Alfie Deyes – Hackney Empire Show

It has been 5 months since I last blogged and I am disappointed in myself. There just didn’t seem to be anything that I wanted to write about and I felt very uninspired. However, this weekend, I did something amazing and I just have so much to say that I had to type something up!


Yes. THE Alfie Deyes.

Okay, wait, I didn’t ACTUALLY meet him. On Saturday, I went to his Live Event at Hackney Empire in London. It was a Q&A with Emma Gannon and he simply answered questions. I was a few rows from the front and was so close that I could even see the detailing in his trainers, so I might as well have met him. So let’s start from the beginning.


Alfie Deyes is a British Vlogger on YouTube. For anyone who doesn’t know, vlogging is simply recording your day on video and posting it online. He posts roughly 10 minutes of an edited day, on YouTube. He is sitting on almost 4 million followers. Yep, that is a LOT of people.


I found Alfie’s videos when I was on maternity leave. Sick, tired and with nothing to do, I found myself on YouTube, watching make-up tutorial videos. I came across Zoella, whom I’ve been watching for years. I then found Alfie. His video’s just made me feel better about my day and he inspired me to just be a better person. Even when I gave birth and my daughter was in critical condition for a few months, I found myself gravitating towards him on YouTube, for comfort.

I always felt like his fan’s were quite young though. Teenage girls, to be specific, so whenever he did any meet ups or events, I never went. This time though, something in me just said go for it! I purchased tickets and off we went.

screenshot_20170716-224101.pngCan I just say, Hackney Empire Theatre is BREATHTAKING. It is so beautiful inside and it feels so old and full of laughter. It’s one of those places where you can imagine people years and and years ago, sitting down and watching a performance.

The actual show in itself was surprising good. I say that, because how interesting can an hour long Q&A really be? I found that the hour went by so quick because of Alfie. It is so weird to see him in real life and not on YouTube. He really is that tall, his hair is actually that little bit blonde and his laugh is ACTUALLY that infectious! He was so charming, so funny and just so real when he was answering questions.

There were a few negatives that I want to mention though. Firstly, the show was meant to be 2 hours long. When I actually got the tickets, it said 1 hour 15 minutes but it ended up only being an hour. I feel that it could have been longer. Secondly, I feel there could have been more audience participation. They did a section where the audience could ask Alfie a question but there wasn’t enough time spent on it. I just feel like it would have been more of an experience if I had more of a chance to get involved? Finally, this is not really a negative but just an observation. When Alfie has done events or meet up’s before, he has vlogged quite a lot. He picked his camera up once during the event and even in his vlog today, there was barely any footage. I think it is one of the big things you look forward to, if you do meet him. The question is, did you make it onto the vlog! Screenshot_20170716-224048

Regardless of all that above, I did actually have an amazing time. I am 27 years old and feel very conscious that his fan’s are so young. I saw a lot of parents with their kids and there were only a few people that looked like they were my age, on their own at the event. Despite that, I am still so happy that I went. For £12, you get to see Alfie, watch a hilarious show, get a signed copy of his new book and 100 lucky people had the chance to actually meet him as well.


It was a brilliant day and I look forward to the next event!


Until next time!




La La Land

I haven’t blogged in a while but I recently watched La La Land and just needed some way to express my feelings about it. 

It’s important to note that I didn’t know anything about this movie other than the fact that it had Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in it and that it was a musical. I kept seeing it advertised and thought hey, better go watch it!

What an experience. What a movie. Honestly my first impressions were a bit dubious. The first scene is a song which is quite cheesy, but the media student in me recognised that it was filmed in one take and my interest was sparked. 

The story is a little typical. A jazz pianist and an aspiring actress fall in love whilst trying to make their dreams come true. Whilst that is the synopsis, this film is so much more than that. I absolutely loved the chemistry between the main leads. They work together so well and it all feels so real!

The music was probably the best part. I’ve been streaming the soundtrack on Spotify for a few days now. On repeat. In the car. In my bedroom. I can’t stop! Mia and Sebastian’s tune sends chills down my spine when I hear it and I am in love with City of Stars. A Lovely Night and Audition are also firm favourites. 

I have to be honest, I don’t understand why this musical has hit me so hard. I watch a lot of movies and have seen a few musicals. Somehow, La La Land keeps circulating in my head, to the point of obsession. It could be because of the ending.  I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but the ending destroyed me, so maybe that’s why I keep thinking about it.

Overall, I highly recommend. The scenes were beautifully shot, the music and choreography is amazing and the storyline is really realistic. 

My Little Summer Vibes Box | BEAUTY

I completely forgot to review this months My Little Box! I think I was a little overwhelmed with how many different beauty boxes I received this month and just forgot about this one! Never mind. This month, the theme was summer.I actually really liked the design of the box as it’s a little different to what they normally do.

Anyway, onto the contents of the box:

2016-06-09 17.57.08

2016-06-09 17.52.45

I think that I have actually received tea from My Little Box before. Yes I think it was Kusmi Tea, but loose instead. I have never drank iced tea if I am honest so this is something new to try. I absolutely love tea so it isn’t a bad thing to get. I guess Iced Tea is a big thing to drink in the summer but somehow the thought of tea being cold just sounds really weird to me! Anyway, it looks good and smells very nice. I will have to report back once I have tried it.

2016-06-09 17.53.012016-06-09 17.53.45 When I first saw this rolled up in the box, I tried to guess what it was. Keeping in mind the theme of the box, I assumed it might be a towel, but it was too light. I then was adamant that it must be some kind of cover up at the beach. I didn’t expect a top! It is more of a vest top and it’s also actually REALLY big for me. On the back it says one size, so I guess they have to cover everyone. Regardless, it is a nice little thing to include. The material is lovely and I like the phrase! Since it is so big, I am not entirely sure if I will actually be wearing it. I will try it out though – maybe with a skirt underneath, so it’s tucked in?

2016-06-09 17.54.06

2016-06-09 17.55.23 Next up is the beauty pouch. Oh, but wait a minute. That’s not a pouch. I LOVE how they have changed this months pouch to a little bag, which actually counts as a product as well. At first I thought it was a little bag to keep products in when you travel but then I noticed the bikini on the front of it – yes, I’m very vigilant – and it’s actually a bag for your swim wear! This will really come in handy for me as I will be going on holiday in a few months. It looks like it’s a water proof material and it just really looks nice as well! Really happy with this.

2016-06-09 17.55.12

Now, onto the actual products inside the bag. First up is the beach hair spray. I am sure I will try it out when I am on holiday, but I wasn’t too fussed about it. I don’t really like things like this as they almost always don’t suit me. This is My Little Beauty’s own brand product and it does look like it’s a full size one as well. I also really like the design. It does look very summery! I think you are supposed to just spray it on, to keep your hair healthy and fresh! Come to think of it, my hair is REALLY bad on holiday. When it get’s hot and humid, my hair just wont sit right, so this actually might be a really good product!

2016-06-09 17.54.49

Next up, a nail polish from Ciate. Now, this is a great brand and the formula is always amazing. I was disappointed to get a mini though and I am not really a fan of the colour. I have darker skin, so I prefer having slightly darker colours on my nails. Light colours really make my skin colour stand out more, for the wrong reasons! Still, I can’t complain about nail polish. Even though we do get a few of these in My Little Box, I don’t mind. I would much rather get a full size though!

2016-06-09 17.54.35

Finally, the last product. Now, when I spotted the brand I was immediately excited. I love Too Faced. I LOVED the Melted lipstick in one of the earlier boxes and I thought this was an eyeliner at first. Sadly, it’s primer for glitter. I do not wear glitter on my eyes, simply because I do not have the time. With a 21 month old, it’s just impossible to spend that much time on make up when we all go out! This will be going to some one else in my family so they can make good use out of it!


I think the box was quite good this month. There are one or two products that I won’t use, but it was a good mixture!

Until next time!



Glossy Box June Review | BEAUTY

Clearly this month will include summer items. I feel like I have only just posted my last review on this box, but it’s that time again! I loved the collectors edition box last month and was a little disappointed with the standard box. Although it separates them from other beauty boxes, I feel like Glossy Box should make featured boxes. It would just make the use of the box easier. Although, I know a lot of people who use the empty boxes in their dressing tables, for make up. That is quite a good idea, to be fair.

2016-06-10 12.26.03

Anyway, the new Glossy Card is pretty cool. I think it was the same last month, but before that, the card was presented in a different way. I like how they photograph the items and how they list the items on the card. I also like reading what the Editor has to say about this month’s box. This month I had enough Glossy Dot’s to get the box for free. If you didn’t know, Glossy Dots are basically points that you earn for reviewing each product. I think you get 20 points for each survey completed and you need 1000 Glossy Dot’s to get a free box.


So this is what I received inside:

2016-06-10 12.30.44


FULL SIZE £19.99

2016-06-10 12.27.44

This is going to come in handy when I go on holiday, later in the year. My husband suffers more from sunburn. I also will need protection, but for some reason I don’t tan or burn. Is it because I’m brown skinned? I don’t know. Regardless, I know that I still need protection from the sun’s rays. This is a spray sun screen which is a good idea. I hate the idea of applying a cream onto my face and skin. I will definitely be using this when I am away.



2016-06-10 12.28.13

Another tiny sample size. That is what I thought when I picked this out of the box. Origins is a well known brand, so I was happy to receive a product from them, but why such a small sample. This is an eye cream for reducing bags and dark circles. I suffer with both, so this product is welcomed! I tried a little bit and my under eye section does feel a bit better. It doesn’t feel puffy but at the same time, I think I prefer those roller ball eye creams that instantly refresh the under eye area. Also, this sample size turned out to be really good because you genuinely only need a teeny tiny bit.



2016-06-10 12.28.30

Now I wasn’t too happy when I read the sneak peek last month, as it showed this product. I really do not like lip/cheek tints and feel like they are a waste of money. When I spotted this product, I had forgotten that it was a tint and could not believe how runny the product was! After reading the product card, I was satisfied with the fact that it was actually a tint and tried it out. I applied it in small dots on my lips and blended it in with my fingertips. I have to say, that it isn’t a bad look. On those moments where you just need a quick refresh, or days that you don’t want to wear make up, but don’t want to look dead, this is suitable to use. It just refreshes your lips and makes them look a bit alive. I like that it isn’t sticky as well.



2016-06-10 12.29.12

If I wasn’t going on holiday, I would have been quite annoyed at receiving this, but I am happy! After Sun is important and even though I don’t tan or burn, my skin is still exposed to the sun. You use this cream after you are out of the sun and it just soothes it. This particular product also helps maintain a tan (if you want one) and smells nice! I like the packaging of the bottle as well.



2016-06-10 12.29.56

I am far too lazy to exfoliate but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to. I was intrigued with this product and look forward to using it. It’s a sponge that you can use in the shower and it is made in Japan. Apparantly Konjac sponges are made from the natural fibres of konjac, which is a root vegetable, native to Asia. It is known for it’s ability to hold water. I guess that’s good when it comes to traits of a sponge! You are meant to soak it in water water, squeeze and then massage over the skin using circular motions. The card also states that you can use a foam cleanser with it, which I will be doing! This was a good product to add to the box.



2016-06-10 12.27.59

This was a bonus product in the box, as we have already received 5 products. I think it is quite a good sample size to give. I would normally be annoyed with a hair product but since I’ve tried to Naobay hair masks from previous Glossy Boxes, I don’t mind treatments for the hair! I also think that this does not have coconut in it, so I am able to use it. I don’t have damaged hair, but it would be good to give it a good condition, so I am quite happy with this product! The card does state that a full size bottle would cost £1.09. Somehow I think that was a misprint or the sample size cost. I have had a look on Boots and it’s £4.99 at the moment, for a 250ml bottle.


After 3 awful boxes, I am quite happy with the June box. If I wasn’t going on holiday, I would have been disappointed, but it has worked out for me this month. The sun protection products will be used on holiday, the hair conditioner and eye cream will be used. I loved the sponge and will try it out and even liked the lip tint!

Until next time!



Birchbox June Review | BEAUTY

I only received an email this morning to advise that the Birchbox had been despatched and to expect it this week. I did not think I would get it later this afternoon! I do love that about Birchbox as delivery is quite fast. This month was all about the summer. I think the box is pretty cute! It has palm trees on the front and after reading up in the leaflet, there was a pineapple design as well.

2016-06-06 16.09.38

I was VERY surprised to see that rather than the usual box, this month, the box is a keepsake drawer! I LOVE it. These types of things just always come in handy and I know this is going on my dressing table for sure. We received an email last month to ask whether we wanted to upgrade the June box to include a pair of sunglasses. I am serious when I tell you that I contemplated it for DAYS. I really needed sunglasses and the price that Birchbox was offering, was quite reasonable. Still, I decided not to upgrade. With sunglasses, you need to try them on, to see how they look.

Anyway, this is what I received in the June box:

2016-06-06 16.16.38

Percy & Reed Firm Session Hold Hairspray

RRP £12 (sample size)

2016-06-06 16.11.11

I was actually looking to purchase a hairspray that would hold in different hairstyles. This might have to be placed on hold before I can use it, as I have recently cut my hair short! Most of the hairstyles that I would like to use a hairspray on would be a bun, a top knot or a plait. Unfortunately my hair is too short to do any of those on! Still, I don’t mind getting this as it is a useful product!

*UPDATE* I have now used this hairspray. Even though my hair is short, I have a section at the front which was accidentally cut too short, about 6 months ago. I always have to either pin it back or hairspray it, if I have my hair up. I tried this hairspray out the other day and was quite happy with the results. It sticks the hair into place in a firm hold. There are no white bits left in your hair and it doesn’t feel sticky. I especially love the smell!

Amika Nourishing Mask

RRP £19.99  (sample size)

2016-06-06 16.11.30

I don’t mind hair masks that don’t need to be in for a long time. This one does look good and only needs to be in the hair for around 5 minutes. It is meant to be good for dry hair and split ends. I think I will save this for another time, as I recently got my hair cut and it is in a good condition. I am happy with this as there are no ingredients I need to stay away from, so I can use it. Also, it is a sample size, but I feel like I could get a few uses out of it.

Paula’s Choice Daily Mattifying Fluid

RRP £29 (sample size)

2016-06-06 16.11.50

Subscription boxes always have to include creams. This one is perfect for the summer because it protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays as well. Also, you don’t need to wear primer as this is a good make-up base. I am intrigued by this product, but as it is a sunscreen, I think I will wait until I go on holiday to use it. As far as creams go, this isn’t a bad one to include.

Yes To Cucumber Facial Wipes

RRP £4.99 (sample size)

2016-06-06 16.12.13

I used to use the Simple facial wipes to remove make-up and cleanse, but suffered with dry skin as a result. After that, I don’t use wipes on my face unless I feel incredibly lazy. There is no harm in trying this out though, as it is meant to be for sensitive skin. The claim of instantly removing make up is pretty big so I will have to try this out and see if that is true.

*UPDATE* I have now tried out these wipes and unfortunately they are not for me. Firstly, the back of the packet tells you to avoid your eyes. If you can’t use them near your eyes, they can’t be for removing make up? Even for the rest of my face, it didn’t really work. I liked the smell and I liked the way my skin felt but an hour or so later, my skin started to feel a bit hot, as if it had been scrubbed too much? Maybe it just didn’t suit my skin. I will probably keep the packet though, as I can use to wipe down the handles of my make up brushes and my hands once I have done my make up!

Jelly Pong Pong Lighten Up Brightener + Waterliner

RRP £14.95 (full size)

2016-06-06 16.12.33

I was genuinely looking to purchase a waterliner – literally this morning. I am VERY HAPPY to get this, even though I don’t know if it will work or not. In all honestly, I have not had a good experience with Jelly Pong Pong. I received a mascara from them, in my first Glossy Box and hated it. Still, you can’t knock a product until you try it! I will say though, no matter how good it is, I would not pay £14.95 for an eye pencil! Seriously, it had better be amazing.

*UPDATE* So I tried out the eyeliner and it does work. The staying power is not amazing but it does open up the eyes and makes me look more awake. The formula is not that great. I expected it to be a bit more creamy? It was a little… flaky. Still, it’s better than the mascara and I will use it.


At first I was disappointed BUT upon review, this box is actually quite good. I will be able to use every single product this time and 2 of them were things I was already looking to buy.

Aside from this, I was reading the leaflet and on the back, there was a sneak peek of July’s box. Firstly, it’s a collaboration with Millie Mackintosh (Made in Chelsea, OMG!) Secondly, there will be a full size LOC lip pencil included. I am quite excited for next month already. Also, next month I will have enough Birchbox points to purchase something from the shop as well.

Until next time!



Glossy Box May Review | BEAUTY

This month I received all 3 beauty subscription services over 2 days. Glossy Box, Birchbox and My Little Beauty. Due to so many things to try, I have been quite late in uploading my reviews! Luckily for me, this is the last one to review, so I hope you all enjoy it!  I was so excited when I first saw the box because seriously, look at it! How pretty is it! I loved the doodles on the front and immediately started colouring it in. I received the London box and it was fun to spot all the landmarks that I already know, since I live about an hour away from London!


20160509_123903I have to include a picture of the packaging because I thought it was just so well done. I would not normally link the colour green with London, but I felt that it worked really well. When I studied the front of the box a bit more, I noticed that there is actually a lot of greenery in there. Tree’s, bushes, parks etc so I guess it all does match together!

So this is what I received inside:





Every month, we know of one product that we will receive in the box. This time it was the new Revlon mascara. There were a few choices to pick from but I went for the ultimate all in one. This promises to give volume and length. I picked it because the wand is quite unique looking. It is very small with the smallest bristled I have ever seen on a mascara wand before! I will say that I was not expecting much, as Revlon are not my favourite drugstore brand. I always find that the products just don’t work. I am happy to say that is not the case for this product. As the wand is so small, it gets product through every single lash, which is an issue I normally have with other mascaras. I found that my lashes looked much longer and more even as well. It did clog at some points, but I find that clumpy mascara looks better sometimes. I don’t like my lashes to look like spiders and I don’t felt this happened. I won’t say it’s the best mascara out there – my favourite is still the Lash Sensational from Maybelline – but it’s easy to remove and so easy to apply.




I don’t really have a lot of love for creams but this may have come at the best time for me. For some reason, I am suffering with dry skin underneath my eyes, so I need a moisturiser that will not dry my skin out. This one looks good and promises to plump, smooth and soften the complexion! I wish I had tried it out, but I just have not had the time yet. I will report back though, if it works! I also really liked the sample size. You only need a pea sized amount, so this tube should last quite a while!




As soon as I saw this product, it reminded me of the NYX matte lip creams. I used to buy the Collection Cream Puffs as well, if anyone remembers them? They looked like this product, but cheaper. This particular colour is Rumba and it is quite different to what it looks like in the photo. It is quite a peachy colour and appears even lighter on the skin. I found that with brown skin, it does not work AT ALL. It sort of looks like my lips disappear and blend into my skin? The actual application and formula is lovely. It is very matte, but not drying straight away. I think I am going to purchase a lip liner and it may help with the colour. I have tried mixing it with a darker colour and that also works, but it dries out quite quick.




This is quite a practical product. A skin cleanser which is nourishes the skin and removed make up at the same time. You massage it into the skin and then rinse or remove with tissue. The most disappointing thing about this product though, is the size. It is a sample size, which is fine, but at the back it says Free Sample. This is now the third time Glossybox has sent samples which anyone could get free from a make up counter. It really makes me angry because we pay for the box! Yes, great, this product is £8.99 full size but the fact is, we did not even receive a sample size. Instead, it was free. It’s just annoying and they need to sort it out.




Last but not least, a sun cream! Well, it’s not full coverage but it is quite a handy product to include in the box. This is so handy for the weather now as we get a few days of sunshine and then it is back to normal rain again. Regardless, we still need to be protected from the sun on all days, so I am quite happy with this.It doesn’t smell bad, like a lot of sun creams do and it disappears into the skin quite quickly.


This has been a better box that what I have previously received. That goes from the actual design of the box, to the products inside. Both of the make-up products have been used regularly and I will use the other 3 creams. If Glossybox keep sending free samples though, I think I will unsubscribe, as it is not worth the money! I forgot to mention that they did send a packet of Proper Corn, which was a bit random and odd. I didn’t eat it, in fact I think my husband did, as soon as he saw it. Just thought I would mention it!

Until next time!



My Little Dolce Vita Box | BEAUTY

This box was the first of my subscriptions to arrive in the post and I was pleasantly surprised at how early it was! Normally, it is the last. Since I received Glossy Box, Birchbox and My Little Box all literally in the same week, I have been delayed in posting reviews! Nevertheless, here it is. My box is the Dolce Vita box, although I am a little confused, as other people have received a Ciao Bella box?

Anyway, onto the contents of the box:



20160507_132037First thing I spotted was this little box. Very cute and very intriguing. I tried to guess what was inside the box before opening it and thought that it might be a scarf. I wasn’t too far off as it’s a turban! These are pretty trendy and look quite cute if you wear them the right way. What I loved was that at the back of the box, you get a few different styles and ways to tie it up, in case you were stuck on ideas. This would have been perfect if not for the actual print. It doesn’t really look good in the photo’s and actually looks worse in real life. I couldn’t find anything to match with it. Other than that, it is actually quite comfortable to wear!

I was so excited when I opened the next little box. Inside was a ring! It’s only £12 but its such a beautiful design and adjustable. I immediately popped it on my finger and I love it because it looks good with my gold thumb ring. I am so happy with this product as it is worth the money. It looks good, it feels quite sturdy and I am sure it wont make my finger go green! Also, this is so much better and more practical than those horrible bracelets sent out a few boxes ago. Onto the beauty pouch!


I love seeing what products are sent out in the pouch as they usually contains some really good make up items. First thing was this moisturiser. At first I was quite happy as I really do need moisturiser for my legs. It is prices at £8 which is not a lot of money, even though it is a small tube. Then I realised that its a self tanner, so it will make your legs darker in some form. I am already tanned – permanently tanned, I would say, as I am brown-skinned. Therefore I don’t really think this will be a good idea. Having said that, I never wear clothes that reveal my legs, so if I tried it and it did tan them, no one would see? Might be worth trying, just to get the moisture back in them!


Next up is this beautiful box, which contained body oil! It actually smells so amazing and is quite practical to use. After a shower, whilst your skin is still moist, simply pat it all over. It does cost £16.90 for a 50ml bottle, which I do think is quite over priced for oil. I was looking forward to using this and then realised that it contains Almond Oil. The story of my life, as I am allergic to nuts, so I can’t use it. Still, I am sure one of my sisters will be happy to trial it out!


Last thing is this cute little perfume sample. It smells so incredible. Really fresh with a hint of something sweet. I have not actually applied it yet, so I don’t know how long it lasts but it costs £69 for a 50ml bottle! For that price, it better stay on the whole day. I will have to trial it out and report back but I think it was a good addition to the box!


I thought this box was a bit of a mixture. The only thing that I will always use is the ring. The beauty products were all really good ideas actually but out of all 3, the perfume is the only one I would wear. The turban would have been a good product if it was in a nicer print. I don’t think this was the worst box, but we have had better products before!

Until next time!



Birchbox May Review | BEAUTY

Out of all the beauty subscription boxes I receive, Birchbox was the one I was most excited for. I have only been subscribed for 3 months but so far it still has had the best products – both value wise and preference wise. Good things to come to an end, as I found out with the May box.

Before I get into more detail, this month’s actual box design was quite cool. You could scratch off the top with a coin (like a scratch card!) and underneath is the design. On top of that, there was a competition. If you found words underneath, you could win a holiday. Unfortunately, I didn’t win, but with only 2 boxes containing the prize, it was slim chances! (In my haste, I forgot to take a picture of the box before I scratched it all off!)


The magazine was interesting once again. There was information regarding how to use one of the products, full details on the contents of the box, information regarding the competition and products that the staff really enjoy.


So this is what I received in the box:


Spectrum Collections Sponge

RRP £4.99 (this is full size)


This was the only product I knew that was included in the box and it met my expectations. I have recently been loving beauty blenders and was actually going to buy one before I saw the email from Birchbox. It’s a pretty cool colour, but that’s a given as it’s a Spectrum product. I am quite happy with it. You would think that all beauty blenders are the same, but this one is so much better than the ones I have used before. It cleans so well, it applies concealer so well and the general shape is better. Really happy with this product.

Philip Kingsley PK Prep Polishing Balm

RRP £18.50 (sample size)


This is quite an intriguing product. At first, I thought it was a cream but then after reading the information on the card, saw that it was actually for your hair. You basically apply it on fly away hair and dry ends to smooth it down. The thing I love the best about this is that it can be applied on damp or dry hair, meaning it is so much easier to use! I’m not sure if I was meant to get two of them, but they are exactly the same thing.

Vasanti Brighten Up! Face Rejuvenator

RRP £26 (this is sample size)


I honestly hate getting creams in boxes, especially ones for the face. Even more so, I hate them because 9 times out of 10, they contain nuts. Sure enough, this product has coconut in it and since I am allergic, I won’t be able to use it. It’s a pity as it sounds like a really good product. All you do is wet your face, apply this and massage in a circular motion and then rinse it off. It is meant to be used after cleansing and just seemed like a good product.

theBalm cosmetics Stainiac in Beauty Queen

RRP £10 (this is a sample size)


I am not a fan of lip/cheek stains as I just find that they don’t work. I received one in my very first Glossy Box and it didn’t do anything. I was quite intrigued by this one, as it’s from theBalm cosmetics and their products are amazing. I thought I would give it a try and see what happens. I applied it on my lips first and saw that it faded away. I thought that maybe this is meant to happen, so I finished the rest of my make up and had a look at my lips at the end – no difference. Maybe I am applying it wrong, but this product will not be used again.

Puriskin Resurfacing Cream

RRP £13.99 (sample size)


Another cream and sure enough, another product containing coconut. Again, this product looked quite interesting. It is a calming cream that will soothe the complexion. You are meant to apply it on dry skin, blemishes, etc. I have had a lot of dry skin lately so this would have been great but I cannot use it, due to the ingredients.

Vita Coco Coconut Oil

RRP £9.99

20160509_154532You seriously cannot make up my bad luck with this month’s box! This was an extra product that they added to the box, but will you look at that. Pure coconut oil.


I really lost money with this month’s box. 3 products contained coconut and 1 didn’t work for me. I guess the hair polishing balm will be used but even that is a sample size. The only product I absolutely loved was the sponge and that was £4.99, so I overpaid for the box.

I am aware that coconut is really good for the skin and hair. I know that so many companies use it in their products because it is actually good for you. I am just irritated with the fact that Birchbox will not cater to allergies. They claim that it’s difficult with the mass produced boxes, but come on. If you know 10 people are allergic to coconut, it is not difficult to add products to their box that don’t contain it.

I mean, in the beauty profiles, you advise your skin type and colour. If they can sort between that, why can’t they add allergies to the list?

Anyway, rant over. I will have to see what the next box brings. Sometimes you do get a box that isn’t worth it and the last 2 boxes from Birchbox were really good, so I will give it another try.

Until next time!




My Little Flower Book | BEAUTY

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to review the new MLB! It was quite a different box… or should I say “book” this month. Rather than the usual box, all the products were sent inside a box that actually looked like a book. The theme was My Little Flower Book. I applaud them for trying something different, but it’s the first time I have had to throw the box away (keep doing this, we have to many boxes already, (from husband)- it’s so flimsy and bulky so I can’t keep it!  If you didn’t know, My Little Box, is a subscription service where you receive 5 items (beauty and lifestyle related) for £14 (including P&P) a month.Onto the contents of the box.



I never read the magazine that comes with this box, with a hit girl on the front, wit woo. I don’t really find any of it interesting, so that went straight to one side. The first thing I spotted was a little box and something that looked like a bag? I was quite excited as that meant 2 lifestyle products this month!


Upon further investigation, the little box is actually a pop up garden! Priced at £7 (really?) you pop upon the little city scene and inside there is absorbent paper. Wet the paper, add the seeds and simply water it a little every day and I believe cress will grow! It is such a cute idea and I actually really like the design – however I placed it on my window sill and both camels knocked it down almost 5 minutes later, so that was the end of that…


The bag ended up being a travel pouch for lingerie. Priced at £13, it feels so soft! I have never really carried my underwear in a special bag before. It actually makes sense as I normally tuck everything into a corner and hope no one will look in that side of my bag/suitcase!  Upon further reflection, it is actually really small. I’ve read reviews from other bloggers and everyone says that same thing. It’s OK if you have a small bra size, but for the over D ladies, you won’t fit anything inside! I do think it is really good for knickers though, so I am keeping it. Look at the design though, it is very cute!


20160418_143415Next up are the products in the pouch. I was OVER THE MOON to get another Nails Inc product. I think they sent a lighter colour last time. This time, the colour is quite a deep plum. I applied it the same day, with a base coat and top coat. The application was easy and it didn’t streak. I did find that it looked a little messy at the end, compared to other nail polishes, but that could have just been me. When you have a little almost 2 year old running around everywhere, easy application of nail polish is a hard task!

I quite like dark colours on my nails as I think it works well with my skin colour. Also, excuse my hands – for some reason, I have so many lines in my hand! Does anyone else have that? From the picture it looks like I am 80, not 26! She looks about 16 hands of an 80 year old, my face spends to much time doing these blogs, hopefully she doesn’t read my comments and posts it.  Anyway, back to the point – I had to apply 3 coats to get the colour fully through and they were thin layers of course. After a few days, it did start to chip but that is normal I guess. Happy with this product! Price of the nail polish is normally £11.


Next up is a face mask! I am happy to try this out and see if it works – I haven’t had any time to do so. It doesn’t require much effort. According to the back of the tube, you just apply it on your face, avoiding around the eyes. Leave for 5 minutes and then rinse off. In all fairness, I could do that at any point, but I feel like I want to apply a mask to relax, so I am just waiting for that perfect opportunity. It smells AMAZING though. One negative point is that we did just receive a mask in the last box as well, so they should really think outside the box with the products as well. This is My Little Beauty’s own range and is priced at £11. I don’t know if that’s expensive or not for a mask, but I will try it out and report back.


Last product was this shower gel. I know a lot of people were unhappy with this, but I can never say no to a shower gel! I have to say though, since I discovered foaming shower gel (from the first Birchbox) I haven’t looked at any other type. Again, this smells so delicious, so it doesn’t really matter. It’s a sample size but it’s actually quite decent. I could get quite a lot of washes out of it and Glossy Box should take note of sample sizes in other beauty boxes!!! (had to make a little dig there – GB’s sample sizes are ridiculous) Anyway, this shower gel is £25…. WHAT? Did I just read that correctly? Oh no, sorry, it’s £15! Still, that is quite expensive for a shower gel. I won’t purchase this again, but still happy that I received it.


I wasn’t overly keen or overly excited about the box as a whole. I guess that everything is useable though! The shower gel (on my monthly wash) and nail polish will be used a lot. The travel bag will be used when I go away and I am sure that when I get the time, I will use the face mask. The only thing that I didn’t use was the little pop up garden but that was not for lack of trying! Damn cats! Forever knocking things over.

Until next time!



Glossy Box April Review | BEAUTY

Glossy Box time came round quite quickly this month. I think this might be due to the fact that I subscribe to 3 different beauty boxes, all which are delivered at different times in the month, so I feel like the next box arrives quite quick! After the last awful box, I was hoping this month would be better. There was a product which had been shown in last months product card, which I was quite excited to try out but again, this month was a disappointment.

I didn’t even end up taking a picture of the contents together as I was so annoyed, so I will just move on to the review!




20160411_144810 (3)I didn’t even know that Next do a make up range, so I was surprised to get it and not disappointed at all. There are 3 shades available and I received the hot pink colour. I actually really like this. The application is amazing. The lipstick is in the shape of a crayon so you can apply it really nicely. The colour is quite strong and pigmented. Next time I might try and blend it out with a nude, so it isn’t so… pink! Most of my lipsticks do dry out my lips but this funnily enough did not. It is very moisturising. Regardless this is not a bad product.




This actually looked pretty interesting when I first spotted it. It is literally a nail drying solution. You paint your nails and then spray it on top to get your nails dry super quick. However, upon reading the instructions, you apply a base coat, nail polish, top coat, WAIT ONE MINUTE and THEN spray the mist on top. That really does not sound like it is a quick solution and for that reason I haven’t attempted to use it yet.




2016-04-22 07.52.48Most people would be happy with henna tattoo’s but since I am of Asian heritage, henna is pretty common for me. The craze for temporary henna tattoo’s has been quite hectic the last year or so and my friend designs/sells her own range. I prefer those 100 times over these tattoo’s as the designs in this pack are awful. They do not look pretty, I don’t like the white and also, I am not a 10 year old kid, who enjoys temporary tattoo’s! If you didn’t know how to use them, you literally cut out the design and place it face down on your skin (wherever you want to apply it) You then wet the back of the paper and smooth it all out, then lift the paper and the design should be imprinted onto your skin.

The picture I’ve added of the black and gold henna tattoo is MUCH better than the ones that came in the Glossy Box. If you are interested in those, her website is here. The quality, price and designs are so much better (this is just an opinion, not sponsored or any affiliate links!)




You can never really so no to a good brow product. This pencil comes in two shades, to cater to everyone. You have the dark end and the light end. I tried it out on my eyebrows and found that the darker end was still way to light for my eyebrows. After 10 minutes working on filling them in, it ended up looking pretty awful. I will just give this away to someone who has thinner eyebrows, because otherwise I will forever be sitting at my dressing table, trying to get my eyebrows filled in.

I’ve added a before and after – my brows are pretty full as they are, but I don’t like the gaps in them. That is why I like using something to fill them in. On the right, you can see the finished look and it does look different – maybe a bit more neater? Unfortunately I didn’t like how it looked.




What a disappointment. This was the product that I was waiting for, from the moment I found out it was included in the April box. I have seen so many Youtubers rave about it and I wanted to give it a go. It’s a facial oil that you massage a few drops in your fact and neck. It is meant to revitalise and refresh the whole face. The Glossy Box team decide to send out a sample size and on the back it says FREE SAMPLE. Seriously. They did this last month as well, where they sent out something that I could have just gone into the shop and picked up for free myself. This type of thing really annoys me and I don’t use the product out of annoyance. Unfortunately I haven’t used it, so I can’t really review it, but I had to get a rant in.


I’m getting a little annoyed with Glossy Box. I feel like if I don’t like the products, then I don’t like writing about them either and the whole review seems boring when I read it back! However, it is the truth. I only enjoyed one product, which was the Next lipstick. Here is to hoping next month will be better…

Until next time!