June Favourites! | FAVOURITES

I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages! Last month was absolutely hectic and I haven’t had any time until now to post my June favourites, even though we are in July now! Anyway, this is what I have loved in the month of June.

BABY Animals

This month E has been into all types of animals. She is getting older and at 20 months, she is noticing animals. We have 2 cats at home and she absolutely loves them. She will follow them around, play with them and just love them. I think it’s so cute and even though my cats are both adult cats now, they still don’t mind playing with her. I have noticed it more this month, but she is also really into dogs! Every time we go to a friends house and they have a dog, you can see her eyes light up. I love the fact that she is into animals because as a child, I never had a pet. I didn’t understand the love for an animal and I am happy that she will.

BOOKS Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

This book has been made into a film this month, but for some reason, I had just not even read the book ( I 100% want to see the film!) My sister purchased it and was so emotional after reading it, that I had to read it myself. Me Before You is about a young woman who loses her job and doesn’t know what to do with her life. She ends up taking the only available job as a carer for a man who was left severely disabled after a motorcycle accident. This story as about their lives and how they combine. It is beautiful. I cannot describe it, in any other way. Regarding the story line, I have read many books with the same one. For me though, this book stood out. It is written beautifully. Every single character is likeable. I don’t really know who I would pick as a favourite. I felt sorry for Will (the disabled man) because of his situation, but I also loved Thomas (the main characters baby nephew!) If you haven’t read it already, I would totally recommend it. It is a perfect book.



Big Brother 2016

Big Brother is finally back and I am loving it. I watched Big Brother back when Davina was the  presenter but I only watched the launch night and the eviction shows. After I got married, my husband was a huge fan, so I would watch it with him and now I love it. If you have never heard of it, Big Brother is a reality TV show, where 12 people are thrown into a house together with no communication from the outside world. When it first started, it was a social experiment and has now just turned into entertainment. I think I featured the Celebrity version in a favourites post a few months ago. This time round, it’s just normal people. I just love the personalities and the drama.


Devious Maids

I just started watching this show and I am in love already. My little sister kept telling me to watch it but for some reason I kept putting it off. (Like I did with Suits, Switched At Birth, Once Upon A Time – I should really listen to my sister) I was looking for something to watch the other week and came across Devious Maids, on Sky Box Sets. Since I have all the episodes, I thought, why not! I loved it from the first five minutes. Devious Maids is about 5 maids who look/clean after rich families. The show follows the main 4 maids after the 5th one is murdered. The maids are all latina, which is pretty cool. Eva Longoria produced the show and you can tell, because it is so much like Desperate Housewives. She has even used some of the same actors! Even so, I like the story it tells. The maids are hilarious and each have their own issues. There is a mother and daughter – the daughter Valentina, is in love with her employers son and the mother, Zoila, is trying to protect her. Then you have Rosie, who is a maid for a famous couple and she is trying to bring her son to America. Next is Carmen, a wannabe singer, who is a maid for a famous singer and is trying to get him to listen to her music. Finally, Marisol, who is looking after 2 families  and doesn’t seem like she is actually a maid…

It’s awesome, so watch it!




I am currently typing up this post in my PJ’s. They have become my best friend during this month. As I am on holiday from work for most of the month, I tend to not bother with getting changed. I just keep changing into different PJ’s but not in day clothes. They are just so comfortable and I own so many pairs. I actually think that I have a bit of an obsession with owning different types of PJ’s! At the moment, my favourite is probably the Harry Potter ones. By the way, I get all of my pyjamas at Primark, because that shop is so cheap and so awesome for PJ’s!

APP Cooking Tale

I first started playing this game on Facebook. It is another cooking game where you have to serve different dishes and meet different goals every level. I loved it but it was hard to play on my laptop – too slow and I would just get annoyed. This month I found it in the Play Store and was overjoyed. I absolutely love it. I pretty much play it at least a few times a day and love the challenges. Some levels are easy but honestly, most of the levels are ridiculously hard to play. It is free and well worth getting!


MUSICGnash ft Olivia O’Brien – I hate you, I love you

I haven’t listened to a lot of music this month, but this particular song does stand out. At first, I didn’t like it because I thought the lyrics were weird. Then, I actually listened to it properly and the lyrics are what makes this song so good! It is such a realistic thing that they are talking about and the melody is really good. I have never heard any other song from both artists, so it is good to find something new.


May Favourites! | FAVOURITES


Table and Chairs

This particular purchase was made a few months ago, but it was not really used as much as it is now, so I had to mention it. I purchased this table and chairs set from Argos for around £40. At the time, I thought it was crazy money to spend on something that might not be used, but I should not have worried. E uses this every single day. She prefers to eat breakfast and have a snack on her own little chair. She likes to play with her toys, flick through a book or watch TV here, so it was so worth the money. It came flat packed and I built it myself (proud mummy moment) but it was very easy to assemble. The design of the chairs are so cute and the main reason I purchased this particular set!

2016-05-30 09.20.00


Spectrum Wonder Sponge

I feel like I have actually mentioned this in a favourites before, but even so, I will again. I have had a few beauty blending sponges in the last few months and I have to say that this one is the best. The colour is amazing – not that  it makes a difference in the use of the product! I just love how bright it is and Spectrum are known for that. This sponge is so easy to use. When it’s wet, it puffs up pretty big and you can also use it dry. Even though it’s a big sponge, it’s quite flexible, so I can use it in every angle on my face. The best thing about it, is that it is so easy to clean. I use the same technique that I use with my make-up brushes and find that it doesn’t take as long as the other sponges do. I love it and I am sure it will be a favourite for a while!


L’Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lipstick

I spotted these on an innocent trip to Boots early on in the month. The design of the lipstick looked quite interesting and different so I had to purchase it. Also, they were on 3 for 2, so that is always a bargain right? I purchased a nude, pink and red but out of all 3, my favourite HAD to be the nude. On its own, it is far too dull for my skin colour. It makes my lips disappear as my skin is more on the brown side. However, if I apply a dark lipstick and then use this on top, the result is beautiful. I have tried with deep purples and bright pinks. Both colours normally don’t suit me, but with this lipstick on top, I love the result. Another thing I really like is the applicator and the fact that the product is actually in the lid!

theBalm cosmetics Meet Matte Liquid Lipstick

I have never purchased anything from theBalm cosmetics before, but obviously I know who they are. My sister was clearing out her lipsticks and gave this one to me. I only ever really wear red when I am going out to a dinner or something fancy, so I only wore it this month for the first time. I am in LOVE. The application is the easiest I have ever had, with a red lipstick. It smooths on the lips, doesn’t budge, does not crack, does not bleed. I was so impressed that I purchased all the other colours in the range as well. AMAZING product that you can barely feel on your lips.

2016-05-30 09.18.22

Revlon Colour Burst

I know these have been around for a while, but I have only become interested recently. Both Louise and Meg on YouTube showed these in a favourites video a while ago, so I thought I should purchase one and see how it goes. I fell in love immediately. The colour applies beautifully. It stays on and best of all, it leaves your lips feeling really hydrated. As you can see, I have every colour now.

2016-05-30 09.19.17


Polaar Night Cream

I have been using this cream for the whole month and at first, I didn’t really know what it was doing. The only thing I did notice was that my skin actually smelt really nice and felt a lot smoother. Recently though, I have had dry patches under my eyes, so I have stopped using this cream to see if it is causing the reaction.

2016-05-30 09.15.06

Benefit Hello Flawless

I don’t ever wear foundation, but recently I have felt that at events such as parties and nights out, foundation just makes your make up look so much more put together! I searched high and low for the right one, but nothing stood out. Then I visited the Benefit counter and a lovely lady tried out this particular one. I loved the effect straight away and purchased it on the spot. When wearing it, it does not feel like I am wearing foundation and it stays put for the day. Although it is not something I will use every day, for the days that I am going to a special event, I will definitely be wearing this!

2016-05-30 09.15.19

Benefit The Pore fessional

This month I have really been taking more care with my skin and have started using a primer to help smooth out my make up. I think Benefit is quite expensive but I tried a sample of the pore fessional and my skin was ridiculously smooth. I now use it every day underneath my make up.

2016-05-30 09.14.46

Bioderma Make Up Remover

My make-up removing routine has changed constantly, since I have been wearing make-up. I have tried everything and ended up changing and trying something new again. When I subscribed to Birchbox a few months ago, they sent a full size Bioderma Micellar Water make up remover. I was stupid enough to think it was water, but it isn’t! Whatever it is, it removes my make up in the most gentle way. My face always feels clean and doesn’t feel like I’ve scrubbed it bare. The only thing I would say is a negative, is that it doesn’t always fully remove my mascara. Regardless, I have been using it every night so it is a huge favourite this month!



Hangsun LED Cosmetic Mirror

I have a mirror on my dressing table, but it’s far too big for me to really do my make-up in. I then started using a table mirror, but it was too tall. I was watching a YouTube video by Kaushal and she had purchased an LED Travel mirror. It looked pretty cool so I shopped around and found a cheaper, similar looking mirror. I absolutely love it. It is the same size as an iPad mini and actually looks like it too! The best thing about the mirror is that it rotates, so I can apply my make up perfectly.

2016-05-30 09.16.04

Birchbox Rifle Paper Co Edition

This is a bit of an odd favourite, but I absolutely loved this Birchbox design. Normally, I try and use my boxes for storage but I had to keep this one on display because of the design. It has a floral illustration and the company that made the box is called Rifle Paper Co. I use it to store my Tanya Burr Brow Palette and the setting powders as well. I just love how it looks sitting on my dressing table.

20160408_184827 (2).jpg

Primark Summer Rain and Forest Berries Candle

I’ve recently become very interested in candles and had to purchase some in Primark. I wasn’t too sure when I first saw it and the smell was also quite strong. I am a fan of more subtle candles. However I shouldn’t have worried as I have almost finished it. The smell is amazing. It smells like berries – fresh, sweet and clean – all at the same time! I think the colour of the candle is quite cute and I am very excited for the candle to finish, so that I can use the jar for something!

2016-05-30 09.17.37



Peaky Blinders

EVERYONE is watching Peaky Blinders at the moment. It is such an intriguing show, on Netflix. It is about a gang called Peaky Blinders, who are based in Birmingham and is set after the first world war. It sounds really old fashioned and obviously it is, but you barely notice it after a while. The acting is amazing, the story lines are so captivating and I am completely hooked onto it. I will be honest – my husband and I started watching it together but after the first episode I couldn’t sit through another. He watched it by himself, but then I would catch up on episodes here in there. I eventually started watching it again with him and it really is worth the time!


April Favourites! | FAVOURITES



E is 18 months old! How crazy is that. She’s walking and babbling away, so of course her playing skills have changed as well. She now absolutely loves playing with little figures. I purchased the little In The Night Garden set half price, at Tesco. We have lost a few characters somewhere, but she loves playing with them. She also loves Twirlywoos, so I purchased the figure set for her. She is quite funny to watch, as she likes taking the figures out of the box, lining them up, then throwing them back in the box! I like to use my Glossy Boxes to store the figures in.



Another favourite for E this month is shoes! She absolutely loves her shoes. I feel like I may have mentioned this before in a previous favourite, but I will do it again. She likes to put her own shoes on these days, even though she can only get them over her toes! She has a few pairs and picks the ones that she wants to wear herself! It is very cute and girls always like shoes!



Ardere Cosmetics Concealer

I have actually done an in depth review on this product but I am loving this concealer. I don’t think I will change it up now – although I always say that! It’s the Ardere concealer by Amena (Amenakin or Pearl Daisy as you might know her) and it is amazing. The coverage is so good and you don’t feel like you are wearing any product! I will say though, if you don’t set it in place with a powder, it doesn’t last long, but as long as you do that, this concealer is amazing.



Pointless Blog Hoodie

If you read my blog a lot, you know that I love watching Alfie Deyes aka Pointless Blog on YouTube. He simply uploads daily vlogs, games and challenges over his 3 YouTube accounts and has also been releasing merchandise. I think I will be doing a review on that soon, but for now this hoodie HAS to be included in this month’s favourites. I literally wear it everywhere. It doesn’t matter if I’m wearing a dress or something that the hoodie does not match with. It is so comfy and warm. I love the sleeves as they have this soft lining at the end which just clinch the material in at the end. It is a simple grey hoodie and even after washing it, the colour has remained the same. Awesome product, I know it will be worn for months.

HomewareYankee Candles

I think I included a candle in a previous favourite blog, but recently, they have been a staple in my home! My husband bought 2 for Mother’s Day and I love them both. One is almost finished and the other I light in the bedroom, but have had to move over to the lounge as I didn’t have any more candles left! When I first smelt the scent, I felt it was a little “bathroom-y” My husband even said that all the candles smelt like they were meant to be used in the bathroom. I tried it out anyway and over time, the smell changed! The red one is a sweet berry type of smell and it is strong enough to smell nice. It is not overbearing. The orange one is much sweeter, but it’s that type of smell that you might not smell it whilst in the room, but if you leave and come back, the lovely smell hits you! Candles have been a huge favourite this month.


TV Geordie Shore

I am a huge reality TV show fan and Geordie Shore has been back this month. In all honesty, it is such a load of trash but I love it anyway. It’s a reality TV show, based on a few people being thrown in a house together in Newcastle. They go out, drink, sleep around, fight etc. I really enjoy it because I have become invested in the characters. I am sure it is scripted in some way, like most reality TV, but people like Charlotte Crosby act the same in the show as she does in real life. Well, I follow her on YouTube and she is the same crazy funny girl there. It’s quite entertaining, so I am being honest and including it!


Made In Chelsea

Speaking of reality TV (by the way, I do watch normal TV as well!) Made In Chelsea is also back! Now this I can normally miss an episode (even a series) and not be bothered, but the new season is a little crazy! This is a fully scripted Reality TV Show, filmed in Chelsea, London. The show follows a whole bunch of rich kids/adults and its the normal reality TV nonsense. Relationships, fighting, etc. It is so different to Geordie Shore, in the way that they live their lives. They are born into money and talk a bit posh but at the end of the day, when they fight, the ugly side comes out. Still entertaining and totally worth watching. Kensington is pretty beautiful actually. I stayed in a hotel there once and the buildings are stunning! I live around an hour away from London.



March Favourites! | FAVOURITES

This is what I have loved in the month of March!




E was given this as a birthday present and as the age for it was 3+, I stored it for later use. I started noticing as she was walking more, that she needed something to push around so out came the pram! She LOVES it. She will not tolerate anything other than her favourite Minnie Mouse toy sitting in the pram and she just takes it everywhere with her. When I see her play with it, I notice how much she is changing and growing up.


‘Pocoyo’ Elly Book

This was another gift that had been given to E for her birthday, by my older sister. She enjoyed looking at the front page at the time, but was never interesting in the actual book. All she wanted to do was chew on it, hence the condition! I really wish I had stored them somewhere safe, so that the condition was better when she finally started enjoying the book. Anyway, now she loves it. She sits down by herself and flicks through the pages, laughing at the pictures she finds funny. Sometimes she will bring it to me, so I can read it to her!





I received this product in the March edition of My Little Box. I have done a review of it already, but I cannot believe how much I love it now. I use it every single day and it really does make my skin feel flawless and my concealer also stays on perfectly. I never thought that I would enjoy using beauty blenders as I have always hated them, but it goes to show. You have to find the right product for you. This particular blender fits my face perfectly and I can reach all the little corners.






Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog on YouTube) mentioned this game in one of his videos recently and I thought I would try it out. The idea of the game is to match more than three of the same colour and defeat the slugs. Each level has different goals though, so sometimes you will need to just defeat 7 slugs and sometimes you will need to collect 3 diamonds, 30 flowers AND defeat 2 slugs. You get a certain amount of moves on each level. At the time of writing this, I am only on level 42. There are something like over 300 levels, which is crazy. You can also complete quests. There are individual bugs which make up the colours (green, purple, red, blue, yellow) and you have to basically be strategic in the way you play. It’s free and can be played on Android or Apple!



Obviously I have heard of the TV show before but I don’t think much about Batman, so I never really thought about watching it. Me and the Hubby decided we needed something new to watch, so decided to give it a go. I was literally hooked from the beginning. I did not realise it was about Gotham before Batman existed! Bruce Wayne is in it, but as a child. The show is about James Gordon, an honest cop who is determined to solve the Wayne murders. It is based on the original comics but started to evolve and include Gotham’s most famous villains and heroes. I was so excited when I saw Ben McKenzie (Ryan from The O.C!!) was playing James Gordon. Each episode is about different homicides, but it always links back to the main murder that he is trying to solve. I love how Gotham is sick. It’s politics are twisted, just like the real world and it shows the truth in some way. Sometimes you can’t change the way things are!





I received this in last month’s Glossy Box and didn’t really think much of it. It’s a razor… it removed hair. What more is there to it? The other day I needed to change my razor (I normally use the Olay Venus Blades) and remembered I had this to try out. It is crazy amazing. I can’t even describe how nice it feels to use it, how there is ZERO irritation, no itching and no cuts. The hair takes longer growing back and even better, it does not grow back hard! I am so amazed at it and had to include it this month. I know for sure that I will be purchasing it again when it run’s out. I think you can remove the blade and just purchase a new one! Totally recommend it.





I have actually been wearing this scarf for a few months now, but I only just realised this and thought I would include it in my March favourites – seeing as we are going into spring now! It is a bit tattered but I love it. My friend purchased it for me for my birthday (or Christmas! I can’t remember) and at the time, I didn’t really wear it. When it got colder I started using it and found it worked with every outfit I wore! It is a grey knitted material with sequins throughout and it’s from Primark. The sequins sometimes do catch on my skin and that does get annoying, but if I wrap it the right way, I can normally avoid that!





I hadn’t even realised that Rihanna had not released a new album for ages, until everyone started going crazy when the new single came out! Honestly, when I first heard it, I did not think it was Rihanna. After listening to it a few times, I was hooked. Then the video came out (2 versions!) and that was it really. I listen to it pretty much every day. I will admit I had to locate the lyrics to find out what she was actually saying, but I love the music and the vibe that it has. I’m not a huge fan of Drake. I mean I don’t hate him, but I don’t love him either. I think the two of them work together really well though!


Until next time!



January Favourites! | FAVOURITES

This is what I have loved in the month of January!




E has been crawling for months and I started to get worried as she wasn’t walking. She is now 15 months. I purchased these shoes when she turned 1, to try and get her used to walking. At the time she hated them but she has finally started to walk now and she loves them. It’s the cutest thing ever to watch her when I put her shoes on. It’s the only time she stays still and watches as I put them on! They are quite a cute design and can we worn with every outfit, so it had to go in the favourites as she has been wearing them a lot!



This TV programme has become a firm favourite for E and thankfully one that isn’t too boring to watch. The Twirlywoos are 4 little fat things that explore and discover things around a house. It’s slapstick comedy basically and although they don’t talk, it is quite colourful and fun to watch.





So I received this in a benefits sample box and fell in love. It is just a sample size but I know that I will be buying a full size. The best thing is it made me realise that I am not using the right shade concealer. The second thing I love about it is the consistency. I love that I can pat it on and it doesn’t feel cakey. I know that I will always love my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, but somehow this one has a much better coverage and it doesn’t look like I am wearing any concealer at all!



WOW, is all I can say about this mascara. Everyone raves about it and it is worth raving about. It just instantly gives your eyelashes that lift and colour that they need. I have quite long eyelashes anyway so I always look for a mascara that can give me volume. I get that, plus the added benefit of even longer lashes! The packaging is cute, it’s easy to apply and reach every lash, the price is reasonable at around £7.99 (from boots) and most importantly for me, it is easy to remove at the end of the day! I think this will be a favourite for a while.



I feel like I have included this in a favourite post before, but oh well. It’s worth it to mention it again. I was nervous to use this product at first, as I have always used eyeshadow to fill in my brows. I purchased this to give it a go and I am glad that I have as I feel my brows are much more defined when I use it. It has the pen on one side and you just twist it in the middle to get enough of the pencil out. On the other side, is a brush which is good for blending it all in. I use this every day and it has lasted ages as well!






If you live in the UK, you won’t be able to get away from Big Brother. It is a social experiment, placing a certain number of people in a house together with no communication to the outside world. Every week the house mates nominate someone to be evicted and then the public vote to save those that are evicted. Someone leaves every week. They also have to do tasks to win food etc. It is really interesting to watch and the celebrity version is even better. You are so used to seeing them in a perfect acting role that you don’t know what they are really like, until they are in the Big Brother house! This year was full of scandal, right from the beginning. We’ve had an alleged homophobic politician, an actress who is getting comfortable with a model in the house when she has a boyfriend on the outside and many other crazy people! I love it. It’s pure entertainment and some of my favourite celebs are in it this year. (Jonathan Cheban from Keeping up with the Kardashions, Megan Mckenna from Ex On The Beach and Scotty T from Geordie Shore!) Scotty T to win!



I had just finished watching the new episode of Pretty Little Liars (!) on Netflix and started browsing through to find something else to watch. Just as I was about to watch Gossip Girl for the 100th time, I spotted this show on the list. I had never actually heard of it before and it looked interesting. The synopsis was that Viola Davis plays a law professor who teaches her students a more practical view on solving a murder case. She finds herself suddenly involved in the middle of an actual murder plot, with five of her students. It is such a good show! I only recognised one person, which was the cute policeman in Orange Is The New Black but the rest of the cast are amazing. I always used to wonder, when you teach people how to do stuff, or show in movies the perfect way to rob a bank, for example, what if someone actually goes out and does it! There are two seasons so far and I have been binge watching to catch up. It is 100% a favourite and will be for a long time!





OK don’t shoot me. I’ve had Twitter for a long time, but I never really knew how to use it. I’m only 26 but sometimes I feel like an OAP (!) Over the month I have been using Twitter more and self-teaching myself when the right time is to use a hash tag and how to reply to people!





Still loving the Biebs, but his album has been on replay for the 3rd month in a row, so I didn’t want to include his music again. On the odd times I switched on the radio, this song was given a lot of airtime. In fact, I first heard it at Christmas time, on the House of Fraser advert. That line “You don’t own me” is really catchy. I then heard it more on the radio and started to love it.





Ok, I have no idea how I found this YouTuber, but I somehow did and I am so grateful for it! Niki is an american YouTuber who has been making videos for ages with her twin sister. The channel that I came across was Niki and Gabi, which is their beauty channel together (click here for the link!) but I found myself more interested in watching Niki. They are twins but very different to each other. Gabi is more fancy, whereas in my opinion, Niki is more real. I then found her vlogging channel and became addicted. I love watching her as she’s American so it’s different to how we live here in England. I love that they spend a lot of time on the beach, go out and get doughnuts all the time and just the typical American stuff you see on TV! If you want to see her channel, click here.



I must admit this does look like a weird favourite, but I only discovered it and it has made my life so much easier. I watch so many people on YouTube that I don’t always watch the videos as they upload them. I used to just have all videos in my sub box and would just try and remember if I had watched it or not. Over Christmas, EVERYONE was vlogging and there were just too many videos to watch in one go. Somehow I found the Watch Later playlist, where you just add the videos you want to watch later. I love it! Now, I just add all the videos to the playlist when they come out and watch it in my own time. Sometimes I link YouTube to my TV and watch through everything in one go whilst doing housework. Sometimes I pick and choose what I want to watch first. I love it and I’m glad I found it!

watch later

Until next time!



December Favourites! | FAVOURITES

This is what I have loved in the month of December!


I am one of those mothers who didn’t really want to give her child a dummy (binkie, pacifier etc) but as E was ill and in hospital for her first month, they introduced it to her. The one thing that annoyed me for ages was that she would throw it out of her cot at night and then cry because she wanted it. It took a while but I finally invested in a dummy clip, from the same company that her bottles are from. I love it. It attached onto her clothing and keeps the dummy close to her. She also knows what it is now and loves it! Really good price and a lifesaver this month!



I purchased Minnie Mouse in Aldi, on a random shopping trip. E was happy when I gave it to her in the store and of course she wouldn’t let go of it so I had to buy it for her. It has usually been the toy that she needs with her at bedtime but this month, Minnie became the travel buddy! She comes everywhere with us.



This month we had to upgrade E’s car seat. It takes such a long time to find something you like, that looks good and will be comfortable for the next few years. We finally settled on the Maxi Cosi Tobi but it was near enough 200 pounds at Kiddicare. Earlier this month, I was walking past Mothercare with my hubby and he suggested popping into Mothercare to see what price they had the same car seat on for. We ended up buying it from there for 140 pounds! I love it, E loves sitting up and it will last us for the next 4 years!



I am so glad that I purchased this mat. It is lifesaving. Really. My floor is quite hard and a few times we have had some accidents with E falling and almost hitting her head. I decided to purchase something soft that she could play with as well as keep her safe and it does exactly that! The letters are easy to arrange and they look really nice in the room. I will be using this for a long time!



Only in the last 2 weeks has E become so attached to her blanket. It is quite cute to be fair but it’s a big thing to drag around everywhere! I had to add it to this months favourites as it is her favourite.





I have sworn by the Collection Fast Stroke eye liner for a number of years now. It is the best I have ever used and the price is so cheap. I heard so many bloggers and You Tubers recently talk about the Maybelline eye liner, so of course I had to try it. I cannot describe how amazing this eye liner is. It is actually better than the Collection one, because the brush is better. It is more precise so you make less mistakes and it glides on so easily. It’s a big favourite this month!





I normally don’t like programs like this, but this year I had to watch it as my husband loves it. I really enjoyed it actually and had to include it in my favourites as it was a big part of December. If you have never watched it before, a certain amount of celebrities are thrown into a jungle together, where they have to complete trials to get food and treats. The trials include all creepy crawlies, reptiles, etc and they are usually horrific. I only watched it this year because a few of my favourite celebrities were in it – Vicky from Geordie Shore and Spencer from Made In Chelsea.




I currently live in my work fleece. I have to wear uniform as part of my job (I work in a contact centre) and the fleece is SO warm that I have found myself staying in it when I come home from work. It is a little oversized, and has little thumb holes in the sleeves as well!



Still loving Justin Bieber this month. I’ve been playing his album non stop in the car and almost everywhere. Here in the UK, Love Yourself is currently Number 1 BUT I have started to love No Pressure! I genuinely disliked that particular song when I first heard it, but after listening to it a few times, it is now my favourite. I feel like Justin has taken over December!





I have never experienced Vlogmas before. I only really got into YouTube in the last year or so. Well, I got into it when I was on maternity leave and that was straight in the new year (2015) so I missed Vlogmas. This year though, everyone seems to be doing it and I am constantly catching up with videos. Currently I have 15 left to watch. There are a few firm favourites though. I love #24daysofzoella which is Zoe Sugg’s Vlogmas. I also really love Tanya Burr, Sprinkle of Chatter and Meg Says. This month, I just gravitate towards their videos first. They are all quite different from each other. With Sprinkle of Chatter you see Christmas prep with a child, with Tanya Burr it is more about going out with her friends and doing all the traditional Christmas stuff. With Zoella, you experience her festive personality and how she celebrates with her boyfriend and dog. Then Meg Says is more normal, chatty and fun! I am sad this it is now over and do think I will probably go back and re watch my favourite vlogs.




Until next time!




October Favourites! | FAVOURITES

This is what I have loved in the month of October!



i have already mentioned this product in my recent Glossy Box review (click here to read that blog post!) but it definitely deserves a place in my favourites! I now use this cream every morning as my skin always feels so soft. I love that you don’t have to use a lot of product and the bottle is quite a good size. Sometimes moisturisers can be a sticky when applying and you can feel it on your skin but this product just soaks in and instantly leaves you feeling refreshed!




I am 100% late on this bandwagon! I obviously have heard of the Urban Decay primer potion and all the beauty guru’s use it in their YouTube videos, but for some reason I never thought to go out and buy it. Feel Unique had an offer on and I purchased some other things and thought I would just buy this as well. I now know why everyone loves it! My eyeshadow did not wear away AT ALL! I applied it in the morning, went to work, went out, came home, looked in the mirror and it looked PERFECT. You don’t have to use much product either so this is now a staple in my make-up routine!



I’ve already done a blog post on this as well (click here to read that blog post!) and I have continued to use this every day since I first used it. It reminds me a bit of Vaseline, Petroleum Jelly, where you have to warm it up with your fingers and then smooth it onto your lips. What makes it a winner for me, is the moisturising part of it. My lips instantly feel better and look better! I wear this on it’s own when I have a no  make up day and also when I’m out and about with lipstick, etc. 



I have always used the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. They had an offer on at Boots with 3 for 2 and the eye liner I normally buy was out of stock so I spotted this. It looked pretty good, with the brush on one end. Reminded me of the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer! I am SO glad I purchased it, because the coverage is amazing! I think it’s actually better than the Lasting Perfection concealer. It glides on and locks into place straight away. Over the course of the day, I looked in the mirror and found that it was still giving me really good coverage.



I purchased this months ago in a Boot’s Haul and used it once. I didn’t like the way that the eye liner looked on my skin. I felt like it dragged and ran out halfway through applying it, so I just set it to one side. My usual eye liner ran out and I didn’t have time to purchase another one so I dug this out. I don’t know if the Urban Decay primer is the reason this works so well now, but the coverage is amazing! I love the colour, the way that it glides on and how easy it is to apply a winged liner. I am glad I gave this a second chance.




In the UK, BBC1 is a television channel that is famous for it’s short drama series. I had seen adverts for Doctor Foster during commercial breaks when watching Great British Bake Off and it looked good. The trouble with me is I forget easily. It wasn’t until there was nothing to watch on TV that I thought I would give it a go and I’m so glad I did! From the first episode, me AND my husband were hooked. It’s basically a 5 episode drama about a Doctor who thinks her husband is having an affair. It might sound dull but it is completely different to anything I have seen before. I really liked the ending to it as well, as it was very realistic! Lot’s of OH MY GOD moments.



I LOVE my American TV shows and Switched At Birth is a firm favourite. It’s literally about two girls, Bay and Daphne who were accidentally switched at birth, at the hospital. Daphne happened to catch meningitis in her toddler years and becomes deaf. She lives with her mum Regina in a poor part of town. Bay is healthy, with an older brother and VERY rich parents. I just love how different this show is. It explores what happens when the families reunite and other aspects like death, war, pity and so much more. Definitely worth a watch and it has made me want to learn sign language!

Switched At Birth


Best show ever in my opinion. It’s in my favourites this month because the new season has just started and it’s epic! The show is basically about fairytale characters who are all put under a spell by the Evil Queen. They all forget that they are fairytale characters and think they are normal people, living in a town called StoryBrooke. Emma Swan is the main character who is meant to save them all and break the spell. It’s such an interesting show, with so many twists and turns. All the fairy tales I know are all twisted so much but it works! If you haven’t watched this, I urge you to give it a go.

Once Upon A Time



It’s that time of the year where it starts getting colder and darker. I love nothing more than to sit in my PJ’s, dressing gown and cosy socks. Last year I found some cosy slippers in Primark that I absolutely lived in. This year is no exception! I have SO many. Currently they are in the wash so I will just add a picture to give you an idea of what they look like! They keep your feet warm and look somewhat stylish!



Finally, the last favourite are these boots. I am currently LIVING out of them. I purchased them for £20 from New Look and they are perfect. The colour is a sort of tan/brown. The material is perfect for wet weather and the boots themselves are so comfortable.



September Favourites! | FAVOURITES

This is what I have loved in the month of September!


Simple Make Up Wipes

I never used to use make up wipes as my skin always felt weird afterwards. Simple make up wipes never used to suit my skin either but I purchased them on a spontaneous shopping trip to Sainsburys (click here to read that blog post!) and I absolutely LOVE them. I use them every night (every night is a lazy night, currently!) and my skin feels so light and refreshed afterwards. I love how I only need to use one for my whole face so the pack will last me quite a long time!



Munchkin Bath Scooper

I purchased this in that same shopping trip to Sainsburys  (click here to read that blog post!) and I don’t know how I lived without it. If you have children who love playing with toys in the bath, this is such a good purchase. Once bath time is over, scoop up all the toys with the scooper. Give it a couple of seconds for the water to drain out of the scooper and then hook it on the wall. You get strong adhesive strips to attach a part to the wall that you can hook the scooper onto. So far, so good, they seem pretty strong and water resistant as well. I love it. It’s such a practical purchase!


MAKEUPMake Up Addiction “The Luxury Eye Set”

I’ve purchased my first set of professional make up brushes at the beginning of the month. A lot of people tell you a good brush will do the work for you, but I have never really thought that was true. They are right! These brushes are amazing. So soft, and I love the design. They feel really good on your skin and in your hand, when you use them. I love how they make applying concealer really effortless! So glad I made this purchase.


Tanya Burr Lip gloss

I’ve already done a blog post on Tanya Burr’s lip gloss (click here to read that blog post!) and I am happy to say that I still love it. I’ve popped it in my make up bag and whenever I’m at home and need to freshen up without applying lipstick, I use the lip gloss. I just love the formulation. It isn’t sticky, it smells AMAZING and it looks so good in my make up bag20150831_115924

Zoella’s Let’s Spritz

This is my go to spray at the moment. I barely wear anything else and that is simply because it smells amazing! I’ve also previously written a blog post about it and the rest of the Tutti Fruity range by Zoella (click here to read that blog post!) but this has to be a strong favourite for the month of September!



MTV’s Ex On The Beach

I don’t even know why I find this so entertaining but it is. If you have never watched it before, it’s a reality tv show where a whole bunch of people live in a villa (somewhere) and every week one or two ex-boyfriend/girlfriends show up to wreak havoc! It sound’s boring but it is so hilarious. For example, you have a guy getting on really well with a girl in the house. 2 weeks later, his ex shows up (and he still has feelings for her) It all kicks off, what’s going to happen next! It’s well worth a watch.


The Great British Bake Off

Does it really need an introduction? A competition cooking show where a whole bunch of people (can’t remember how many at the start!) compete to make all sorts of baked goodies. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are the experts on the show. Each week, the bakers have to complete three challenges and at the end of the episode, one leaves. It is so funny to watch and I love seeing things go wrong in the kitchen!


The Michalaks


I have come across The Michalaks (YouTube channel here) quite recently, through another YouTuber (Meg Says) and I hate that I didn’t watch them before. They consist of a family of 3 – Hannah and Steff Michalak and their son Grayson. They do a weekly vlog showing clips of their lives. I just love how different the vlogs are. They do all the normal stuff but then they have these candid shots, really good scenery shots, drone footage, great music, great angles! I just love how much thought has been put into creating that content. I’m still quite behind on the vlogs as I am watching it from the beginning (currently just watched the 2014 Christmas episode!) and I love how real they are. Hannah is a real mother, dealing with real issues.



Inside Out Thought Bubbles

I am so addicted! To the point that I have it on my iPad AND my phone. The idea is just to ping the memory bubbles onto a matching colour and clear the level. I used to play Beehive Bedlam alot as a kid (or Bejewelled is similar) and it just reminds me of that! There is something oddly satisfying about matching colours and completing a level. The good thing about this game (and what links it to Inside Out) is that you collect all the characters. I have currently collected Joy, Sadness and Anger. Oh and the best thing about the game is that it’s free!