I wish I knew then what I know now | RAMBLINGS

It’s a weird little cycle. When you are young, you go through life thinking you are the only one feeling that way. That no one could understand your situation, that you can’t live without said boy, or you wish you were older already.

Then you grow up, get past all the hurdles, move on, get married to someone who wasnt said boy and wonder why you worried so much when you were younger.

I have been through it all and I’m happily married now. I’m trying to help my teenage sisters and reassure them that their life isn’t over if they don’t end up being with the person they want to be with. But they just get angry at me and say I don’t understand, im married, I can say that now.

I don’t know how to get through to them. I’m not being mean or trying to burst anyone’s bubbles. I’ve just been through it already, so I know how it feels.

Hindsight is a funny thing.


E’s 1st Birthday Party! | BABY


It was her birthday earlier on in the month and as it’s her first, I had to go all out. My house is too small, so my mother in law kindly let me use her house to decorate and invite everyone to. We had planned 2 days – on her actual birthday we invited a few people and children to a soft place centre. Then, the next day we had a full blown party with food, decoration, etc. It was crazy. I don’t think I will do something this big until she is 5 years old i think!

Above is what the conservatory looked like before I started. I sat down in her highchair and gave her some food to keep her busy whilst I decorated the whole place. She was perfect and didn’t move until I was finished!


This is what it looked like after! I was SO happy with it! It is a Pocoyo themed birthday party. adores Pocoyo, so the main colours were blue, yellow and pink. The lanterns were purchased from Ebay and were ridiculously cheap and easy to assemble. I just used some string to hang it from the ceiling. Balloons were all purchased from card factory, as is the bunting on the table and the big number 1 balloon.


How cute is this banner! I didn’t add Happy 1st Birthday, because when she is 18, we will bring this banner out again and use it at her party. This was £10 from Asda – bargain!


I made this banner myself, in the same theme colours. The card was purchased cheap on Ebay and I just used white poster paint to draw on the letters. It was all attached onto string and onto the wall.


I saw this idea on Pinterest and I am going to use it every year. Their age in photographs! I think I used around 13 photographs and made a number 1 with them.

Food is always going to be a big part of a birthday party! As the party started at 3pm, I decided to do finger food. We had cakes, crisps, sweets, samosas, biscuits, sandwiches and lot’s of adult party food as well. I think I had over 40 guests and ALL the food was gone by the end of the night!

20151017_143711 20151017_143717

These cake stands were purchased online as well, on Ebay and are disposable. I have kept them as I think they will be really good to use again for next year. Always have to have sweets and chocolates!


20151016_182741  How cute is this cake! This was made by a lovely lady on Facebook, I believe her name is Magic Moments. I will link to her profile here. The cake was SO yummy. I ordered cupcakes in the themed colours and asked her to make a small cake for us to cut. Somehow, she made quite a big cake for us to cut! We had so many cupcakes left over as well, so that’s a lesson for next time! Maybe one big cake is a better idea than individual cupcakes!





Party bags are pretty important at a kids birthday party. I just purchased these lovely food boxes ridiculously cheap from ebay, in the themed colours. I then made a thank you card, printed it out and glued it onto the front of the box. Inside I just added milkybar buttons, a candy watch, a game, activity pad, coloured pencils, bubbles and a glow stick.

I think they looked really cute and even had one spare left over which I added to E’s time capsule!

20151016_180233I’ve had this idea for a little while. I’m really into memories and making sure I am making enough records of things we have done. has 2 baby record books, a first year scrapbook and a box full of her “first clothes” and my favourite clothes for her. I had to add a time capsule which we will open on her 18th birthday! I just used an old nappy wipes box (the multi-pack box) and painted it all, then wrote a sign on the front. I also printed out little cards for people to sign on what they think she will be when she is older and who they are etc. It was a nice little touch to the day, I think!

I still cannot believe how many presents she actually got in the end. The picture that I took on the left is halfway through the day. I think she ended up with over 30 gifts!  She was very happy looking through them all the next morning! I have decided to give her a new toy every few days, so she isn’t overwhelmed by it all. So far, the Pocoyo books are her favourite. I think I love a little bracelet that 2 of my friend’s purchased for her.

     20151017_143744    20151018_112257


What’s In My Coin Purse? | BEAUTY

I’ve ordered a new coin purse from the latest Zoella Beauty products, so I thought it would be a good time to clear and sort out my current one! This is the type of video I normally like watching on YouTube and reading on blogs – there’s something so interesting about seeing what people have in their bags or make up purses.


I always used to leave the little bits that I need in the pockets of my bags. I then found that I would forget about it or something would leak and destroy my bag. I didn’t really want a big make-up bag taking up room in my already crowded bag, so when Zoe came out with the coin purse, I had to buy it! Best purchase I ever made. It’s such a perfect size. It hold a fair bit of my make-up plus a little bit more. I love the colour scheme and the designs on the front are so cute.


20151012_100718 With time I have learnt that a cosmetic pocket mirror should ALWAYS be a staple in any bag that I carry. I think I purchased this one from New Look. It has a cute Aztec design on the front and two mirrors on the inside. Perfect size to use and it fits in the coin purse perfectly.

Also, hair ribbons are a must! You never know when you might need one. In fact, I had forgotten that I had one in there, so I’m glad I found it. I think this was purchased from Primark and it was a big pack of 10 or something for a ridiculously cheap price.


I have kept my tweezers in this bag just for emergencies. I am one of those people that forget to do my eyebrows (!) If I don’t look in a mirror, I forget about it. Of course I get the shock of my life when I do look and these tweezers come in handy. They are French connection and my sister purchased this along with other `French Connection make up for my birthday.

The concealer is the Lasting Perfection by Collection. I love and hate this product. It is amazing and conceals to PERFECTION! Seriously. Since I discovered it, I have never looked back. Why do I hate it? It leaks. Every time. No matter how careful I am with how much product I am taking out and cleaning the lid out, it ALWAYS leaks. Everything in my bag then has concealer over it which stresses me out. I will find a way around it, someday.


Another firm favourite! I have been using this Collection Fast Stroke eye liner for over 4 years now. I have never found anything better. They are pretty cheap as well, something like £3 in Boots. With the price being really good, I usually buy a few and then have one in my bag, another on my dressing table and a few spare for when I run out.


I am still getting used to this product. It’s the Brow Drama by Maybelline in medium brown. It looks like a mascara wand and you just apply it in thin hair like strokes on your eyebrows. I guess the idea is to fill them in with a more natural look. I just keep it in my coin purse for touch ups or if I have forgotten/didn’t have time to fill in my eyebrows, I will use this.

It’s a nifty little size as well and does a good job.


I don’t really know why I keep mascara in my purse! I find that I can only apply it once in the day. I’m not one of those people who likes to touch up on mascara, as it can get cloggy. Regardless, this is the Rimmel Wonderful mascara, which does have argon oil in it. I love it. It applies so easily, I only need one layer on each side and my lashes look long and full!


When I was younger, I consistently wore heavy eye make-up. I especially loved tight lining my water line. Fast forward a few years and my optician has gone blue in the face from warning me not to apply make up on my waterline as my eyes are getting more and more oxygen deprived. It has now got to a point where I have non stop migranes and so I only ever apply eyeliner on my water line, if I’m going out in the evening or weddings etc.

I’ve found this one to be quite good. It’s the Maybelline Master Smoky, in smoky black.


I purchased this Zoella Kissy Missy lip balm with the coin purse so it’s only fair that I keep it in there! I like to have it in my bag for touch ups. When my lipstick/lipgloss has come off and I just need a little touch up during the day, it’s perfect.

Add a little for moisture, add a lot more for colour!

20151012_100914 I have very dry lips that crack a lot. One really annoying thing is that I pick my lips when they get really dry and peel the skin off (ew, I know!) My husband HATES it. I have used so many lip balms but they don’t work for a long period of time. This one is pretty good! I’ve been using it for a few years now and it’s the No7 Protect and Perfect.

What I love about it, is that as soon as you apply it, it heals your lips and covers it so I can’t pick at my lips. It’s a perfect size as well.


I absolutely love Tanya Burr’s lip gloss! I have NEVER liked wearing lip gloss due to the sticky factor, but these are perfect. This particular colour is “Let’s travel the world” and it’s a lovely cherry red colour. I have quite a few now and I think I’m looking towards getting the berry colour next!


Last but not least, my most used product out of the bag, ever. This is the Kate Moss, Kate lipstick in colour 03. It’s a lovely nude/brownish colour and I have gone through SO many. Like the eyeliner, I like to buy a few and then scatter them around. The colour is so wearable and the price is pretty cheap at roughly £5?

I actually hate wearing lipstick as well. I was more of a matte powder lip cream kinda girl, but this range of lipsticks completely converted me.


Glossy Box October Review | BEAUTY

Time for another Glossybox review! I feel like this has come so quickly but I think that’s because my first box arrived at the end of September and I had two boxes then. I received this box early October but wanted to try everything out before writing a review!


Anyhoo, on to the review itself! The box was the standard pink and black ribbon.I can think of so many uses for this and I think I’m going to make a nail varnish stand. I already have one but I have no more space on it and a LOT of nail polish’s to give a good home.


The first thing I saw in the box (other than the normal boring stuff and the product card) was a leaflet for the special edition NARS box. For £30 you can purchase this box (rather than £35) and you get 5 mini NARS products that all complete a look. I have decided not to go for it, simply because I feel like there will be products that I won’t use.


So Susan Haute Light Highlighting Pencil


I love this! I used to use the NYX jumbo eye pencil’s for highlighting. I went through a phase where I loved brightening up the inner corner of my eye with white highlighters. I love this pencil because it’s actually cream. It gives a really good “wide awake” kind of effect and I love using it under my brow bone and sometimes on my under eye waterline.

Talika Photo-Hydra Day


I have used one moisturiser for the past 5 years and it’s a brand called Pond’s. I purchased it when I went to Pakistan and for some reason it works better than anything on my skin. When I came back home, I made sure I had enough bottles to last me for ages! When they did eventually run out, I found out that it was discontinued and I had to look for something else. I am in LOVE with the Talika Photo-Hydra. It just works perfectly. Makes my skin feel smooth and it smell’s lovely. I love that you only have to use a small amount as well! I will definitely be purchasing this when it runs out.

Nicka K Airbrush Blending Sponge


I REALLY really really want to like blending sponges. EVERYONE talks about how great they are, how they make your make up look flawless and how easy they are compared to brushes. For some reason, they just don’t work for me. I’ve purchased the cheap Primark Ones to the better Real Technique ones and it just doesn’t work. I was excited when I saw this and tried it the next day. I just found that my concealer was wiped away rather than blended (and yes, I did pat it in) so I don’t know. Will have to keep trying I think.

Lanolips 101 Ointment


LOVE this product! I have used the No7 Protect and Perfect lip balm for over 2 years and haven’t found anything better. Until now! This product does everything the No7 one does and more. I love how moist my lips feel for AGES after I have applied it. I did find that where the No7 lip balm seals all the cracks and dry skin on my lips and protects it (from me picking my lips!) the Lanolips does not. I am willing to overlook that though, because it just feels amazing on my lips and is by far the best and most long-wearing lip balm I have ever owned.

Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Curl Mascara


This looked so cute! It’s such a fun size mascara, with lovely packaging and I was hoping that it would work wonders! It didn’t. It does reach every lash but there is no volume and the lashes looked very “spider like”. I hate that effect. I know that I won’t be using this again – well actually, it’s a nifty size to use on the lower lashes, so I may keep it for that.


My favourite and most used products from this box is the Lanolips lip balm and the Photo-Hydra cream, which I now use everyday! Once they run out, I will 100% be purchasing them again!


Sassy Bloom Box 2 REVIEW | BABY

I was so excited to receive the next Sassy Bloom box, after the first one arrived. I mean, all the things inside the box are actually for but I was way more excited! I waited… and waited…. and waited. Really disappointed actually because I received the box 5 days after the date that all boxes should arrive.


I had already seen the products that my sister received in her box (for my nephew) and there was some AMAZING stuff. I know that all boxes are different but our kids are 1 month apart and our boxes couldn’t be any more different.


I am a little disappointed in what we received this month, simply because it was pretty much ALL bath related products. I know that I said before, that loves bath toys but they should have mixed it up a little bit. 1 bath product in a box would be fine. I think I got 3 bath related things!

Anyway, on to the products.

A-Z Bath Storage Bag with Suction Cup RRP £5.00

This is actually quite cute. It’s a little storage bag to place all the bath toys in after they’ve been used. It’s got a little suction cap on the bag and the bag is a wire/mesh type material. I have to admit the monkey does look cute!

PROS: I’ve had it stuck up on the bathroom wall for over a week now and it is still there, which is pretty good in my eyes! Plus it’s a cute design!

CONS: it’s a little bit small in terms of storage space. I can only get about 3 toys in there.


Munchkin Squirt N Strain Fruit Basket RRP £5.99

The second bath product we received! Obviously I love the munchkin brand.

PROS: this actually came in handy whilst giving E a bath! She played with it a little but I found myself using it to wash her hair! It has little holes in the bottom where the water pours out.

CONS: the toy fruit don’t actually fit in the basket which was a little annoying!


Funky Giraffe Dribble Bandana Bib Pink RRP £5.00

When was born, I found the Funky Giraffe website as I was browsing for cool looking bibs. The website is amazing and I was ready to purchase pretty much EVERY COLOUR in all designs! Thankfully for my bank balance, I didn’t but I was happy to get it in the box.

PROS: The design is pretty, it has two fastening points which will come in handy! I love the material and it looks like it will wash well. It fits well around the neck and has a little ruffled design, which is quite different.

CONS: did not like wearing it at first, but then she forgot all about it. I think this will be a recurring thing every time I put it on her. Never mind!

wpid-wp-1444617317918.jpg    wpid-wp-1444617341845.jpg

B Kids Bath Stacking Pals RRP £10.00

Another bath toy! I haven’t used this yet so can’t comment much on it, but the age for using it is 12 months. At the moment E only puts toys in her mouth rather than play with them properly so I think I will wait before I open it.


Munchkin 3 Hot Bowls RRP £4.99

I did previously look at hot bowls because I think they are quite handy. The strip in the middle turns white if the food is too hot and helps kids work out when they can or cannot eat something. Sometimes you don’t know how hot the food is – I really like warm bowls! Of course we love the Munchkin brand as well.

I have too many plates at the moment so I haven’t opened these, plus it says it’s for toddlers so we aren’t quite at that age yet.


Birthday Surprise by Milo Ferreira RRP £2.00

PROS: This is a nice book, perfect for this month as it is her birthday soon.

CONS: This is not so much a negative point with the book, but more about E. She does love books but she likes turning pages and constantly flipping back and forth. As this is a paper book, the pages are very thin and she can’t turn them herself yet. I will have to keep it in her bedroom and read it to her myself.



All in all it wasn’t a great box. Im sure the bath toys will be used over time but i want so keen on everything else. Our favourite toy I guess is the fruit basket bath toy!

For more information on Sassy Bloom, or if you want to purchase a box visit https://www.sassybloom.com/


Mum On The Run by Fiona Gibson|BOOK REVIEW

Mum On The Run

Mum On The Run Blurb

What a great book. There is nothing worse than sitting down with a new book to find that it starts off boring, gets more boring and ends PLAIN BORING. I’m so glad that didn’t happen with this book! From the get go, it is entertaining. Laura is your average mum, looking after 3 kids and a husband. It show’s the journey that she goes through, trying to lose weight and trying to rekindle the romance in her relationship.

I loved the fact that there were so many little storyline’s spinning off the main one. You have the story of Laura and her husband Jed. There are also other characters like Danny – the man Laura run’s with – and Celeste – the very attractive woman Jed works with! You also get to read about the kids and normal household tasks.

It’s such a down to earth book. I was a little unhappy with the ending but actually it was very realistic. The characters are ALL loveable and the humour is spot on. You can’t help but to sympathise with Laura as couples do drift apart when they have been married for so long and have kids. Her efforts to have sex are pretty funny!

When I purchased the book I wasn’t sure, as it did focus a lot on running and fitness. I have no interest in that whatsoever but I found that I didn’t skip those parts.

Also, isn’t the cover of the book just beautiful! It does make you want to pick it up and read it. It gives you an insight as to what the book is actually about. The scales, the race, lunch boxes (as the kid’s always hate what she makes for lunch!) hairdressing scissors (she is a hairdresser) and trainers!


Nostalgia | RAMBLINGS

When you become a parent you know you are going to have sleepless nights. I’ve been very lucky in the fact that E has alwa ys been a good sleeper. Yes, I used to let her sleep in the bed with us in her first few months but at 4 months we moved her into her own room.


She soon didn’t need me to rock her to sleep and I’d forgotten what it felt like to have her fall asleep in my arms.

Tonight she wasn’t feeling well and I have been up since 3am trying to calm her down. She just so happened to fall asleep in my arms and a wave of nostalgia hit me.

It’s true what they say. If your child wants you to pick them up do it, because you never know. It might be the last time they want to be picked up, ever!




Glossy Box September Review | BEAUTY

I have been oohing and aahing about purchasing the Glossybox for a while now. I LOVE the idea of a subscription box and especially now that I have and don’t really have time to go out and buy new beauty products, the idea of it all being delivered to you sounds good. Plus you don’t know what you are getting and it’s a bit like getting a present on your birthday (every month!)


I spotted an advert on Facebook where the September box was being advertised with an offer of a free box as well. So for £10 I would get both boxes. I needed no more nudging and purchased it straight away! So here is what was inside the September box. (I will probably do another blog post on the second box!)

20151001_185724 Box Number 1 is the Style Edition Collectors Box with a very fancy looking design. You open it up and get all the welcome papers etc and the card that shows you more detail on each product. In all honestly I never even looked at anything else other than the products and the card! You have to love the quotes inside the lid of the box as well!


20151001_185846 I’ve already thought of a few ideas on where I can use the ribbon that came with the box and the actual box itself! I think I was more excited about that and forgot about the actual products for a few minutes!


Finally, after opening the box here are the contents! Really quite happy with this as there are things that I would normally never purchase or even know about. At least I can try them and see what they are like. The best thing about this box is that there are 5 full size products in it, so you really do get your money’s worth.

Marsk Eyeshadow Brush Pro

I’ve only recently gotten into using good make up brushes and was quite happy to get another one to try out! This is an eye shadow brush. Luckily for me it blends in really well wit my Make up Addiction brushes as they also have a wooden finish. I actually like using the sponge applicators that come with eyeshadow palettes but I gave this a go. Not really sure how I feel about it as it is lovely to hold but I found I had to apply quite a lot of eyeshadow.  Every time I brushed over it, it took away some of the shadow that was already on? So I’m not sure if it was the eyeshadow or the brush that was the problem.


Bellapierre Shimmer Powder

I have always wanted to try out single eyeshadow pots especially foil ones. I own full palettes and mostly nude colours. This was a shimmer metallic silver kind of colour and looked pretty cool! I used this with the eyeshadow brush and I’m not 100% sure if I like it or not. I feel like I have to give it another go, maybe with some primer underneath. I’ve added a photo underneath on how it looked. Maybe if I had added some more eyeshadow underneath it and then applied this on top or in the corners it would have looked better?

20151001_190003   20151002_142355

Nails Inc Nail Polish

I have never owned a Nails Inc nail polish before but have always heard good things about them. I was SO excited to see that one had been included in this box! The colour is soooo beautiful as well, so of course I had to try it on. It applies so easily and dries really quickly. The colour is a lovely pink/nude and has a really nice shine to it. I did start to hate the brush though, as it’s quite small so it means you have to apply more coats. After a few days of wearing it, it did start to chip as well but that’s quite normal with nail polishes!

20151001_190106 20151002_125335


I was quite intrigued about this product. I am one of those people who always gets headaches when wearing my hair in a ponytail so the idea of a band that would not leave a kink in your hear, pull out your hair or give you a headache, sounded like a great idea! It was one of the first things I tried as soon as I opened up the box!

20151001_190137 It felt really nice to pull into a ponytail Even though it looks like a wire, it was actually really comfortable to wear. I did leave it in overnight to really test it out. The first thing I noticed was that you don’t feel it in your hair at all. With normal hair bobbles, you do feel it at the back of your head but this was perfect. When pulling it off my hair, I was happy to find that it did not pull a single hair out!

However it did leave a huge kink in my hair. The kink from this bobble is probably worse that any of my normal hair bands.


Maria Nila Luminous Colour Masque

Last, but not least, the hair mask! I haven’t actually tried this yet but it smells great and I love the packaging. I am not really one to apply any kind of treatment to my hair. I believe you just apply it to damp hair, leave in for 3 minutes and then rinse it off. It is supposed to help with damaged hair or to protect coloured hair. I will have to try this out when I get time, as with a baby, I am lucky to get 5 minutes in the shower!


So that’s all from October’s box. I feel like I will carry on wearing the nail polish more than anything else in the box! I will be doing another blog post with products from the free box I received soon!


That’s Not My… review | BABY

For those of you that have children, I am certain that you have heard of the Usborne range of books. They publish books for ages 0-16 and one of the most famous books for babies is the That’s Not My.. range. There are over 42 titles and really encourage children to explore and test boundaries with books.

PicsArt_1427477428730 PicsArt_1427477721247

loves this range. She does own quite a few as I am an Independant Organiser for Usborne (meaning I sell the books as a small hobby!) but I always find that she loves to sit down on her own and look through it or she wants us to read it to her.

20150911_132013 They are board books, so they are perfect to throw around and even sometimes nibble on! I found that a lot of mums would say that they don’t buy books for young babies as they will ruin them. I can’t even tear these books up as they are so sturdy.

The idea behind them is repetitiveness. Each book has pretty much the same story. It goes through lot’s of reasons why “that’s not my hamster. It’s nose is too rough!” etc until the last page where you find your animal.


I love how bright and colourful they are.

likes to sit there and run her hands across all the pages as each page has a touchy-feely part to it. She used to have the Kitten and Meerkat version and then we lost it! Her favourite is the Hamster book and very recently I have given her the Fox version.

I would 100% recommend it for young children, up to the age of 2 at least. They are normally £6.99 in price but you can buy them on special offer in some stores and through me!

2015-03-20 12.07.05                                   2015-04-24 09.37.18-1     2015-05-14 12.22.18


One of those days | RAMBLINGS

I am having a moment of panic. E’s birthday is in a few weeks and all the bits have arrived. I thought I better get everything together and sort it out before the day.


That led to huge anxiety as I realised there is a lot to do! I’m getting stressed over what to put in the party bags. The books I had originally chosen are too big to fit in the bag(!) and I don’t have any smaller ones.

So after a few hours of trying to sort it out and getting more stressed because E wouldn’t take her morning nap, I’m sitting here in my pj’s and can’t be bothered to move.


I will deal with it another day!!