My Little Flower Book | BEAUTY

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to review the new MLB! It was quite a different box… or should I say “book” this month. Rather than the usual box, all the products were sent inside a box that actually looked like a book. The theme was My Little Flower Book. I applaud them for trying something different, but it’s the first time I have had to throw the box away (keep doing this, we have to many boxes already, (from husband)- it’s so flimsy and bulky so I can’t keep it!  If you didn’t know, My Little Box, is a subscription service where you receive 5 items (beauty and lifestyle related) for £14 (including P&P) a month.Onto the contents of the box.



I never read the magazine that comes with this box, with a hit girl on the front, wit woo. I don’t really find any of it interesting, so that went straight to one side. The first thing I spotted was a little box and something that looked like a bag? I was quite excited as that meant 2 lifestyle products this month!


Upon further investigation, the little box is actually a pop up garden! Priced at £7 (really?) you pop upon the little city scene and inside there is absorbent paper. Wet the paper, add the seeds and simply water it a little every day and I believe cress will grow! It is such a cute idea and I actually really like the design – however I placed it on my window sill and both camels knocked it down almost 5 minutes later, so that was the end of that…


The bag ended up being a travel pouch for lingerie. Priced at £13, it feels so soft! I have never really carried my underwear in a special bag before. It actually makes sense as I normally tuck everything into a corner and hope no one will look in that side of my bag/suitcase!  Upon further reflection, it is actually really small. I’ve read reviews from other bloggers and everyone says that same thing. It’s OK if you have a small bra size, but for the over D ladies, you won’t fit anything inside! I do think it is really good for knickers though, so I am keeping it. Look at the design though, it is very cute!


20160418_143415Next up are the products in the pouch. I was OVER THE MOON to get another Nails Inc product. I think they sent a lighter colour last time. This time, the colour is quite a deep plum. I applied it the same day, with a base coat and top coat. The application was easy and it didn’t streak. I did find that it looked a little messy at the end, compared to other nail polishes, but that could have just been me. When you have a little almost 2 year old running around everywhere, easy application of nail polish is a hard task!

I quite like dark colours on my nails as I think it works well with my skin colour. Also, excuse my hands – for some reason, I have so many lines in my hand! Does anyone else have that? From the picture it looks like I am 80, not 26! She looks about 16 hands of an 80 year old, my face spends to much time doing these blogs, hopefully she doesn’t read my comments and posts it.  Anyway, back to the point – I had to apply 3 coats to get the colour fully through and they were thin layers of course. After a few days, it did start to chip but that is normal I guess. Happy with this product! Price of the nail polish is normally £11.


Next up is a face mask! I am happy to try this out and see if it works – I haven’t had any time to do so. It doesn’t require much effort. According to the back of the tube, you just apply it on your face, avoiding around the eyes. Leave for 5 minutes and then rinse off. In all fairness, I could do that at any point, but I feel like I want to apply a mask to relax, so I am just waiting for that perfect opportunity. It smells AMAZING though. One negative point is that we did just receive a mask in the last box as well, so they should really think outside the box with the products as well. This is My Little Beauty’s own range and is priced at £11. I don’t know if that’s expensive or not for a mask, but I will try it out and report back.


Last product was this shower gel. I know a lot of people were unhappy with this, but I can never say no to a shower gel! I have to say though, since I discovered foaming shower gel (from the first Birchbox) I haven’t looked at any other type. Again, this smells so delicious, so it doesn’t really matter. It’s a sample size but it’s actually quite decent. I could get quite a lot of washes out of it and Glossy Box should take note of sample sizes in other beauty boxes!!! (had to make a little dig there – GB’s sample sizes are ridiculous) Anyway, this shower gel is £25…. WHAT? Did I just read that correctly? Oh no, sorry, it’s £15! Still, that is quite expensive for a shower gel. I won’t purchase this again, but still happy that I received it.


I wasn’t overly keen or overly excited about the box as a whole. I guess that everything is useable though! The shower gel (on my monthly wash) and nail polish will be used a lot. The travel bag will be used when I go away and I am sure that when I get the time, I will use the face mask. The only thing that I didn’t use was the little pop up garden but that was not for lack of trying! Damn cats! Forever knocking things over.

Until next time!



Glossy Box April Review | BEAUTY

Glossy Box time came round quite quickly this month. I think this might be due to the fact that I subscribe to 3 different beauty boxes, all which are delivered at different times in the month, so I feel like the next box arrives quite quick! After the last awful box, I was hoping this month would be better. There was a product which had been shown in last months product card, which I was quite excited to try out but again, this month was a disappointment.

I didn’t even end up taking a picture of the contents together as I was so annoyed, so I will just move on to the review!




20160411_144810 (3)I didn’t even know that Next do a make up range, so I was surprised to get it and not disappointed at all. There are 3 shades available and I received the hot pink colour. I actually really like this. The application is amazing. The lipstick is in the shape of a crayon so you can apply it really nicely. The colour is quite strong and pigmented. Next time I might try and blend it out with a nude, so it isn’t so… pink! Most of my lipsticks do dry out my lips but this funnily enough did not. It is very moisturising. Regardless this is not a bad product.




This actually looked pretty interesting when I first spotted it. It is literally a nail drying solution. You paint your nails and then spray it on top to get your nails dry super quick. However, upon reading the instructions, you apply a base coat, nail polish, top coat, WAIT ONE MINUTE and THEN spray the mist on top. That really does not sound like it is a quick solution and for that reason I haven’t attempted to use it yet.




2016-04-22 07.52.48Most people would be happy with henna tattoo’s but since I am of Asian heritage, henna is pretty common for me. The craze for temporary henna tattoo’s has been quite hectic the last year or so and my friend designs/sells her own range. I prefer those 100 times over these tattoo’s as the designs in this pack are awful. They do not look pretty, I don’t like the white and also, I am not a 10 year old kid, who enjoys temporary tattoo’s! If you didn’t know how to use them, you literally cut out the design and place it face down on your skin (wherever you want to apply it) You then wet the back of the paper and smooth it all out, then lift the paper and the design should be imprinted onto your skin.

The picture I’ve added of the black and gold henna tattoo is MUCH better than the ones that came in the Glossy Box. If you are interested in those, her website is here. The quality, price and designs are so much better (this is just an opinion, not sponsored or any affiliate links!)




You can never really so no to a good brow product. This pencil comes in two shades, to cater to everyone. You have the dark end and the light end. I tried it out on my eyebrows and found that the darker end was still way to light for my eyebrows. After 10 minutes working on filling them in, it ended up looking pretty awful. I will just give this away to someone who has thinner eyebrows, because otherwise I will forever be sitting at my dressing table, trying to get my eyebrows filled in.

I’ve added a before and after – my brows are pretty full as they are, but I don’t like the gaps in them. That is why I like using something to fill them in. On the right, you can see the finished look and it does look different – maybe a bit more neater? Unfortunately I didn’t like how it looked.




What a disappointment. This was the product that I was waiting for, from the moment I found out it was included in the April box. I have seen so many Youtubers rave about it and I wanted to give it a go. It’s a facial oil that you massage a few drops in your fact and neck. It is meant to revitalise and refresh the whole face. The Glossy Box team decide to send out a sample size and on the back it says FREE SAMPLE. Seriously. They did this last month as well, where they sent out something that I could have just gone into the shop and picked up for free myself. This type of thing really annoys me and I don’t use the product out of annoyance. Unfortunately I haven’t used it, so I can’t really review it, but I had to get a rant in.


I’m getting a little annoyed with Glossy Box. I feel like if I don’t like the products, then I don’t like writing about them either and the whole review seems boring when I read it back! However, it is the truth. I only enjoyed one product, which was the Next lipstick. Here is to hoping next month will be better…

Until next time!


Birchbox April Review | BEAUTY

It does feel like I only just posted my last review for Birchbox and that is actually because it was only a few weeks or so ago! I joined on an awkward date, so I received the March box late and of course the April box on time! I was pretty excited to see what we would get this time round. Birchbox promised 2 make-up items, one of which was definitely a Benefit product. We also got to pick the design of the box that we wanted and had a choice to get a notebook as a bonus product, for a few quid more. I opted out of the notebook, but LOVED the floral design that I picked.


This month’s magazine was interesting again! The competition this month was to take a picture of the box and tag Birchbox in the photo, to be in for a chance to win £400 worth of Rifle Paper Goodies! I also received a 25% off Rifle Paper Co, whom designed the box this month. Feel free to use it, as I wont!

So this is what I received inside the box (minus the candle!):


LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Empress Me

RRP £8 (this is full size)


20160408_185153I have always wanted to try out eyeshadow pens, simply because they are so easy to use! I was happy to see Birchbox’s own was included this month. The colour is pretty intense and doesn’t budge. I haven’t had a chance to use it all over my eyelids, but I did use it as a liner with a neutral eyeshadow and it looked good. It is a bronze kind of colour, with a shine to it. I am not a huge fan of shimmer, but I think this is more of a metallic look, rather than shimmer. I will definitely try it out on the eyelids though and just blend the edges out a fair bit so it isn’t that strong.

Benefit Cosmetics Dew The Hoola

RRP £22.50 (This is a sample size)


Birchbox told all subscribers that everyone would receive a Benefit product this month out of the following options: The new liquid bronzer, the Bad Gal Mascara, Air Patrol Primer or the They’re Real Mascara. Out of all the options I was hoping for the primer, since I don’t really like the mascara’s and I don’t really know how to use bronzer. Funnily enough, I got the Bronzer! I read the instructions and tried it out. It is a really good consistency but I did have a few problems. Firstly it was QUITE orange on my skin. I am pretty sure it is meant to be brown? I have in between light and dark skin, so I’m sure the colour for contouring is meant to be brown. Anyway  the other issue was that it was super hard to blend. Nevertheless, it did end up looking good, once I had gone over it with a darker contour kit!

Kueshi Foot Care Cream

RRP £12 (This is a sample size)


Foot creams might seem a  bit odd, but as we are nearing the summer weather, it is actually the perfect sample to receive! I always neglect my feet and should look after them more. Before I could get too excited, I read the ingredients to find that it contains almonds – meaning I am allergic and cannot use it!  I am gutted, as it would have been a really good product to use right now.

Parlor Touchable Curl Cream

RRP £17 (This is a sample size) 


I am a little annoyed about this product. It is my own fault though, as I misunderstood what it actually was! It says that its a curl cream and it smells EXACTLY like curling mousse. I assumed it is cream that makes your hair curly, so I tried it out and nothing happened. I then read the leaflet and FACE PALM. It’s a cream to control curly hair. I don’t know why I have received it, as my hair is NOT curly. It is a little wavy, but not out of control, that I would need a cream to control it! A little disappointed as it’s not a product that is of any use to me.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

RRP £17 (This is a sample size)


On first sight I thought this was perfume. It is actually oil, that you just apply in small amounts on your face or body. You can even use it in your hair which is pretty cool. It is meant to nourish the skin. Unfortunately for me, I am unable to use it as it contains 6 essential oils – 3 of which contain nuts. As I am allergic, I would not be able to use this. It does smell REALLY nice though and had I not been allergic to nuts, I would have used this.


I felt like the box was a little less useful this month. Two products contain nuts so I cannot use them. I sent Birchbox a message to see if they might swap it with something else, but I haven’t heard back and it has been a few days. I am disappointed with their customer service, in that sense. The curling cream didn’t work for me and the bronzer was okay. The only good product was the eyeshadow stick.

It did feel like the box was a little empty as well. Last month I received 6 products and an extra as a bonus. This month, there were only 5, with one full size?  Seems a little bit stingy, but would I have preferred full size products that I didn’t like? Probably not.

Until next time!





Degustabox March Box | REVIEW

I always see advertisements for food subscription boxes, like Degustabox and Graze. At first, I was intrigued, but didn’t really feel like I would benefit from them. I am allergic to nuts, so it’s too much of a gamble to buy a surprise box, when most healthy snacks include nuts. Last month I saw an advertisement for the Degustabox, at £4.99, rather than the normal price of £12.99. There’s no harm in trying it out hey!


The first surprise was the size of the box! I honestly thought it was a small package, but the box was pretty big. Having said that, how pretty is it! I love the little sketches on the outside, and the green and white detailing on the inside.


My husband said that he would “inspect” the products himself and if it was worth it, I could carry on subscribing to it. Onto the contents of the box itself:

Brioche Pasquier

Pains au Chocolat contain a generous helping of delicious creme patissiere. 


First Impressions: I love this brand! I always buy the little bread that has chocolate chips in it. I think this is a bit different. It looks like the same bread but filled with chocolate? I was happy to see this and my husband was satisfied that I would eat this as well! Not to mention, it isn’t bad to give a little bit to my daughter as well.

Taste Test: I can’t believe I am saying this but I ate 3 in one day! They are so light and just taste so nice that I couldn’t help it. I wasn’t feeling THAT hungry but just needed something small to keep me going and they worked. I had the last one today with my daughter so these will be purchased again!

Weetabix On The Go x2

Breakfast drink with extra protein containing all the energy and fibre of a weetabix cereal.


First Impressions: As soon as I saw these, I thought it would be perfect for my husband. He always has Weetabix for breakfast but sometimes he is late for work and leaves without eating anything. These protein drinks should be enough for him to feel energised and have had breakfast on the go!

Taste Test: Since I don’t like Weetabix, my husband tried these out in the morning. He said it was quite a weird taste. You can’t taste any weetabix in it and it’s quite smooth. It is literally a protein drink. He did say that he would not buy it again as the taste was not amazing.

a2 Milk

Pure cows milk that contains only the easy to digest A2 protein.


First Impressions: I really did not expect milk! I have also never heard of this milk before but apparently it is digests better than supermarket milk. I will have to try it with cereal if I remember. The only thing with milk is that you have to use it quick, otherwise it goes off.

Taste Test: I tried to test this out but realised it was skimmed milk. I like full fat milk which is quite heavy in consistency. This was really light and smelt/looked like red milk! It would have been water if not for the colour. This will not be purchased again.

Metcalfe’s Skinny Popcorn

Sweetened with natural stevia leaf extract, this popcorn has 67% less sugar than all other varieties.


First Impressions: I have never heard of skinny popcorn, but my husband has! He said it was quite a decent sized packet and this popcorn is better for you than the average Butterkist.

Kent’s Kitchen Apricot Stuffing

Tasty addition to a roast dinner. Made with all natural ingredients and chunky pieces of fruit, herbs and spices.

First Impressions: Interesting but I don’t like stuffing. At first, I thought it was cereal, which funnily enough, my husband thought the same. After looking at the leaflet, realised it was stuffing. I don’t make roast dinners, but my mother in law does and I normally don’t like it. You would normally serve it with pork, I think and I don’t eat pork.

Taste Test: Seeing as you can’t really taste this unless you cook it, I can’t comment much. I am however sure that I will be passing this onto my mother in law, as she will use it! Clearly we won’t be purchasing it again!

Chewits x4

An iconic British confectionery brand that has been around for 50 years.


First Impressions: I was confused to see Chewits in the box, as I haven’t eaten them in so long. Now normally I would be very happy as these are one of the few chewy sweets that I really enjoy. My only disappointment is the flavour. I don’t mind the strawberry but the blackcurrant is awful. In fact, my favourite is the fruit salad flavour! (Yellow packet?) I am sure that we will eat these quickly though.

Taste Test: Chewits are so addictive once you get going. I ate 2 packets on my own, last night. I know. It’s crazy. They taste amazing but they are so sticky. One thing I used to hate with Chewits when I was younger, was that sometimes the sweet stuck to the paper. You would have to get your hands dirty to take the paper off or just eat it with some paper stuck to it! One of the packets was completely like this so that was not fun. I won’t buy these again as they are NOT good for you, plus they are not the flavours I would buy anyway.

Parle Hide & Seek

India’s best moulded chocolate chip biscuits.


First Impressions: I did think that these biscuits were from India, as they are packaged in the same way as biscuits in Pakistan! I am not a fan of biscuits, but my husband was happy because he loves biscuits with tea, ESPECIALLY if they are chocolate!

Taste Test: He did eat quite a few but said that they were quite bland. The biscuits are also quite small and square shaped. There are enough chocolate chips in them, but they have an odd, bland kind of taste to them!

Parle Monaco

Light, crispy biscuit sprinkled with salt


First Impressions: Definetely not my kind of thing. I am not really a fan of biscuits. I mean, I will eat them when I have a cup of tea, but usually I prefer custard creams or Jammy Dodgers. Something with a filling! I also do not like salt. The husband was more than happy to try these out!

Taste Test: The verdict is, they taste pretty much like cheese on crackers. When you look at the picture on the packet, they do look a little bit like Ritz crackers! He said they weren’t amazing so we won’t be purchasing it again.

Pipers Crisps

Locally sourced potatoes, cooked in sunflower oil and seasoned with flavours sourced from passionate regional suppliers.


First Impressions:I find crisps perfect to snack on, even though I know that they are not really that good for you. Still, big packet crisps such as Pipers are still better than the mass produced ones, right? My husband was happy to see this, as he loves high quality crisps! I think they are cheese and onion, which is not my favourite flavour, but I won’t say no.

Taste Test: You can’t deny that these are good quality crisps, however, I think I prefer the cheaper packs. I am not a fan of a HUGE amount of flavour and these crisps are packed with cheese and onion flavouring. At first it tastes amazing, but after a few, I started feeling like I needed to eat something else to get that strong taste out of my mouth! Even though the husband enjoyed eating these, I don’t think we will be purchasing them again.


Lindt white chocolate gold bunny, made by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers. 


First Impressions: Well, Easter is over so the gold bunny is not that interesting! However, who can say no to chocolate? I actually don’t like white chocolate, so this will be a little treat for my daughter. It is quite a big sized bunny as well!

Kallo Quinoa and Seeds Multigrain Cakes

Multigrain cakes with sunflow, sesame and pumpkin seeds.


First Impressions: I have heard of Quinoa before, from all the healthy YouTuber’s out there, but I don’t really know if I want to try it. I mean, it’s all seeds! When my husband saw this, he thought it would be good as a snack or to have as breakfast, even though the leaflet advises that these cakes are really good as a light lunch.

Kallo Milk Chocolate Rice Cake Rounds

Smooth belgian chocolate and puffed wholegrain rice.


First Impressions: I don’t like rice cakes. I don’t know why, but the look and feel of them really makes me feel sick. This would be something that my husband would be happy to eat or even my daughter. Even the fact that they have chocolate on them, doesn’t make me want to eat it!

Karyatis Meze To Go

A delicious sweet & smokey roasted red pepper and tangy feta dip, perfectly complimented by crunchy rosemary crackers.


First Impressions: I’ve only recently became interested in Greek/Turkish food, both which do amazing Meze’s. When I saw this in the box, I was VERY excited. My husband reacted the same way, as it’s something we always order when eating at a Greek or Turkish restaurant.



Even though there was quite a variety in the box, with some things that I have never heard of and others that I normally would never buy, I have decided to cancel the subscription. At the offer price of £4.99, I would happily get another box, but at £12.99, it is too much to get products that you are not sure you would like.

After totalling up the cost of each product, this box came up to £20.89. It was good value for money, but there were quite a lot of products that we didn’t really like, so I don’t think it is much of a saving! I think in the end, the only thing I know I will purchase would be the Brioche Pasquier.

This box isn’t for us, but hopefully this review did help someone who might be thinking about subscribing!

Until next time!



Birchbox March Review | BEAUTY

I’ve been subscribed to Glossy Box for 7 months now and have enjoyed many of the products I have received. Lately though, the boxes have been more cream focused and I really don’t like that. I have obviously heard of Birchbox, but I found that reviews were more negative compared to Glossy Box. However, I thought I should give it a go and make a decision for myself!


Honestly, first impressions of the box were WOW! It’s small! The Glossy Box and My Little Box are both quite big boxes. Still, I thought it was pretty cute. Everything fit inside perfectly and the box was exactly the right size. As you can see, I received the box with an extra due to a promotion – offering a full size Bioderma Make-Up remover.


I thought the design of the box was simple but effective! Reading through the magazine, they’ve hidden beauty related words on the box and you can try and find them all. Once you have, you can send a picture to their Facebook page and be entered into a prize draw! Since it’s a bit late in March, I gave it a miss, but I like the idea.


So the first thing I spotted was an offer for 20% off my first purchase in the Birchbox shop. I’m not sure if I will be using it, but it is there if I really like something! The magazine is actually a talking point because I read every page! I normally hate the cards that come with the products. They barely tell you anything and most of the information inside is boring. This one however is really informative! You get the standard welcome page, then a page with information on the lip balm. The next 2 pages are all about the product information. I loved the page which shows the most searched items on their website and information about them. So far, I am loving this box!

So this is what I received.


Number 4 Lumiere d’hiver Reconstructing Masque 

RRP £36 (This was a sample)


If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I am not a fan of hair masks. I simply don’t have time, with a 17 month old child, to sit around and wait for a mask to do its magic and wash it off. When I first saw this I was disappointed, but then I read the instructions. You shampoo your hair, wash it off and then apply this. You only need to leave it in for 5 minutes before rinsing it off, so I knew that I could actually use this one. The question is, does it work? The answer is yes! I am not sure exactly what it’s meant to do, but my hair smells nice and feels soft. It also looks a bit more shiny, if that makes sense. I only got one use out of it, as the sample is pretty small but I am considering purchasing the full size!

Spectrum Collections Tapered Powder Brush

RRP £7.99 (This was full size)


Since discovering a beauty blending sponge, I have not really been interested in brushes. Saying that, recently I have been looking for a powder brush to set my concealer with. I was just using one of my normal eyeshadow brushes (one of the crease blending brushes) which did the trick. I am glad however that I now have a brush that is made to be used for setting make up. I haven’t heard of Spectrum before, but I like the look of the brush. The colours are pretty unique. I used it to apply powder today and found that it worked quite well. It’s quite a big brush though, so I just need to get used to it!

Rituals T’ai Chi Foaming Shower Gel

RRP £8.50 (This was travel size)


I LOVE foaming shower gels. I just really like the way they feel and this one smells really good! I feel like I have used something by Rituals before – I recognise the branding and it isn’t expensive to purchase full size either. It is such a fun thing to use and feels amazing. You just spray a little bit out onto your hand and instantly it foams up. I am not joking when I say that it feels amazing and relaxing on your skin!  I can still smell it a little bit on me now and its been hours since I had a shower. I know for sure that I will be buying the full size version.

Polaar Night Cream

RRP £32 (This is travel size)


Another cream. I really don’t like creams! However, for some reason, I have an open mind with this one. This is a night cream, so you just apply it onto your face and neck and then go to bed! It doesn’t require a lot of effort and I have received a hand cream from this company in another subscription box. I tried it last night and fell in love with the smell. I’m not sure how to describe it but it smells quite sweet. The consistency is quite thick but when you apply it, it just sinks straight into your skin. This morning I had a look in the mirror to see if there was a difference, but since I’m not sure what it’s actually meant to do, I didn’t really see one! Still, my skin feels softer than normal and I feel quite refreshed!

Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm

RRP £11 (This was full size)


This product was actually the thing that persuaded me to buy the Birchbox. I was quite intrigued how a lip balm is unique to the pH in each individual person. It is paraben free, cruelty free, vegan and Arrow is a Birchbox own brand. My first impression was not good, as I didn’t like the smell. It is described as minty – a scent I am not too fond of – but I applied it anyway. It was quite sticky and uncomfortable to start with and I was disappointed. However, a few minutes later it settled into my lips and left a really deep pink colour! I love how it looks and I am sure I can overlook the initial smell. This will be going into my handbag.

Model Co More Brows

RRP £13 (This was full size)


Brows have become such a big part of beauty these days and one part of my make-up routine that I usually get wrong. My eyebrows are quite full, naturally, but they have gaps in them. I therefore use brow products to fill them in and make them a bit more sharper looking. I tried this in the morning and I don’t like it! The brush is quite good and I like how it really works through all the hair but I don’t like the way it applies. It doesn’t look natural to me. I brushed through my eyebrows in the end with a spooly and still it looked like I had applied too much colour. I will try and use this again though and be a bit more patient.

Bioderma Make-up Removing Micelle Solution

RRP £10.50 (This was full size)


I currently use Simple make up wipes to remove my make-up since a lot of products seem to make my skin break out. I have also had an issue with dry skin, due to using eye make up removers. I was excited to get this, as it is meant to be really good. I completely forgot to use it last night when removing my make up, but this morning I still had a bit of mascara left under my eyes. I then soaked a cotton pad with the solution and used it to clean up the residue make up. I was quite shocked to see how much make up was on the cotton pad when I was finished. I will try it again this time to remove a full face of make up and I know it will work!



This first box has 100% been worth the money. I have loved every single product and everything will be used. The only thing that didn’t work as well as I had hoped was the brow gel but everything else was perfect! I am sure that I will be purchasing at least 2 of the products in a full size version.

Until next time!



Ardere Cosmetics Review | BEAUTY

I started watching Amena years ago – I can’t even remember exactly how long ago, maybe 5 years? I had decided to wear a hijab and Amena had a hijab tutorial YouTube channel. She started her own company Pearl Daisy whilst I was a subscriber and I felt like I went on the journey with her. Recently she released a make-up brand called Ardere, with Paula Durance, a make-up artist.

I had seen a lot of reviews and usage of the product in her videos. It looked good and she raved about it ALL the time, but I never thought about purchasing it. It was only when she released a concealer that looked pretty amazing, that I placed an order. I purchased the Flawless Concealer, the Sculpt Stick and the Brow Fibre.

It did take a while to arrive, but when it came, I thought the packaging of the products were so classy. I mean, look at it. So simple but it looks quite high end!



Flawless Concealer £15.00


You might be thinking £15 for a concealer??!? That is what I first thought when I saw the prices, but let me tell you, it is so worth the money. You do not need to apply much as the product is SO heavily pigmented. It 100% does the job. I purchased the Number 3 shade (after watching Amena’s video explaining what colour might be best for each person) and it is the perfect shade for me. When applying it the first time, I used too much as I did not realise how little you needed. I literally applied it in a triangle shape under my eyes and then used a beauty blender to blend it all out. Immediately I noticed a difference. It lifted my under eye area and made me look so much more awake! I did experience a few creases but realised that I had not used a setting powder. Once I did, it didn’t crease at all.

The real test with concealers, is the lasting power. I’m at work all day and when I come home and look in a mirror, I look tired. My concealer is normally completely worn off by 6pm, but this time, it had not budged. Not even a little bit. I am still a little shocked at this, because I have never used a concealer that has this much coverage! It 100% lives up to it’s name and I recommend it to anyone!


Brow Fibre £15.00


The brow fibre was another product that Amena raved about. I have become so used to my Soap and Glory Archery pen that I wasn’t sure if I would like this fibre. I should not have been worried as it is amazing. Like the concealer, you do not need to use much of this product. A tiny bit on the brush and both eyebrows can be filled in. I apply it starting from the middle and make small strokes in the natural direction my eyebrows grow in. You can tell the difference straight away. I love how natural it looks and again, it stays in place all day! I do have a negative with the product and that is the actual applicator. It is quite hard on the skin. To me, it feels like someone has broken off the brush and I am left with the sharp end. It still does the job, but I do wish that it was a bit softer!

The colour is perfect for me as well. It comes in a Light and Dark option. Since I have quite dark hair, I knew that the Dark option would suit me the best.

Sculpt Stick £10.00


IMG_0045I have to be honest and say that I haven’t actually used this product yet. It is made for contouring, which is something that I always struggle with. Amena made this a little easier, in this format. It is quite a creamy formula and blends really well. I know this because I swatched the colour on my hand to work out how much to apply. I am sure that once I get the hang of it, I will love it! She made a whole video around how to apply both sticks. From what I can remember, you use the lighter colour on the areas you want to brighten up and the dark colour on the shadows.

So there you go! If you would like to purchase any products, visit the website here. Amena’s YouTube channel is linked here and to make it easy, I’ve added the video where she talks about the products as well!

Make Up Line

New Concealers

Until next time!




March Favourites! | FAVOURITES

This is what I have loved in the month of March!




E was given this as a birthday present and as the age for it was 3+, I stored it for later use. I started noticing as she was walking more, that she needed something to push around so out came the pram! She LOVES it. She will not tolerate anything other than her favourite Minnie Mouse toy sitting in the pram and she just takes it everywhere with her. When I see her play with it, I notice how much she is changing and growing up.


‘Pocoyo’ Elly Book

This was another gift that had been given to E for her birthday, by my older sister. She enjoyed looking at the front page at the time, but was never interesting in the actual book. All she wanted to do was chew on it, hence the condition! I really wish I had stored them somewhere safe, so that the condition was better when she finally started enjoying the book. Anyway, now she loves it. She sits down by herself and flicks through the pages, laughing at the pictures she finds funny. Sometimes she will bring it to me, so I can read it to her!





I received this product in the March edition of My Little Box. I have done a review of it already, but I cannot believe how much I love it now. I use it every single day and it really does make my skin feel flawless and my concealer also stays on perfectly. I never thought that I would enjoy using beauty blenders as I have always hated them, but it goes to show. You have to find the right product for you. This particular blender fits my face perfectly and I can reach all the little corners.






Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog on YouTube) mentioned this game in one of his videos recently and I thought I would try it out. The idea of the game is to match more than three of the same colour and defeat the slugs. Each level has different goals though, so sometimes you will need to just defeat 7 slugs and sometimes you will need to collect 3 diamonds, 30 flowers AND defeat 2 slugs. You get a certain amount of moves on each level. At the time of writing this, I am only on level 42. There are something like over 300 levels, which is crazy. You can also complete quests. There are individual bugs which make up the colours (green, purple, red, blue, yellow) and you have to basically be strategic in the way you play. It’s free and can be played on Android or Apple!



Obviously I have heard of the TV show before but I don’t think much about Batman, so I never really thought about watching it. Me and the Hubby decided we needed something new to watch, so decided to give it a go. I was literally hooked from the beginning. I did not realise it was about Gotham before Batman existed! Bruce Wayne is in it, but as a child. The show is about James Gordon, an honest cop who is determined to solve the Wayne murders. It is based on the original comics but started to evolve and include Gotham’s most famous villains and heroes. I was so excited when I saw Ben McKenzie (Ryan from The O.C!!) was playing James Gordon. Each episode is about different homicides, but it always links back to the main murder that he is trying to solve. I love how Gotham is sick. It’s politics are twisted, just like the real world and it shows the truth in some way. Sometimes you can’t change the way things are!





I received this in last month’s Glossy Box and didn’t really think much of it. It’s a razor… it removed hair. What more is there to it? The other day I needed to change my razor (I normally use the Olay Venus Blades) and remembered I had this to try out. It is crazy amazing. I can’t even describe how nice it feels to use it, how there is ZERO irritation, no itching and no cuts. The hair takes longer growing back and even better, it does not grow back hard! I am so amazed at it and had to include it this month. I know for sure that I will be purchasing it again when it run’s out. I think you can remove the blade and just purchase a new one! Totally recommend it.





I have actually been wearing this scarf for a few months now, but I only just realised this and thought I would include it in my March favourites – seeing as we are going into spring now! It is a bit tattered but I love it. My friend purchased it for me for my birthday (or Christmas! I can’t remember) and at the time, I didn’t really wear it. When it got colder I started using it and found it worked with every outfit I wore! It is a grey knitted material with sequins throughout and it’s from Primark. The sequins sometimes do catch on my skin and that does get annoying, but if I wrap it the right way, I can normally avoid that!





I hadn’t even realised that Rihanna had not released a new album for ages, until everyone started going crazy when the new single came out! Honestly, when I first heard it, I did not think it was Rihanna. After listening to it a few times, I was hooked. Then the video came out (2 versions!) and that was it really. I listen to it pretty much every day. I will admit I had to locate the lyrics to find out what she was actually saying, but I love the music and the vibe that it has. I’m not a huge fan of Drake. I mean I don’t hate him, but I don’t love him either. I think the two of them work together really well though!


Until next time!