding Plaque


I hope this was helpful to anyone who needed some inspiration and please comment below, feel free to share etc 🙂

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