Perks of being a parent.. the bright side 

10. Losing sleep. Never have I realised how important sleep actually is, until I had a baby. I feel like I’ve forgotten how a good night’s sleep is and don’t even get me started on a lay in on the weekend. What is a lay in?? However, the smile on my daughters face when I come to rescue her from her cot prison is priceless and maybe… just maybe worth losing sleep for.

9. No privacy. I can’t go to the bathroom for a shower or a poo. I can’t sit at my dressing table alone. I cant change my clothes without her staring at me. She follows me everywhere!! On the bright side it’s refreshing to see how curious she is. It means she is trying to learn things and work out her boundaries.  Plus, life can be a little lonely sometimes so it’s nice to have company.

8. Sharing food. I can’t remember the last time I had a plate of food to myself. E will scavenge and take anything she fancies and I end up having barely any food left to eat myself. There is a perk in this, being someone who never finishes their meal! With E around, I can eat what I want and give her half of it aswell. This means no food is wasted and we are both happy!

7. No attention. Everyone wants to know how the baby is doing. Everyone asks about her and she dominates the entire conversation.  Don’t mind me, sitting here with a stiffly nose and a sore face from an oncoming cold… just ask about my child! It is great though to fly under the radar and for a socially awkward person like myself, having an easy topic to talk about makes the conversation easier. Confession time – I LOVE taking E to parties and social gatherings. 

6. Your name. This is a weird one but I barely get called by my name now.  I’m just mum. I feel like I’ve lost my identity a little. On the bright side, I adore being a mother and when E calls  me Mama, my heart just melts.

5. Cartoons. I now know every Mickey mouse episode and Peppa Pig episode by heart now. It is on repeat in my house. However I actually love watching Cartoons so now I have an excuse to actually watch it.

4.Problem Solver. That is my main job now. I have to work out what she wants, why she wants it and why she doesn’t want it anymore. My head is spinning at the end of it. On the bright side it’s keeps my brain active and we learn more about each other.

3. Limitations. There are certain things I can’t watch around her and also certain things I can’t say. I feel like I am constantly on watershed! However, this helps me more than  anyone. The less I swear, the better I feel about myself! 

2. Child friendly. When you have kids you start to see the world differently. I don’t walk on the road like normal- I look for dropped kerb with the pushchair. I can’t eat out unless there is a highchair and crayons to keep E busy. I can’t stay out late in the evening as she gets overtired. On the bright side though, it makes me appreciate life more!

1.Time. Time is just flying by. She’s 2 now and before I know it, she will be 10. If I turn around and blink, I’ve missed something! Enjoy it will it lasts…Kids don’t stay kids for long…..


Top 10 Book Collections | TOP TEN

I have a ridiculous collection of books, slowly built up from when I was younger to now. I was looking through my books the other day and realised that I have a lot of collections, rather than single books. I thought I would do a little top 10 of my favourite book series!


10. Little Black Dress by Various Authors

10.Little Black Dress

Okay, I will admit, this is an insane collection. About 5 years ago I went through a Little Black Dress phase, where I kept buying books in the collection, in bulk. I think I have over 100 in total. LBD is basically romance books written by different authors. Some are ridiculous, some are really good but what I love about them, are that they are an easy read.


9. The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

9.The Princess Diaries

This series is clearly for younger readers but I still love them and read them when I feel a bit nostalgic. The princess diaries is about a young girl called Mia, who lived an ordinary life with her mum and one-eyed cat. She has a normal crush on a boy at school and normal friends – that is until she finds out she is actually a princess to a small country called Genovia! I love Meg Cabot’s writing style. I love how awkward she makes it for Mia and all the obstacles that Mia has to go through with Princess duties AND normal life. I was sad when the series ended, but we have 2 movies to go along with it so it isn’t all bad!


8. Angel by Katie Price

8.Katie Price

Ok, I know that Katie Price doesn’t write her own novels and that she has a ghost writer, but I don’t care. I love this series and I love the stories. Angel is pretty much the same as Katie Price’s own life. A model (but I think she might be a singer in this, I can’t remember) who falls in love with a lead singer and everything that comes with being famous. Crystal is a character that comes in the first Angel book and then she had her own book written about her, which I love. It’s a good pick me up kind of book series!


7. Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien

7.Lord Of The Rings

I don’t think my book collection would be complete without Lord Of The Rings. I  actually saw the movies before I read any of the books. Well, at school we did read The Hobbit, but I had never read any of the others. After watching the movies with my husband, I was too invested to ignore the books. I am so glad that I bought them – in fact, I think my husband actually purchased them for me – as they have so much more detail than the movies! If you live in a hole in the ground and have never heard of this series, Lord of The Rings follows the story of The Hobbit – Bilbo Baggins who goes on an adventure with dwarves to reclaim a lost kingdom. He finds a ring whilst he is there and it is ridiculously powerful. Lord of the Rings, is about Frodo Baggins (his nephew I think) who goes on a journey to destroy that ring! It’s crazy and so worth reading.

6. Fifty Shades by E L James

6.Fifty Shades

Regardless of what the majority of people say, I actually really enjoyed reading this trilogy. The sex scenes were not really interesting. What I loved was the story. Even though Christian Gray is very controlling, I loved him as a character. Christian Gray is a successful businessman who manages to interest Anna Steele, an ordinary girl. It’s a whole load of sex, graphic content but a love story regardless behind all the fluff.


5. A Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

5.A Series Of Unfortunate Events

So many other authors have followed the writing style of this book series. Lemony Snicket writes about 3 children, whose parents perish in a fire and they are handed over to their uncle, Count Olaf. He isn’t what he seems and from book 1 to book 13, we follow the siblings as they try and get away from the evil Count and find out what actually happened to their parents. What I love is the way that Lemony writes. That isn’t even his name – in fact, he tells you in the books that he can’t say his name, and to not even read this book because of how sad it is! It just makes you want to read it even more. There are so many times that I felt sad and annoyed at what kept happening to the kids, but I kept going till the last book!


4. Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer


The Twilight series will always be a favourite, regardless of my age. I saw the first movie before I read the book. The movies were awful – the books were amazing. Twilight follows Bella Swan, an ordinary girl who moves to Forks to live with her father. There, she find an extraordinary family and falls in love with their son, Edward. Turns out, he is a vampire. Throw in a best friend werewolf, a crazy love triangle and a baby – you have Twilight. It sounds stupid but I just love the story. Edward is my favourite – Bella is pretty annoying. You can tell by the spine of the books how much I have read them!


3. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

3.The Hunger Games

I saw the first movie before I read the books. The movie was amazing and I felt that I had to read the books otherwise it wouldn’t be fair. I read it more than Twilight, even though Twilight came out first. Hunger Games takes place in a modern day Earth, where war has torn everyone apart – so much that now there are only 12 districts. The Capitol is in charge and to remind everyone how bad the war was, each district must give a boy and a girl to participate in The Hunger Games – literally a fight to the death. We follow Katniss Everdeen, who volunteers to go in place of her sister (who is picked to go in the next games) It is such a deep and powerful book and I love Katniss. I love everything she stands for and how she presents herself. The whole love triangle is a bit annoying, but I love the rest of it!

2. Malory Towers by Enid Blyton

2.Malory Towers

I have a soft spot in my heart for Enid Blyton. I grew up watching Noddy and The Magic Faraway Tree. I read the Famous Five and Secret Seven. My cousins then gave me the first 6 books (at the time) of Malory Towers, which is basically a boarding school for girls. We follow Darrell Rivers, a young outgoing girl who is going to boarding school for the first time. We see her make friends, get in trouble and grow into an adult. I love all the characters that come to the school – Alicia the prankster, Belinda the artist, Irene the scatty musician. The teachers are hilarious and even though it’s written in an old fashioned way (they play lacrosse, does anyone even play that anymore?) it’s still one of my favourites! Not long ago, they released another 6 books to the series which follows Felicity, Darrell’s younger sister, in her time at Malory Towers.

  1. Harry Potter by J K Rowling

1.Harry Potter

I don’t think there is a single person in the world who doesn’t know what Harry Potter is. Regardless of whether you have read/not read the books or seen/not seen the movies, you know who he is. Harry Potter is about an ordinary boy living with his Uncle, Aunty and fat annoying cousin. Harry’s parents died in a car crash when he was younger. He is unfairly treated and always finds weird things happen when he gets angry. Imagine his surprise when he finds out he is a wizard, who gets a letter to attend Hogwarts, a school for witchcraft and wizardry.  There is nothing I dislike. The characters are amazing, the writing style is brilliant, you relate to it even though its magic! I don’t think I will ever find a book series as amazing as this!


Until next time!


Happy New Year!

Every year since I can remember, my new year celebrations are literally sitting on the sofa with my family, watching the fireworks display on TV.

Last year I wanted to do something different and actually go to see the fireworks in London. No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to get tickets.

This year, I was very prepared and purchased tickets way in advance, so off we went! It is COMPLETELY different to how you see it on TV. We had to be at the gate entrance by 9pm – even though the fireworks obviously don’t start till midnight. In the end, it was a 2 hour car journey to London, a 10 minute walk to an overground train station, another 32 minute underground train Trafalgar Square, almost 2 hours walking and queuing up and finally 3 hours waiting in the freezing cold till midnight for the fireworks to start!!

It was quite a different atmosphere there, with music playing to keep the crowd warm and entertained. Everyone was huddled up, trying to keep warm. We ended up walking around to all the food stalls, just trying to pass the time! The actual fireworks display was beautiful. I only managed to get a one picture as I was so amazed by it, I just didn’t want to look away!

It was a brilliant night. I don’t think I would do it again but it was a great experience. Luckily we had booked a hotel for the night so we didn’t have to worry about getting home quickly.


If you were thinking about going next year, here’s a list of ten things to remember!

  1. Take a blanket with you as it is VERY cold! Even if you are wrapped up warm, the floor will be wet or cold so a blanket always comes handy to sit on!
  2. Take some snacks. Food is pretty expensive in London, so taking your own is always a better and more healthier option.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes/shoes. I thought I did, but jeans are pretty uncomfortable when you are trying to sit down on a floor!
  4. Take some toilet roll. If you need the loo, they only have portable toilets with no tissue paper, so take your own!
  5. On the same note, take some anti-bacterial hand wash. No explanation needed.
  6. Take a small bag you can sling across your body. This is much easier and safer to take with you as opposed to a handbag.
  7. Plan your journey in advance! We knew how to get there – we just didn’t work out how to get back and since most of the tube stations were closed, it took over 2 hours to walk to the next open underground and get back to the hotel. Plan in advance!
  8. Go to the toilet before you leave! If you are like me and don’t like public toilets, use the toilet in the hotel before you go. Or, like my husband,if you think you don’t need it and then you do, it’s pretty hard to find even a portable loo once you are outside of the area.
  9. Take as many pictures as possible. I really wish I had done this! I was just so tired and cold that I didn’t bother. I kinda wish I had though.
  10. If you have a contactless bank card, use it. Instead of an Oyster Card, contactless is easier and apparently cheaper.

Until next time!



Top 10 Justin Bieber Songs From Purpose Album | TOP TEN



An upbeat song to some very meaningful lyrics. “I don’t want us to lose what we are” is the gist of the song.




To anyone who thinks that Justin cannot sing, listen to Trust. It has quite a “The Weekend” vibe to it. It also reminds me of another song but I can’t place my finger on what that is. The song is quite self-explanatory. Trust each other in your relationship if you love each other.



I will be honest, when I first heard it, I wasn’t too sure. I loved Where Are You Now and I didn’t think this song was better. The video confirmed my dislike – I don’t really like the whole sexy-women-all-over-Justin kind of thing! However, after hearing that clock tick 3 or 4 times a day in the radio, I soon began to like the song!




My sister loves this song. I didn’t at first, but then as she kept playing it over and over (and over) again, it grew on me. His voice actually sounds quite different on this particular track. The lyrics and hook are quite catchy.



I heard a lot about this song before the album was released, as Halsey is featured in it. I love the verses but not just a big fan of the chorus.



The message behind this song is beautiful and the lyrics show how much he has grown up over the last few years. “You’ve given me the best gift that I’ve ever known. You give me purpose” It is such a lovely song. It took a few goes listening to it, to really get into it as it’s not an upbeat song.



If you hated Justin Bieber, this song will have 100% converted you. It is completely different to anything he has done before. His voice is more grown up, he looks pretty good in the video and forget everything else. The actual music is second to none.


Whilst listening to the album, I was looking for a more upbeat song. The first 3 songs to be released were quite upbeat but I was hoping there would be another one. Been You is such a feel good song! The music is so chirpy and happy. I actually love his voice in this song as well. I find it really amazing how his voice compliments each song in a completely different way.


I’m sure everyone has heard Sorry by now. I applaud Justin at how amazing these tracks are and this is a huge favourite. The lyrics, the music, the beat, the video, the dancing! Both myself and E absolutely love this song and I am constantly playing it. I love the lyrics and can find myself singing along to it at all times of the day.


Speaking of lyrics, this song is actually my favourite from the whole album. When I first heard it, it sounded like it had quite the Ed Sheeran vibe to it. Later I found out that it was actually written/produced by Ed Sheeran, so that explains a lot! I love the message behind the lyrics. I think the music is lovely and simple. His voice sounds amazing! I constantly have this on repeat.



Until next time!



Top 10 Favourite TV Shows | TOP TEN


The Apprentice

The Apprentice. Totally different from the rest. Lord Alan Sugar is searching for a business partner. Follow his search to narrow down a number of hopefuls as they tackle challenges and prove themselves to be worthy. I love it because it’s funny to watch. The candidates might be successful in their own businesses but for some reason they are usually stupid on this show!


EastEndersEastEnders is a British soap. I hated it and never watched it until I got married (My husband is a HUGE fan) and now I can’t stop watching it either. It tackles real problems and keeps up to date with current affairs.


The Walking Dead

So gory. I never understood this show and didn’t watch it but one scene caught my attention. One little girl killed her sister and I thought WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? It’s basically the world after Zombies arrive. You meet Rick and the friend’s he makes trying to make it to safety.


Orange Is The New Black

I binge watched Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. It’s about Piper, who goes to jail for drug embezzlement. You see all the stories and backgrounds of all the inmates with her, relationships with the guards and what a women’s prison is like! A little bit too much nudity for me though.


The Vampire Diaries

I do love The Vampire Diaries though. What started off as two Salvatore brothers (Stefan and Damon) come back to Mystic Falls and one after the other fall in love with Elena Gilbert. That’s the gist of it, but SO much more happens . Currently Elena isn’t even in the show and it’s going strong.


The Originals

A spin off from The Vampire Diaries. Follow Klaus, Elijah and Rebecca as they take back New Orleans. Enter Haley – a werewolf carrying Klaus’s child and a whole load of witches, making this so much more interesting than the original show.



Suits is a law/comedy following Mike – sells drugs to make some quick money and has a photographic memory. Trying to escape the police he run’s into an interview for an assistant job at a law firm, for Harvey Spector. Harvey hires Mike as his assistant, even though he isn’t actually qualified – meaning serious illegal going ons! I love this show. It’s pure comedy.


Switched At Birth

Switched At Birth follows 2 girls, Daphne and Bay, who were switched at birth. They reunite with their biological parents and we find out that Daphne is deaf. The show follow’s their story on getting to know their biological family and dealing with what had happened, plus all the normal high school stuff! I love it because there is so much ASL as half the characters are deaf and it makes me want to learn.


Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars needs no introduction! 5 friends, 1 goes missing and turns up dead. Suddenly someone called “-A”  starts threatening the girls, exposing their secrets and lies. 6 seasons into it and we finally know who A is plus 1000000000 other twists and turns along the way!


Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time is literally about fairytale characters that forget they are fairytale characters and live in the real world! It has so many twists and turns, insanely good story lines and such good comedy. Emma Swan finds her way to Storybrooke by her son Henry, whom she gives up when he was born. She thinks she is just taking him home, but Henry is taking her home to break the spell on the residents of the town – to return their memories and take them all home to The Enchanted Forest.