What I got for Christmas | ME

I love reading and watching YouTube videos on what people got for Christmas, so I thought I would do a little haul myself! I am so thankful to all my family because they were so generous this year! Also, it’s nice to know that they were all happy with the gifts they received as well!


So this is what I got for Christmas! There was only 5 things but they are all special to me and thoughtful so I am really happy with them. I love how people come up with ideas on gifts, pulling memories and thoughts together. So I’m going to talk about the thought behind some of the gifts I received!

My husband purchased a beautiful Pandora necklace for me. The story behind this is that he purchased a necklace for me a few years ago and I had to stop wearing it as it gave me a rash on my neck. After I had E, things changed and I was able to wear necklaces again, so he upgraded the one he had originally bought me for. I love the thought behind it!

He also purchased a book that I was going to buy myself. It’s called me me me, by Charlotte Crosby. If you didn’t know, she is from a reality TV show on MTV, called Geordie Shore. The best thing is that my hubby didn’t know I wanted it. He just thought I would like it as he knew I loved Charlotte. The book is an autobiography. Also, technically this was a present from E, but obviously he paid for it.

My mother in law surprised me this year with a Mulberry evening clutch bag. I was so shocked. I have been saying that I needed a bag to take out in the evening, as I didn’t have one. I did not expect her to buy me it, let alone one from an amazing designer brand!

She also gave me some socks. I don’t know about anyone else but I love getting socks! I have a huge thing about cosy socks and slippers. These are a pair of bed socks from next and they are amazing. They feel soft and are quite long!

Finally, my brother in law and his girlfriend bought some perfume for me. I do love wearing perfume (when I remember).

That’s it! E got quite a few gifts and we all got alot of chocolate. Hope everyone was happy with their presents and had a great time!

Until next time!


Glossy Box December Review | BEAUTY

December’s box sounded amazing. A collaboration with beauty blogger Really Ree and I’m sure everyone was expecting festive products!

I can’t deny how cute the box is. I love the sparkly effect and on each side of the box there is a quote. I believe this box is called the Rose Gold Edit.


So this is what I received in this month’s box. From first glance you can see that there is a good variety and certain things pop out.

I’ve tried everything out a fair bit, hence why this blog post is so late!

Onto the review itself.





Collection Nail Polish

I have never tried out a Collection nail polish before and I do love the brand. Their eye liners are actually amazing. I was therefore interested to see how good the nail polish would be. From first glance the actual colour I received wasn’t my favourite, but you can’t knock it till you try it! Unfortunately it is pretty awful. It didn’t even last a day, and actually it looked pretty awful. It doesn’t really sparkle that much and I would probably use it on top of a plain light nail polish.



Etre Belle Roll On Eye Gel

Now this product is exciting! I used to use something quite similar a few years ago and then forgot all about it. You basically run it under your eyes and it keeps that area hydrated. This actually works and even better, it wakes me up! I apply it every morning and instantly I feel much better. It hasn’t reduced any dark circles or really done anything else to be honest, but I would 100% buy it again because it makes me feel better!



Essence Liquid Lipstick

Some liquid lipsticks are amazing, whilst others lack overall. At first, I didn’t like this. The colour is quite strange. It’s not dark, nor light. It’s not lipstick but it isn’t really lip gloss. The applicator is also quite strange on the lips. Nevertheless, once it’s on, it doesn’t look bad and most importantly, it stays on! I don’t think I would buy it again but it’s a nice one to add to the collection.



Monu Spa Reviving Mist

I love this. I have been meaning to get a face mist for a while now, to set my make up. The trouble is, I never know which one to get. This one is perfect. It makes me laugh when I spray it, as I’m just not used to that instant spray on your face, but it does work. I do find that my make- up does set in place better, once I have used this. Plus, my skin feels quite hydrated as well!



So Susan Highlighting Crayon

I have just realised that I haven’t had any time to use this highlighter. I know a lot of people had broken ones in their box but I received it just fine. I just haven’t had a chance to use it yet but I’m sure it is fine. I’m not entirely comfortable or sure where to use highlighter at the moment, but this apparently makes it easier!



Starskin Face Mask

Here is a product that I knew I was getting and I was extremely excited for it. The starskin face mask looked amazing and I always want to try face masks out at home, since I don’t have time to go out and get pampered. I was so upset when I realised that I couldn’t use it as it was pretty much made out of coconut (I’m allergic) I soon forgot about it and put it aside to give to my sister. She then mentioned to me to email Glossybox and ask them if they can swap it with something else that I could use. I sent them an email and waited for a reply. They replied back with an apology but advised they couldn’t cater to allergies. Not accepting this, I let them know that I was very happy with the box and so far have been loving it, but why would they not swap it with something that I could use! In the end, they agreed and today I received 2 sample products – a Purity cleanser and an I Love… lip gloss which smells AMAZING.




At first glance, I was quite unhappy with this months box, especially since it was meant to be a collaboration with an amazing blogger. Now that I am reviewing it all, actually it was a really good box. The one product that I couldn’t use, Glossybox kindly swapped it and one product I haven’t had a chance to use yet. My favourite will have to be the mist and the worst is the nail polish.

Until next time!



12 Days Of Unique Beauty Advent Calendar | BEAUTY


20151130_081702I don’t celebrate Christmas but I love the trend of Beauty Advent Calenders. I was very excited to get the Feel Unique advent calender on my birthday and have decided to open it every other day and try out everything that I get! I thought it would be nice to blog about it as well.

There are mostly sample sizes but a few full size products as well. I also have not looked at the back of the calender to see what products I am actually getting, so that it will really be a surprise.



FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Ooh, this does look very interesting! I currently have one illuminating primer that I received in the Glossy box last month, and I love that. With this, you massage it onto your face and it acts as a great base for make up or use alone to just brighten up your skin. I look forward to trying this out both ways!

VERDICT: I have been using this in the morning on days I wear make-up and days that I don’t. My skin actually feels softer, but other than that, I don’t notice much difference. When applied I find that it does feel dry but that doesn’t last long.




FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The packaging looks so sophisticated! This product makes your hair more bouncy and shiny. You are meant to use it before you shampoo your hair and it should transform dull hair into manageable, elasticity shiny hair!

VERDICT: Unfortunately I can’t use this. Well, not straight away. You have to wash your hair first, then massage this in, leave it for 20 minutes and then wash your hair again. With a 13 month old baby, I genuinely don’t have time to have a shower longer than 5 minutes.  I will keep it for a time when I am able to use it!




FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Hmm. When I opened door number 3, it was empty! I could see the outline for a tube, but there was nothing in it. I have to say, I did feel very disappointed! I am hoping that it has fallen down maybe, into another door, so I will wait till the end to see if I can find it.

VERDICT: It did fall down into another slot, but I managed to get it out. It’s a day cream! I tried it on and wasn’t sure. It feels the same as every day cream, so I will have to give it a few goes before I can make my mind up whether I like it or not!




FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Wow. I am so in love with this, even though it’s just a shower cream! When I first saw it in the box, I was intrigued. The packaging was lovely and bright and I tend to use foams or gels. I have never used a cream before.

VERDICT: I cannot even describe the smell to you, it is AMAZING. It’s smooth and silky to apply and the smell lingers for ages. I am definitely going to be purchasing a full size version of this!




FIRST IMPRESSIONS: I am actually so glad that I decided not to read the full list of products you get in this box! I wanted to be surprised every time and I was jumping up and down with joy when I saw this. I love Fleur’s products. I own some of her lip products, but didn’t buy the eye shadows as I love my Sleek ones too much to try any others out.

VERDICT: I love it though, the colours are quite subtle but pigmented. This particular palette gives you a lovely subtle smoky eye and is perfect if you like wearing nude colours for work/school.




FIRST IMPRESSIONS: I’m not a huge fan of hair products. I wish I had time but I just can’t sit there and wait for 10 minutes in the bath, whilst a product does its magic. I hope someday I will, but for now, my crazy 13 month old demands all my attention.

VERDICT: I then asked my hubby to look after E for a little while, whilst I trialled the elixir out. I’m not sure if I like it or not. It left my hair feeling quite soft actually, but it had a shine to it that I didn’t like. Almost too shiny, as if it was oily! Maybe I put too much on? I will have to try it again!




FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Normally I wouldn’t be that excited for a product like this, but my sister bought some Redken shampoo for my birthday and it works wonders on my hair. I was happy to see something else from their range! I will have to try it out and let you know, but it’s a primer that you apply before you shampoo your hair, for extreme length.




FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Zoe (Zoella) mentioned this in her recent video on YouTube so I knew what it was when I saw the brand name. You basically spray it on your pillow and it helps you relax and sleep easier! I was quite intrigued then, so I will have to report back as to whether it worked or not.




FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Not that excited by this product in all honesty. It’s a serum you apply on your face and neck and I guess it’s to smooth everything out and make you look younger. I don’t really like to wear that much stuff on my face so I will probably try it out, but I don’t think I will carry on using it. 




FIRST IMPRESSIONS: One can never have too many hair ties! Especially ones that claim no-kinks! It is actually a really cute hair tie. The material is very soft and it has elastic in it. It looks like it will not leave a kink in the hair, so I will have to trial it out! I love the cute little star decoration.




FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Now this does look very interesting! It looks like it is a full size product as well. it is essentially a hand cream, so you massage a small amount onto your hands to keep them from being dry. Ah, I’ve just had a look at the ingredients and there is coconut oil in it so that means I can’t use it (I’m allergic to coconut) Never mind, I can always give it to my sister!




FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Very excited when I first saw this product. It looks like a full sized product and it’s made out of all natural ingredients.

VERDICT: Then I looked at the back of the product and saw that it had almond butter oils in it so again, another product I cannot use as I am allergic to nuts!




I have loved opening this calender! It has so many good things in it. Maybe its not brilliant if you are allergic to nuts, but sometimes it is best to check the ingredients of the products on the back, to make sure that you can use them!

I will 100% do another beauty calender next year!

Until next time! Untitled




Wrapping Christmas Gifts! | RAMBLINGS

The idea behind this blog post was to show you some of the gifts that I had wrapped for Christmas, but I soon forgot about it and ended up wrapping all the gifts already! I’m still going to blog though, because gift wrapping is both relaxing AND stressful!

I love wrapping gifts. I love to work out how much paper to cut, making sure it all lines up and adding decorations to it. The one thing that I still do is add so much sello tape, that it doesn’t look that great up close, but far away it doesn’t look half bad!

A lot of people like to use brown paper and then decorate it so nicely but I prefer traditional wrapping paper. I love brightly coloured paper and during Christmas time, I always get the cheesy stuff! This year I experimented more with bows, ribbons and tags.

Here is my top 10 list of things that have stressed me out whilst wrapping!

  1. Oddly shaped presents. Seriously, how can you wrap something that doesn’t have straight lines!
  2. Not being able to find the end of the tape. So. Annoying.
  3. Only having two hands. There is nothing more annoying that wrapping the gift, holding it down and then finding you don’t have a spare finger to pick up the tape to stick it all together!
  4. Inside out ribbon. How do people wrap ribbon around a present and keep it the right side up!
  5. Wasting paper. I hate wasting paper and I get annoyed when I can’t make something fit within the paper.
  6. Running out of paper! The idea was to wrap all my family’s gifts in green wrapping paper and friends in red. I ran out of green PRETTY QUICKLY.
  7. Sticking tape to the wrong place. I hate it when i am just about to stick the tape to the paper, it’s in place and then oh no! It’s only gone and stuck itself down in the MIDDLE of the parcel. Bloody hell!
  8. Losing the tape or pen when you need it the most. I hate this! I know I’ve seen the tape, it was there a minute ago! I’ve tipped everything inside out to try and find it and I can’t! Oh, there it is. All the way across the room.
  9. Pins and needles. I sit on my knees or cross legged when I wrap, so that awful feeling when you stand up and you cannot walk because your feet have gone to sleep!
  10. It’s all going to be ripped apart anyway. Once all the hard work is done, you feel proud for a minute and then realise that no matter how neat or tidy you wrap everything, it’s only going to be ripped apart anyway.

Until next time!



My Little Magic Box Review | BEAUTY


Time for another subscription box review! Out of the two that I have, I was most excited about this one. I’m not sure why but I think it’s because the products you get inside and not just beauty related but lifestyle as well. If you didn’t know what it was, My Little Box, is a subscription service where you receive 5 items (beauty and lifestyle related) for £11 a month.

Last month we got a tin, this month it is a box. I love the cute design though and apparently it is a magic box because if you download an app, you can see the pictures on the box come alive! I haven’t tried it yet though. Anyway, onto the contents of the box!

First two things I spotted were gloves and some loose tea.

I absolutely love the gloves, as they have a hole for the thumb and then the rest is all fingerless! It makes it perfect driving gloves and even more perfect as a mum. The tea smells amazing but as it’s loose tea, I will need to buy a strainer before I can use it!


How cute is this bag! It is such a perfect colour and the material is amazing. I was really happy to see this as I actually did need another bag to split by make up in. I have now used it for all the extra make up that keeps cluttering up my dressing table. I then realised that there was actually something inside the bag as well!

This nail polish is AMAZING. Seriously. It looks lovely on camera but when you actually apply it, the colour is stunning. The gold is obviously sparkly but I didn’t realise that the blue had quite a shine to it as well! It applies so perfectly but does take some time to dry. I didn’t apply a top coat, so after 1 day of using it, it has started to chip at the bottom, near my cuticles. I would think that with a top coat, this nail polish would last a reasonable amount of time.


Next up is this Touch of Happiness body cream. I was excited to try it out as I am always looking for cream to use. My skin is so dry it’s annoying. Let me tell you, this is brilliant. The scent is so different to anything I would normally purchase for myself, but it’s quite earthy! It also lasts quite a while and I found that my skin was not as dry that day, as it normally is! Very happy with this product, plus you get a voucher for money off a full size product from this range.

Save the best till last! My jaw ACTUALLY dropped when I saw this nestled in the bottom of the bag. I have been trying to get hold of this Too Faced Melted liquid lipstick, since my sister purchased the whole collection. They are quite expensive, at 19 pounds  for a full size product. Anyway, this was a travel sized version and its amazing. The colour is SO pigmented and I love the applicator as well. 100% my favourite thing in the box this month.



This months box was perfect. I couldn’t have picked better products myself. The best thing would be the Too Faced Melted liquid lipstick and the worst might be the tea, but not really as I haven’t had a chance to use it yet AND I love tea! Let’s just say this month’s box was brilliant.


Until next time!




My Little Sweet Box Review |BEAUTY


I’ve been on the lookout for another subscription box and came across this from another blogger, Helplesswhilstdrying. She has been subscribed to it for over a year and after reading through the posts, I knew I had to try it for myself. If you didn’t know what it was, My Little Box, is a subscription service where you receive 5 items (beauty and lifestyle related) for £11 a month.

How cute is the tin that it came in! I actually loved the quote on the box, so I cut it out and have placed it to one side. When I think of a use for it, I will let you know! Onto the contents of the box


The first thing I saw was an envelope which said Open the envelope and dress up your kitchen. On the other side, it showed a load of jars with sticker decals on them. I was quite happy to get these as my jars are quite plain looking at the moment.

I have used the sugar, tea and cereal stickers. There are quite a few left but I can’t use them as those things I don’t store in jars. Never mind!



How cute is this apron! I haven’t used it yet (clearly) because I cook and then forget about using it! That is actually the reason why I have never owned an apron before. I will need to hang it up near the oven so I remember to use it the next time I cook. Reading up on other bloggers, I know that is has pockets in the front of it.

The next two products are My Little Beauty’s own hand cream and a Bliss face wash. I have grouped these together as I have not used them yet. I don’t really use hand cream’s a lot, other than at work. I currently have Zoella’s wonder cream at work so I don’t need another one. Smell’s quite nice though.

I was excited to get the face wash though, as I have always wanted to use one! I just haven’t had enough time to use it. You basically massage it onto damp skin and then rinse it off. You are meant to use a toner and moisturiser afterwards, so I think its best to use this in the morning.



The last thing in the box was this perfume. It’s not like what I am used to as the smell is quite strong. I did notice though that the scent lasted WAY longer than any other perfume I have ever used before! My husband really liked the scent, so I’m happy with the product.


I did like the box, the contents and the whole concept of it. It is different to a Glossy Box because it isn’t just beauty. I think the sticker decals were the best thing in the box and the worst will probably be the hand cream, but only because I don’t really use them that much.

The tin will 100% come in handy. I know it says sweet tin but I had a few ideas on what I will use it for. Either keep it as a sweet tin and fill it with sweets that I can leave on our lounge table OR use it to keep all of E‘s hair accessories in!


Until next time……..



Birthday Haul! | ME

Happy Birthday to me!

It was my birthday a few days ago and I did get some lovely presents from friends and family. I thought I would do a little birthday haul, mainly because I always forget what people gave me!


First up, Justin Bieber’s new album Purpose!


I was so excited to get this as I absolutely love Justin Bieber (even at age 26) I was playing it all day and still am, much to the husbands dismay. He will now regret buying it for me. It isn’t the deluxe version though, so most of my favourites are not on it. Never mind, it’s still amazing.

Love 2 Shop Vouchers and Munchies!

My older sister gave me some vouchers for Love 2 Shop, which I can use in a lot of different high street stores. I will have to think what to use them on. My niece got some Munchies for me, which was lovely as I LOVE this chocolate. It is normally more expensive than the other chocolates so I don’t normally buy it.

Pandora Charm and Thorntons Birthday Slab

My friend gave me some lovely presents which I did not expect. I love Pandora and I have 2 bracelets that I wear every day. One has dangly charms on it and the other has normal charms. He purchased this lovely purple studded charm and some Thorntons chocolate.



My little brother got some lovely pyjamas for me. When my family asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said pyjamas. I have over 9 pairs currently, but they are over 2 years old. After some time, you do need to invest in new pyjamas, especially when you buy them cheap from Primark.

I’m not sure where Mum (my brother is 8 years old) purchased them from and I haven’t tried them on yet, but they do look lovely.





Make up Addiction Face Brushes

I purchased some brushes a few months ago, which were all for the eyes. My little sister has now purchased the rest of the set for me, which are the face set!

I actually ordered these myself, as they were 25% off on the Black Friday sales. I was telling my Mum, who then said that my sister was going to buy them, so we agreed that since I had already bought them, she would just pay me back and it’s still a birthday gift!


Redken Shampoo and Feel Unique Advent Calendar

I always complain that my hair is not in the best condition, so my younger sister (who is a trainee hairdresser) purchased some good quality shampoo and conditioner for me. I am excited to try them out and see what they do for my hair. I am SO excited to use the calender though! I really wanted to buy one after seeing all the different beauty advent calenders that are now available. This one is more face and hair related, whereas I would have gone for the make up/beauty version instead but I am interested to try it out. I haven’t looked at the back of it yet so I don’t know what is inside.

I am going to open it every other day and I will do a blog post at the end of the month on how I got on with everything that was in it!

Until next time…



Simplicity is the key to an amazing party! | RAMBLINGS

People always say keep things simple and it will always go a long way. On E’s 1st birthday party, I threw that rule straight out the window and organised a HUGE event. Looking back, I am glad I did it, as not only was it her 1st birthday, but as she was such a poorly baby from birth, it was an even bigger celebration of good health that we didn’t think she was going to have. I just remember not being able to enjoy the party though, because I was so busy running around making sure everyone else was ok. I know that E wasn’t too happy either because there were so many people.20151122_144203

My older sister celebrated my nephews 1st birthday a few weeks ago and it was brilliant. She kept it small and simple. There were about 20 people there – all close family. The decoration was all simple, yet effective. 20151122_153930

It was a Mickey Mouse theme but she didn’t go overboard with it. I wasn’t expecting games or anything but she started off with a fun easy little game of guess how many sweets were in the jar!








It was a great little game for everyone to play and really got the conversation going. Everyone – even the parents and older family members had to make a guess. In the end my mum won, with the closest guess. I wasn’t complaining as it means she gave the sweets out to everyone to enjoy anyway. I rediscovered my love for marshmallows and found out that they still sell the Fruit Salad Chewitts flavour!

I was already thinking about similar ideas I can take from this for E’s next party (which is not until October 2016!)



Also, how cute is this cake! Unfortunately it did not taste amazing but it certainly looked the part!



Once the cousins had left, the immediate family members (i.e my sisters, my hubby and the kids) all played a few games. I LOVE playing board games when I am in the mood. We played UNO first and then Articulate. Myself and my husband cannot play on the same team because we fall out EVERY TIME.


I was also pretty impressed with how long my make up actually lasted, through the day. As you can see, it was just my eyebrows (the crazy mess that they are!) and my lipstick that were not exactly the same. I was wearing the Nivea tinted moisturiser and the Emite Diamond primer that I got in the last Glossybox. They kept my make-up mostly on. The lipstick was the Rimmel moisture renew ones, which I absolutely love as they are so hydrating. The eyeshadow was the MUA pallette from the Glossybox as well. I really loved the look!


Until next time!








November Favourites | FAVOURITES

This is what I have loved in the month of November!


This came in the last Sassy Bloom subscription box that I got for E. It did look pretty good but how excited can you really get for cutlery? It wasn’t until I started using it – or letting her use it – that I really started to appreciate how good this little pack was! You get one fork, spoon and knife. So far, I have used the fork and spoon. I love how E can just hold it in her hand, stab around at the plate and manage to pick up food, purely by accident! The colour isn’t the best it could be, but that is a small price to pay for a great product.




These are normally quite expensive, but Claires had a 3 for 2 offer. Obviously I had to purchase something. I first bought the little hair slides and little bows. The quality is brilliant and the clips stay in her hair. I then purchased some little flowers and hair ribbons. The best thing about the accessories is that E does not notice there is something in her hair.





I absolutely adore Tanya Burr. Her YouTube channel is amazing and her personality is so cute and bubbly! I was never interested in her cosmetics before, as the packaging was quite tacky looking and the products didn’t look that great. The redesign is amazing though and I love most of the products now! This brow palette is pretty amazing! I use it every day, as I quite like a natural brow. The colours are perfect, especially if you mix them together. I love the mirror. Normally with products like these, the mirror isn’t real. You know, those plastic type of mirrors? The quality is great, the palette is small, so easy to hold. You get some mini tweezers and a mini brush with it. I actually use the brush to run the lighter colour under my brows, as a highlighter! I was also pleasantly surprised by how good the tweezers are. A huge favourite this month and many more to come, I should think.

20151119_211346 20151119_211401





I have already raved about this product in my Glossy Box review (click here to read it) but I had to mention it in my favourites. It is amazing. It doesn’t feel cakey and smells lovely. You don’t need to use a lot of product and the best part – it actually works! Ever since I started using this, my make up has stayed on my face longer than it did before.






I loved The Vampire diaries when it first came out. The actors were lovable and the plot line was entertaining. Two vampire brothers lusting after the same girl, throw in witches and werewolves, who wouldn’t love it! Somewhere in the middle it started to get annoying, until finally, the female lead left the show. The show went throw a revamp and I love it more than ever. The characters have evolved, the storyline is brilliant and I wait eagerly for new episodes! Definitely worth watching.

The Vampire Diaries


I do not like watching gory, horror type shows. The Walking Dead is all of the above, plus more. A post-zombie attack era, where the world is not how we know it. You meet characters along the way as they try to make it to safety. I didn’t watch this from the beginning – I think we are into Season 6 now and I only started watching last season. Still, I think this is definitely worth a watch, at least for the storyline. I love how everything connects together and how they keep the audience captivated. It is VERY gory though, so maybe not a show for the faint hearted!

The Walking Dead



I have a bookcase full of books that I haven’t got enough time to read through and still, when I am in the mood to read, I gravitate towards books I have read over 100 times! I love Twilight. I love the fact that I can just fall into a world that doesn’t exist, with vampires and werewolves. I’m sure everyone has read the books but if you haven’t, Twilight is a story about Bella, an ordinary girl who moves to Forks and falls in love with mysterious Edward Cullen. Turns out him and his family are vampires! I prefer the books over the movies any day!




I got tired of waiting for Inside Out Thought Bubbles to update and started looking for another game to play. I came across an advert on Facebook, showing that this game was available to download and play on your mobile. I played this so much on my laptop, through Facebook. Eventually I couldn’t go any further unless I paid (which I was never going to do) so I stopped playing. I’m so happy they released it with better graphics and challenges. It’s basically a time management cooking game. Customers want certain dishes – you have to remember the recipe and cook it for them. It might sound boring, but it’s actually quite fast paced, with other challenges in between.




I have never wanted to purchase an album before. I can normally find the songs on YouTube, so I don’t really feel the need to buy the album, but I love Justin Bieber. I was SO excited for this album and it is EVERYTHING that I thought it was going to be. He really did the fans proud. Each song is different and tells its own story. I constantly have Love Yourself, Where Are You Now, What Do You Mean and Sorry on repeat! Definitely worth buying.



Until next time!