Potty Training Diaries.. DAY 1

I’m at that stage with E now where everyone keeps asking me when I’m going to start potty training her. I did try a few months ago but she refused to entertain the idea. She’s almost 3 now so with that in mind, I made the decision to start today. It just happened to coincide with over a week’s worth of annual leave, so what better time will I ever have to get E off nappies?

I’ve read quite a few a books, online articles, blogs and listened to mothers who have already been through this stage. I purchased a Peppa Pig potty as it is one of her favourite characters. I also purchased a reward chart with stickers (from Hobby Craft for £2.50) and a good supply of Cadbury chocolate buttons as a reward. 


I started halfway through the day as I was still at work this morning. As soon as I took E’s nappy off, she realised what was happening and went straight into protest. I didn’t give in though and every 20 minutes, kept sitting her back on the potty and explained what she needed to do. Around an hour later, I could tell that she needed to go for a poo, so I sat her back down on the potty. She absolutely bawled her eyes out but SHE ACTUALLY DID A POO IN THE POTTY!!!

I was LITERALLY screaming with excitement. Once she was done, I showed her the poo and she was pretty shocked. She definitely understood that she did something good and kept saying “Yes” when I told her she was a really good girl! We then tipped it all into the toilet and she flushed it away. I then let her pick a coloured star and stick it onto the reward chart, which she absolutely loved doing. (Let’s just ignore the part where she demanded I then let her use ALL the stickers and cried for ages because I said no)

At this point I thought,hey, what is all the fuss about! That was pretty easy! Little did I know, E had made a plan to NEVER sit on the potty again. She point blank refused. She cried and cried when I tried to get her to go for a wee. Even though she had 2 cups of water to drink, she did not wee in the potty for the next 4 hours. In fact, she did not wee at all.

I tried everything, from giving her a chocolate button once she sat on the potty, to making her dolly sit on it, but nothing worked. As it’s now bedtime, I’ve popped a nappy back on her to sleep in and she has fallen asleep within minutes.

It has definitely been an experience today. I do feel agitated and upset at the fact that she has been crying most of the day, but I do know that it will get better. The plan for tomorrow is to take her out of her nappy as soon as she wakes up and try all over again!

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine” – Jack Ma

My Thoughts: Podcast with Alfie Deyes and True Geordie

This time around, I made a promise to myself that I would only blog when I am inspired or passionate about something. Since watching the podcast where True Geordie interviews Alfie Deyes aka Pointless Blog, I have had a lot of thoughts running through my head and I wanted to share them.

I had never heard of True Geordie before watching the video podcast so I can’t tell you anything about him other than the fact that he interviews a lot of YouTubers and has said many hateful comments about Alfie in particular. It was almost a 3 hour podcast and even though I do love all things Alfie, I am actually quite surprised that I watched it all! They mainly spoke about him, his life, how and why people dislike him and his opinions on taboo subjects regarding certain YouTubers etc.

I felt a variety of emotions through those 3 hours. Firstly, I felt quite defensive. A lot of people don’t like Alfie, and that’s fine. His content is not everyone’s cup of tea, but how can you dislike somebody without even knowing him? Alfie’s fans or followers feel like they do know him because they have watched him for x amount of years. That is what makes him and other daily vloggers different from your average celebrity. I sometimes stop and think, how can I – and I am nearly 28 years old – enjoy watching a 24 year old man just living out his life, on YouTube. It does sound a little odd! However, it’s not even the content I enjoy. It’s Alfie, his personality and how he treats other people that draws me in. I have been watching for almost 4 years and I’ve gone back to watch every single video he has posted on YouTube. I’ve been watching him for so long, that what seems like a 2 minute clip on him shopping in Waitrose is more than just that for me. For me, that small clip is about him making more healthy choices with his food and cooking more.

Within the podcast, they talked about child exploitation and more quality content. They kept pushing and digging at Alfie, that surely, with 11 million subscribers across all his channels, he should be making more quality content. He should be travelling across the world and making arty footage, rather than chilling on the sofa at home or going into town. It sounds all well and good but I don’t want to watch that! If I wanted to watch arty footage, I would watch The Michelaks (whom I do love). I watch Alfie, because I want to watch what he has been up to in the day and what he’s been up to with Zoe. Actually, a huge part of watching Alfie has been to do with his girlfriend Zoe aka Zoella. I think she is amazing and she doesn’t vlog as much, so it’s always good to see her in the vlogs.

The  other point was child exploitation. He doesn’t have any children yet but True Geordie name dropped the SacconeJoly’s and said how sick it made him that they exploited their children for views. I then started reading the comments on the video – which seriously annoys me, by the way! I don’t know why I read them – and so many people were slagging off the SacconeJoly’s. If you don’t know who they are, they are an Irish family. Married couple Jonathan and Anna, their 3 children and 5 dogs! They film vlogs every single day, around 15 minutes long. I also love them. I COMPLETELY disagree with the fact that they exploit children! They are loving parents and their vlogs started WAY before they had kids! Jonathan is a very creative man and loves to film arty footage and tell a story. Anna is so down to earth and their kids are honestly so kind and caring. The only way children can have traits like that, is if there parents teach them.

I have to be honest, I have learnt so much about parenting from this family. I am sure they have bad days, but I love how they discipline their children. I love how they spend so much time with them. Yes, they do earn a lot of money, but that money is then used on the kids. If I could do that for my daughter, I 100% would.

Anyway, I clearly feel quite passionate about this particular subject and people should speak out about it. Let these talented people vlog, so we can live vicariously through them! What Alfie does is actually quite achievable and he shows that if you put your heart and head into something, you can do it!


Back again….

I haven’t blogged for a little while and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  My laptop simply refused to work one sunny day in July and it wasn’t fixed until late August. ( it has felt like years but it’s only been a few months. Dramatic much? )By then, too much time had passed and I didn’t feel like writing.

It’s odd but I started this blog to record things and moments with my nearly 2 year old and it became more about reviews and products. I really do love reviewing stuff but surely not every single post has to be about products?

I am now stripping it back and going back to just simply blogging because I love it. I have cancelled my beauty box subscriptions – oh Glossy box, how I shall miss thee – and hopefully this space will be full of posts that really relate to who I am.

I hope you all stay on this journey with me!

The Scrapbook Of My Life by Alfie Deyes | BOOK REVIEW

I am a huge Alfie Deyes fan. A lot of people will probably have not heard of him but he is actually quite a big part of my life. Alfie is a British YouTuber and boasts a main channel of 5 million subscribers, a daily vlogging channel of 3 million AND a gaming channel of a little over 1 million subscribers. His main channel, Pointless Blog has a whole load of challenges and funny videos. I love his daily vlogs, in which he records his life.

The Scrapbook of my life 2

Alfie recently wrote a book called The Scrapbook Of My Life. It is literally that. A book full of stories about his life before he became a YouTube star. I pre-ordered the book and managed to get a signed copy, which I was so happy about. I mean seriously, he actually touched that paper! (fan girl moment!)

The Scrapbook of my life signed

I am sad to say that the happiness ended there. In fact, I was quite disappointed with the book. Alfie mentioned it was very much a scrapbook, so the font is all different, there are spelling mistakes that have been crossed out – basically it does look like an actual scrapbook. I love that about it and I love the cover. It has such a nice glossy feel to it, plus the red and gold looks pretty cool. What I didn’t like was the style of writing. I am a huge fan, so I purchased the book because I wanted to read about his life. I want to know what he was like when he was younger and fun memories he had. Unfortunately it is written in a way that is perfect for young children. I mean, the 11-16 range. I was getting frustrated when reading it, because it just sounded so… childish!

I know that a lot of his fans are actually girls in that age group, so maybe this way of writing was aimed towards that, but I am sure there are hundreds of other people in my age bracket as well! (Any 26 year old Pointless Blog fan’s out there?!) I want to read a book that flows nicely, that has humour and a serious element. Even being a scrapbook, he could have achieved that!

Another thing that I disliked even more than the writing style, was the blank pages. Alfie left blank pages on almost every other page, where you could fill in your memories. The idea was that it meant the scrapbook would be both his and yours. Whilst I smile at the thought, I didn’t buy a book to get blank pages in it. He mentioned in his daily vlogs that he would have a few, but I didn’t realise it was literally on every other page!

I am disappointed but I should have known better. I have purchased his other book – the Pointless Book – which you fill in the blank pages – and I thought most of it was quite childish as well. Regardless, I know he worked hard on it and it is signed, so I don’t regret buying it! I would recommend this to younger girls who I know will enjoy reading it.


Until next time!


February Favourites! | FAVOURITES

This is what I have loved in the month of February!



Disney Jnr Channel/Nick Jr Channel

E does love a bit of TV, especially in the morning. She has always watched TV shows on YouTube and then the odd show on Tiny Pop/Cbeebies as we only had the Freeview channels. Recently we got a free upgrade and now get more kids TV and she is loving Disney Junior and Nick Junior. In all honesty, so am I. There are some amazing shows like Ben&Holly’s Little Kingdom. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which has now given me ideas for her 2nd Birthday! (even though it’s not till October!)

download (1)



Nicka K Eyeliner

I mentioned this in my latest Glossy Box review and it has been a firm favourite this month. In fact, I think this will remain a staple in my make up collection for a while! It is an eyeliner but I actually use it as a brow pencil! My brows are quite full anyway, but I have natural gaps. I love the fact that the pencil is so soft and the strokes are so natural looking. One thing I have found with my other eyebrow pencils are that they don’t last the whole day. This product lasts and my brows stay in place all day.


Forever Living Lip Balm

I will be doing a review on this soon, but I have been using this lip balm since I got it (about a week ago) I love it. It’s made with Aloe Vera, which is the whole concept behind Forever Living. I just love the fact that when I apply it, it instantly moisturises my lips. It is not sticky and it doesn’t make my lips dry either!




Suits is back!! I am loving it so far. SPOILER ALERT! Mike has been caught but who sold him out? I love TV shows where I don’t know where the storyline is going. This is one of those shows. Harvey is a pleasure to look at and he is just an amazing character and an amazing actor. I am not really a fan of Rachel but I love Donna! For anyone who doesn’t watch Suits, it’s about Harvey, a successful lawyer, who hires Mike as his associate. Mike however, is just a guy with a really good photogenic memory but no law degree. It’s overall funny with some amazing actors!




City Of Bones (The Mortal Instruments) by Cassandra Clare

I was looking for something new to watch on Netflix and spotted Shadow Hunters. I saw that it was the book adaption of the famous The Mortal Instruments books. The acting was dry and a little bit annoying but the story was really intriguing. I borrowed the first book from my sister as I didn’t want to go out and invest in the full set if I didn’t enjoy the first one. It is absolutely amazing. I have not been able to put it down and I am sure I will be doing a review on it. I love all the characters and I actually prefer the flow of events in the book, compared to the TV show. Jace is a VERY interesting character and I prefer him over the female lead Clary.





This is how I know I’m of a different generation, where I cannot understand something as simple as Snapchat. Everyone has been using it for AGES but even though I had the app and enjoyed watching everyone’s snaps, I was a little shy on using it myself. This month, I broke my Snapchat virginity and started using it on a daily basis. I love it! I love making a little story out of my day and including things I would normally share on Facebook.




Fetty Wap

I have been loving Fetty Wap this month! I’m not sure why, as I have loved his music for a while, but I heard 679 after a long time and that has been on repeat for ages! I know that he barely talks sense and his music is all about girls but I love the beat and the catchy “yeaah baby!”


Zayn Malik – Pillow Talk

I never thought Zayn Malik was the best singer in One Direction and when he left the band, I wasn’t that bothered. When he split up with Perrie though, I was quite annoyed. His new song came out this month and it was okay. I then heard it on the radio almost every day at work and it grew on me! I love it now. It has such a catchy tune, catchy lyrics and you have to admit that his voice is actually really good.


Snakehips – All My Friends

I heard this song on the radio and I thought it was Miley Cyrus for some reason. I’m not sure why I love it, since it’s about clubs and drinking. I don’t do any of them so I don’t relate to the song. I still love it though. I have been listening a lot to it this month!


Alessia Cara – Here

I have been listening to this song EVERYDAY on the radio. I absolutely love it. This month has been pretty big for music favourites and I couldn’t leave it out. What makes this song different from other music is the lyrics. It sounds like she wrote it and it’s a conversationalist type of song. This time I do relate to it, as I find myself in places I don’t really want to be and I always wonder what I’m doing there! Definitely worth listening to!




More Marcus

I have been subscribed to Marcus Butler for a while now. Well over a year at least and I love his videos. He has a second channel called More Marcus which was mostly daily vlogs. Over time, I started to watch them last and eventually started taking them out of my watch later queue. Marcus suddenly then changed his format and this channel started to get some amazing content. Reaction videos, challenges AND vlogs. I absolutely love it and I’ve been watching it regularly this month. I thought I would include it in my favourites because he released a parody music video, which then made at number 14 in the UK Top 40 Charts! It’s called I’m Famous and features Connor Maynard.




Yankee Candle

One of my friends went to America for Christmas and bought me back a Yankee Candle as a gift. I have never really been into candles in all honesty. I love the idea of them and love watching YouTube videos where people talk about them, but I have never really lit one constantly. I absolutely love this though. I light it almost every day and I just love the homely kinda smell that it gives off. It adds a bit of warmth and just makes me feel good, so it is a huge favourite this month!



Until next time!


My Favourite Disney Movies! | TOP TEN


Sleeping Beauty

Out of all the classics, Sleeping Beauty was my favourite. In my opinion she was the prettiest princess AND I loved Prince Philip. Maleficent was crazy scary but I just loved the idea behind the movie and the message about true love. The scene that scared me the most was when Maleficent turns into a dragon and the music gets REALLY loud and scary. My favourite would actually be when the fairies are fighting over what colour the cake/dress will be! “Pink” “Blue” !


Lady and the Tramp

This is a movie I could watch on repeat and not get tired. I watch a lot of movies with the same theme – rich falling in love with the poor, but this time it just involved dogs! The scene that scared me the most was with the Siamese cats *shudders* and my favourite would have to be the ending with all the babies!


Toy Story

Who doesn’t love Toy Story! The very idea that your toys come alive when you are not looking is amazing.I remember lining up my toys in a specific order and leaving the room, hoping to come back to them in a different order. It never happened. There wasn’t a scary scene, but I did get really upset when Andy starts playing with Woody more. That was quite a sad moment in the movie. My favourite would be when all the presents are being opened, right at the beginning.


Cinderella three

I don’t know how many people will have watched this, but I LOVE this movie, so much more than the original Cinderella. I think I loved it because it had more than one story in it. I loved the storyline where the Evil Stepmother gets hold of the Fairy Godmothers wand and changes it so that the slipper fits Anastasia and not Cinderella! There is another story where one of the mice wants to be human and so the Fairy Godmother grants him that wish. The final story is when Anastasia falls in love. There are no scary moments, just points where I felt really sorry for Cinderella. My favourite moments where in the last story where Anastasia finds love.


wreck it ralph

I have not seen a movie like this before, which is why it will now always be a firm favourite. I love the idea that the characters in the games we play are real! I used to think this when I was younger – that the game would finish but the characters would get back to their real lives. I hated the part where Ralph is treated like crap in his game and loved EVERYTHING else that happened. Really good movie!


finding nemo

I remember watching this for the first time and laughing so much. It is quite a family movie, showing how much love a parent has for their child! When Coral dies in the beginning, that was quite upsetting, but the rest of the movie is fantastic. Dory is by far my favourite character. I didn’t know who Ellen Degeneres at the time and when I did start watching her show, after a while I thought, hey! She sounds a lot like Dory!



Boo is the best thing about this movie. It is such a classic and such a funny movie. I hated when Sully and Mike were sent through the door and abolished, but all the parts with Boo in it were really good. Also how funny was Mike when he was so happy about getting his picture in the paper, but every time they covered his face up! A storyline where using the stuff of nightmares for children across time, to power up their city, is just gold.



Mulan will always have a soft spot for me. It was the first movie where I really felt for the character and it was different because Mulan was not weak. She disguised herself as a man to go to war so that her disabled father would not need to. I identified with how she didn’t feel comfortable in all the feminine surroundings and the constant chatter about how she needed to get married. I absolutely LOVED the songs. My favourite would have to be “Be A Man” especially the end where Mulan – or Ping, I should say – climbs the pole to the top to get the arrow down. Mushu the dragon just makes the movie even better, and he is voiced by Eddie Murphy, so it was always going to be good!


high school musical

If I am being honest, then I have to include HSM. I loved all 3, but number 3 was my favourite, maybe because of the way it all came together. I actually went to the cinema on opening night to watch it as well. The music is really good and I still have my favourite songs downloaded on my laptop. I have so many from this movie, but I guess ” A Night To Remember” and “Scream” would be my favourites. It was such a good movie, that was meant to be just a normal Disney Channel Original film, but ended up becoming this HUGE franchise.


the lion king

Number 1 was always going to be The Lion King. I bet if I did this again in 10 years time, I would still keep The Lion King as my number 1. It is such a good movie, about family, love, responsibility and just growing up! The songs made it really enjoyable to watch as a kid and the jokes made it hilarious to watch as an adult. My favourite song would be “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” as it’s the most catchy for me. I cry EVERY TIME I watch the scene where Mufasa dies. I know it’s just a movie and I know that it’s just cartoon animals but Mufasa was such a good king! Why did he have to die? Well, I guess if he didn’t, then the rest of the movie would not have happened the way it did.

Until next time!


My Little Sweet Box Review |BEAUTY


I’ve been on the lookout for another subscription box and came across this from another blogger, Helplesswhilstdrying. She has been subscribed to it for over a year and after reading through the posts, I knew I had to try it for myself. If you didn’t know what it was, My Little Box, is a subscription service where you receive 5 items (beauty and lifestyle related) for £11 a month.

How cute is the tin that it came in! I actually loved the quote on the box, so I cut it out and have placed it to one side. When I think of a use for it, I will let you know! Onto the contents of the box


The first thing I saw was an envelope which said Open the envelope and dress up your kitchen. On the other side, it showed a load of jars with sticker decals on them. I was quite happy to get these as my jars are quite plain looking at the moment.

I have used the sugar, tea and cereal stickers. There are quite a few left but I can’t use them as those things I don’t store in jars. Never mind!



How cute is this apron! I haven’t used it yet (clearly) because I cook and then forget about using it! That is actually the reason why I have never owned an apron before. I will need to hang it up near the oven so I remember to use it the next time I cook. Reading up on other bloggers, I know that is has pockets in the front of it.

The next two products are My Little Beauty’s own hand cream and a Bliss face wash. I have grouped these together as I have not used them yet. I don’t really use hand cream’s a lot, other than at work. I currently have Zoella’s wonder cream at work so I don’t need another one. Smell’s quite nice though.

I was excited to get the face wash though, as I have always wanted to use one! I just haven’t had enough time to use it. You basically massage it onto damp skin and then rinse it off. You are meant to use a toner and moisturiser afterwards, so I think its best to use this in the morning.



The last thing in the box was this perfume. It’s not like what I am used to as the smell is quite strong. I did notice though that the scent lasted WAY longer than any other perfume I have ever used before! My husband really liked the scent, so I’m happy with the product.


I did like the box, the contents and the whole concept of it. It is different to a Glossy Box because it isn’t just beauty. I think the sticker decals were the best thing in the box and the worst will probably be the hand cream, but only because I don’t really use them that much.

The tin will 100% come in handy. I know it says sweet tin but I had a few ideas on what I will use it for. Either keep it as a sweet tin and fill it with sweets that I can leave on our lounge table OR use it to keep all of E‘s hair accessories in!


Until next time……..


Simplicity is the key to an amazing party! | RAMBLINGS

People always say keep things simple and it will always go a long way. On E’s 1st birthday party, I threw that rule straight out the window and organised a HUGE event. Looking back, I am glad I did it, as not only was it her 1st birthday, but as she was such a poorly baby from birth, it was an even bigger celebration of good health that we didn’t think she was going to have. I just remember not being able to enjoy the party though, because I was so busy running around making sure everyone else was ok. I know that E wasn’t too happy either because there were so many people.20151122_144203

My older sister celebrated my nephews 1st birthday a few weeks ago and it was brilliant. She kept it small and simple. There were about 20 people there – all close family. The decoration was all simple, yet effective. 20151122_153930

It was a Mickey Mouse theme but she didn’t go overboard with it. I wasn’t expecting games or anything but she started off with a fun easy little game of guess how many sweets were in the jar!








It was a great little game for everyone to play and really got the conversation going. Everyone – even the parents and older family members had to make a guess. In the end my mum won, with the closest guess. I wasn’t complaining as it means she gave the sweets out to everyone to enjoy anyway. I rediscovered my love for marshmallows and found out that they still sell the Fruit Salad Chewitts flavour!

I was already thinking about similar ideas I can take from this for E’s next party (which is not until October 2016!)



Also, how cute is this cake! Unfortunately it did not taste amazing but it certainly looked the part!



Once the cousins had left, the immediate family members (i.e my sisters, my hubby and the kids) all played a few games. I LOVE playing board games when I am in the mood. We played UNO first and then Articulate. Myself and my husband cannot play on the same team because we fall out EVERY TIME.


I was also pretty impressed with how long my make up actually lasted, through the day. As you can see, it was just my eyebrows (the crazy mess that they are!) and my lipstick that were not exactly the same. I was wearing the Nivea tinted moisturiser and the Emite Diamond primer that I got in the last Glossybox. They kept my make-up mostly on. The lipstick was the Rimmel moisture renew ones, which I absolutely love as they are so hydrating. The eyeshadow was the MUA pallette from the Glossybox as well. I really loved the look!


Until next time!







November Favourites | FAVOURITES

This is what I have loved in the month of November!


This came in the last Sassy Bloom subscription box that I got for E. It did look pretty good but how excited can you really get for cutlery? It wasn’t until I started using it – or letting her use it – that I really started to appreciate how good this little pack was! You get one fork, spoon and knife. So far, I have used the fork and spoon. I love how E can just hold it in her hand, stab around at the plate and manage to pick up food, purely by accident! The colour isn’t the best it could be, but that is a small price to pay for a great product.




These are normally quite expensive, but Claires had a 3 for 2 offer. Obviously I had to purchase something. I first bought the little hair slides and little bows. The quality is brilliant and the clips stay in her hair. I then purchased some little flowers and hair ribbons. The best thing about the accessories is that E does not notice there is something in her hair.





I absolutely adore Tanya Burr. Her YouTube channel is amazing and her personality is so cute and bubbly! I was never interested in her cosmetics before, as the packaging was quite tacky looking and the products didn’t look that great. The redesign is amazing though and I love most of the products now! This brow palette is pretty amazing! I use it every day, as I quite like a natural brow. The colours are perfect, especially if you mix them together. I love the mirror. Normally with products like these, the mirror isn’t real. You know, those plastic type of mirrors? The quality is great, the palette is small, so easy to hold. You get some mini tweezers and a mini brush with it. I actually use the brush to run the lighter colour under my brows, as a highlighter! I was also pleasantly surprised by how good the tweezers are. A huge favourite this month and many more to come, I should think.

20151119_211346 20151119_211401





I have already raved about this product in my Glossy Box review (click here to read it) but I had to mention it in my favourites. It is amazing. It doesn’t feel cakey and smells lovely. You don’t need to use a lot of product and the best part – it actually works! Ever since I started using this, my make up has stayed on my face longer than it did before.






I loved The Vampire diaries when it first came out. The actors were lovable and the plot line was entertaining. Two vampire brothers lusting after the same girl, throw in witches and werewolves, who wouldn’t love it! Somewhere in the middle it started to get annoying, until finally, the female lead left the show. The show went throw a revamp and I love it more than ever. The characters have evolved, the storyline is brilliant and I wait eagerly for new episodes! Definitely worth watching.

The Vampire Diaries


I do not like watching gory, horror type shows. The Walking Dead is all of the above, plus more. A post-zombie attack era, where the world is not how we know it. You meet characters along the way as they try to make it to safety. I didn’t watch this from the beginning – I think we are into Season 6 now and I only started watching last season. Still, I think this is definitely worth a watch, at least for the storyline. I love how everything connects together and how they keep the audience captivated. It is VERY gory though, so maybe not a show for the faint hearted!

The Walking Dead



I have a bookcase full of books that I haven’t got enough time to read through and still, when I am in the mood to read, I gravitate towards books I have read over 100 times! I love Twilight. I love the fact that I can just fall into a world that doesn’t exist, with vampires and werewolves. I’m sure everyone has read the books but if you haven’t, Twilight is a story about Bella, an ordinary girl who moves to Forks and falls in love with mysterious Edward Cullen. Turns out him and his family are vampires! I prefer the books over the movies any day!




I got tired of waiting for Inside Out Thought Bubbles to update and started looking for another game to play. I came across an advert on Facebook, showing that this game was available to download and play on your mobile. I played this so much on my laptop, through Facebook. Eventually I couldn’t go any further unless I paid (which I was never going to do) so I stopped playing. I’m so happy they released it with better graphics and challenges. It’s basically a time management cooking game. Customers want certain dishes – you have to remember the recipe and cook it for them. It might sound boring, but it’s actually quite fast paced, with other challenges in between.




I have never wanted to purchase an album before. I can normally find the songs on YouTube, so I don’t really feel the need to buy the album, but I love Justin Bieber. I was SO excited for this album and it is EVERYTHING that I thought it was going to be. He really did the fans proud. Each song is different and tells its own story. I constantly have Love Yourself, Where Are You Now, What Do You Mean and Sorry on repeat! Definitely worth buying.



Until next time!


Top 10 Justin Bieber Songs From Purpose Album | TOP TEN



An upbeat song to some very meaningful lyrics. “I don’t want us to lose what we are” is the gist of the song.




To anyone who thinks that Justin cannot sing, listen to Trust. It has quite a “The Weekend” vibe to it. It also reminds me of another song but I can’t place my finger on what that is. The song is quite self-explanatory. Trust each other in your relationship if you love each other.



I will be honest, when I first heard it, I wasn’t too sure. I loved Where Are You Now and I didn’t think this song was better. The video confirmed my dislike – I don’t really like the whole sexy-women-all-over-Justin kind of thing! However, after hearing that clock tick 3 or 4 times a day in the radio, I soon began to like the song!




My sister loves this song. I didn’t at first, but then as she kept playing it over and over (and over) again, it grew on me. His voice actually sounds quite different on this particular track. The lyrics and hook are quite catchy.



I heard a lot about this song before the album was released, as Halsey is featured in it. I love the verses but not just a big fan of the chorus.



The message behind this song is beautiful and the lyrics show how much he has grown up over the last few years. “You’ve given me the best gift that I’ve ever known. You give me purpose” It is such a lovely song. It took a few goes listening to it, to really get into it as it’s not an upbeat song.



If you hated Justin Bieber, this song will have 100% converted you. It is completely different to anything he has done before. His voice is more grown up, he looks pretty good in the video and forget everything else. The actual music is second to none.


Whilst listening to the album, I was looking for a more upbeat song. The first 3 songs to be released were quite upbeat but I was hoping there would be another one. Been You is such a feel good song! The music is so chirpy and happy. I actually love his voice in this song as well. I find it really amazing how his voice compliments each song in a completely different way.


I’m sure everyone has heard Sorry by now. I applaud Justin at how amazing these tracks are and this is a huge favourite. The lyrics, the music, the beat, the video, the dancing! Both myself and E absolutely love this song and I am constantly playing it. I love the lyrics and can find myself singing along to it at all times of the day.


Speaking of lyrics, this song is actually my favourite from the whole album. When I first heard it, it sounded like it had quite the Ed Sheeran vibe to it. Later I found out that it was actually written/produced by Ed Sheeran, so that explains a lot! I love the message behind the lyrics. I think the music is lovely and simple. His voice sounds amazing! I constantly have this on repeat.



Until next time!