Potty Training Diaries.. DAY 3-12

I didn’t want to flood my blog with daily potty Diaries, so I’ve held off a little bit! We are currently on day 12, with potty  training. 

On Day 3 E did a wee in the potty by herself. In fact she went by herself. What I found was that I stopped shouting and getting frustrated and instead let her decide when to sit on the potty. I kept reminding her every half hour to use the potty when she needed to and I left the room. This really worked for her as she preferred to be by herself. Also, I found if I gave her a toy or book, she would be happier sitting on the potty. 

Day 3 went brilliantly. Over the next few days she would sit on the potty without crying. I even sent her to her nans house and she only had 2 accidents! 

I ventured out for a few hours with her and my husband, on Day 9. I took the potty with me and just sat her on it in the public toilets. E absolutely hated it as she has a huge fear of hand dryers! 

The next day I sat her on the toilet and now we have stopped using the potty. We’ve barely had any accidents and she is so happy and proud of herself. 

It has taken me 12 full days to get her comfortable without a nappy. The real test will begin when I go back to work tomorrow, as she will have to learn to tell someone else that she needs to go! 


Potty Training Diaries… DAY 2

I wasn’t kidding when I said day 2 would be harder than day 1!

It was my first full day to get E used to the potty and what a day it was. She still cried every time she had to sit on the potty. I felt so guilty because I didn’t want her to feel sad but at the same time I knew that I had to continue with it. 

I reminded her every 20 minutes about the potty again. She stayed in underwear pretty much most of the day. The first accident was at 11am. I left my husband in charge – this was clearly my first mistake! – and she had an accident on the floor. He said that she did half a wee on the floor and half on the sofa, so he still left her stick a star on the reward chart?!?! This is why men are not in charge of children. 

Second accident was on the sofa. I waited a whole hour with E, playing dolls, knowing she would need to go to the toilet soon. The second I was distracted, she came in the living room and had an accident on the sofa – sigh – 

Despite my constant reminders and sitting her down on the potty, she had another accident 2 hours later. 

It had been a very long day but there were a few lessons I had learnt. I noticed that she went for a wee every 2 hours after her morning wee. She definitely hates the potty so I may have to try the toilet instead and we actually managed to go out yesterday for 2 hours without any accidents! 

I wanted to give up so many times in the day. It was upsetting me and E and making both of us angry and agitated. I just have to remember that I need to stay positive, calm and encourage her, rather than get annoyed! 

Here’s to hoping we have a better day tomorrow! 

Potty Training Diaries.. DAY 1

I’m at that stage with E now where everyone keeps asking me when I’m going to start potty training her. I did try a few months ago but she refused to entertain the idea. She’s almost 3 now so with that in mind, I made the decision to start today. It just happened to coincide with over a week’s worth of annual leave, so what better time will I ever have to get E off nappies?

I’ve read quite a few a books, online articles, blogs and listened to mothers who have already been through this stage. I purchased a Peppa Pig potty as it is one of her favourite characters. I also purchased a reward chart with stickers (from Hobby Craft for £2.50) and a good supply of Cadbury chocolate buttons as a reward. 


I started halfway through the day as I was still at work this morning. As soon as I took E’s nappy off, she realised what was happening and went straight into protest. I didn’t give in though and every 20 minutes, kept sitting her back on the potty and explained what she needed to do. Around an hour later, I could tell that she needed to go for a poo, so I sat her back down on the potty. She absolutely bawled her eyes out but SHE ACTUALLY DID A POO IN THE POTTY!!!

I was LITERALLY screaming with excitement. Once she was done, I showed her the poo and she was pretty shocked. She definitely understood that she did something good and kept saying “Yes” when I told her she was a really good girl! We then tipped it all into the toilet and she flushed it away. I then let her pick a coloured star and stick it onto the reward chart, which she absolutely loved doing. (Let’s just ignore the part where she demanded I then let her use ALL the stickers and cried for ages because I said no)

At this point I thought,hey, what is all the fuss about! That was pretty easy! Little did I know, E had made a plan to NEVER sit on the potty again. She point blank refused. She cried and cried when I tried to get her to go for a wee. Even though she had 2 cups of water to drink, she did not wee in the potty for the next 4 hours. In fact, she did not wee at all.

I tried everything, from giving her a chocolate button once she sat on the potty, to making her dolly sit on it, but nothing worked. As it’s now bedtime, I’ve popped a nappy back on her to sleep in and she has fallen asleep within minutes.

It has definitely been an experience today. I do feel agitated and upset at the fact that she has been crying most of the day, but I do know that it will get better. The plan for tomorrow is to take her out of her nappy as soon as she wakes up and try all over again!

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine” – Jack Ma


Sassy Bloom Box 3 Review | BABY

This will be the last Sassy Bloom box review, as I found it wasn’t worth it to keep paying £30 every month and receiving semi okay products. This is the October box. I’ve left it a while to review it as I wanted to use the products for a while before making a judgement on it.

20151028_190307I haven’t enjoyed the previous boxes but this looked really promising as it was full of what looked like some lovely toys!

First Steps Fun Gears Learning Toy RRP £7.99

This was the first toy saw and immediately wanted to play with. It’s a little toy where you turn the gear at the bottom and the rest of the spinning wheels turn.

PROS: Lot’s of lovely colours and the idea behind it is quite good. It’s quite a problem solving toy, I think.

CONS: At the moment, all she wants to do is take all the gears off the board. Eventually she will learn to put them back into place and then work out how to make everything turn.


Vital Cutlery Orange and Yellow RRP £4.99

I was quite happy to get this as I only have one cutlery set at the moment and you do need a few!

PROS: I actually really love this. We haven’t used everything yet, just the spoon and fork. She loves holding the fork in her hand and trying to get food onto it. I have found the grip on the cutlery is perfect for them to hold it properly and use it! I also love that the cutlery is not plastic, meaning food stays on the end when you pick it up.

CONS: Nothing! A really good product!


Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup Pink RRP £4.99

Even though I have been overall unhappy with the service, I love how the team know what parents are looking for each month. They always send something that you have been meaning to buy and this month I was looking for a cup. I am trying to get to drink out of a cup now, rather than a bottle (for milk) and it’s proving to be hard. This little cup came just in time!

PROS: I love the brand. I already have this in the smaller version so I know how the 360 degrees non spill thing works on it. It basically has little holes under the top for the liquid to come out of and if you tip it upside down it won’t spill. You have to suck at any of the edges to get the water out.

CONS: Unfortunately it does spill at times! My little monster loves to bang the cup against the table, so sometimes you do get spillage. Also, she still won’t drink milk out of it, so back to the drawing board!


Munchkin Lazy Buoyz Bath Toys RRP £5.99

I hate the fact that I get a bath toy every month. I have no space to put them anymore!

PROS: Nothing. They are colourful I guess, but I cannot think of anything good to say about these toys.

CONS: The toys are small. They don’t actually do anything. I think they are meant to scoop up water but we tried it and nothing happens. She likes toys that actually do something, in the bath, so these were a disappointment from the start.


B Kids Speedy’s Magical Shell RRP £9.99

This looked like a promising product! It’s a cute little snail with some balls in it’s shell. I guess the idea is that you can sort the balls into the right slots.

PROS: I like the idea of the shape sorting. She really enjoyed playing with the balls on their own! She looked a couple of times at the actual snail, but it didn’t really interest her as much as the little toys that come with it did.

CONS: A few things. Firstly, there is nothing speedy about Speedy. It doesn’t move. The little pink bit on top of the snails head is like a drumstick, which you can hit onto the shell (which is the drum) However, it doesn’t make a single noise and the actual drumstick looks very inappropriate (!) Also, when trying to slot the balls into the holes, they don’t fit through. They just sit on top so she couldn’t play with it on her own. Very disappointed.

20151028_190844    20151028_191735

TOMY Wibble Wobble Duck RRP £9.99

This little duck looked amazing in the packaging! It’s meant to be really fast and help the child crawl after it.

PROS: It’s a nice sized toy, nice colours? I can’t really think of anything nice to say.

CONS: This was not the right toy for my daughter as she is 1 years old and trying to walk, not crawl even more! The actual duck moves SO slow, I don’t know how it would encourage anyone to move along. You could probably just hold out your hand and pick it up as it’s moving along.

20151028_190855 20151028_191738


So this was the last box. I have now cancelled it (they said I might get one more box, due to the cancellation notice of 31 days) I think at the end of it, it was a mixture between the products and the service. I actually did like a lot of what they sent, but little things make a difference. Sending toys that are for 8 months old children, to a 13 month old child is not the best way to go!

Also, the service was not great. It wasn’t that they were rude – they were actually really polite. It’s just slow. I didn’t get the first 2 boxes on time and even when I cancelled they didn’t really care. They didn’t try to find out why. So I can’t afford to pay £30 every month for that kind of service.


E’s 1st Birthday Party! | BABY


It was her birthday earlier on in the month and as it’s her first, I had to go all out. My house is too small, so my mother in law kindly let me use her house to decorate and invite everyone to. We had planned 2 days – on her actual birthday we invited a few people and children to a soft place centre. Then, the next day we had a full blown party with food, decoration, etc. It was crazy. I don’t think I will do something this big until she is 5 years old i think!

Above is what the conservatory looked like before I started. I sat down in her highchair and gave her some food to keep her busy whilst I decorated the whole place. She was perfect and didn’t move until I was finished!


This is what it looked like after! I was SO happy with it! It is a Pocoyo themed birthday party. adores Pocoyo, so the main colours were blue, yellow and pink. The lanterns were purchased from Ebay and were ridiculously cheap and easy to assemble. I just used some string to hang it from the ceiling. Balloons were all purchased from card factory, as is the bunting on the table and the big number 1 balloon.


How cute is this banner! I didn’t add Happy 1st Birthday, because when she is 18, we will bring this banner out again and use it at her party. This was £10 from Asda – bargain!


I made this banner myself, in the same theme colours. The card was purchased cheap on Ebay and I just used white poster paint to draw on the letters. It was all attached onto string and onto the wall.


I saw this idea on Pinterest and I am going to use it every year. Their age in photographs! I think I used around 13 photographs and made a number 1 with them.

Food is always going to be a big part of a birthday party! As the party started at 3pm, I decided to do finger food. We had cakes, crisps, sweets, samosas, biscuits, sandwiches and lot’s of adult party food as well. I think I had over 40 guests and ALL the food was gone by the end of the night!

20151017_143711 20151017_143717

These cake stands were purchased online as well, on Ebay and are disposable. I have kept them as I think they will be really good to use again for next year. Always have to have sweets and chocolates!


20151016_182741  How cute is this cake! This was made by a lovely lady on Facebook, I believe her name is Magic Moments. I will link to her profile here. The cake was SO yummy. I ordered cupcakes in the themed colours and asked her to make a small cake for us to cut. Somehow, she made quite a big cake for us to cut! We had so many cupcakes left over as well, so that’s a lesson for next time! Maybe one big cake is a better idea than individual cupcakes!





Party bags are pretty important at a kids birthday party. I just purchased these lovely food boxes ridiculously cheap from ebay, in the themed colours. I then made a thank you card, printed it out and glued it onto the front of the box. Inside I just added milkybar buttons, a candy watch, a game, activity pad, coloured pencils, bubbles and a glow stick.

I think they looked really cute and even had one spare left over which I added to E’s time capsule!

20151016_180233I’ve had this idea for a little while. I’m really into memories and making sure I am making enough records of things we have done. has 2 baby record books, a first year scrapbook and a box full of her “first clothes” and my favourite clothes for her. I had to add a time capsule which we will open on her 18th birthday! I just used an old nappy wipes box (the multi-pack box) and painted it all, then wrote a sign on the front. I also printed out little cards for people to sign on what they think she will be when she is older and who they are etc. It was a nice little touch to the day, I think!

I still cannot believe how many presents she actually got in the end. The picture that I took on the left is halfway through the day. I think she ended up with over 30 gifts!  She was very happy looking through them all the next morning! I have decided to give her a new toy every few days, so she isn’t overwhelmed by it all. So far, the Pocoyo books are her favourite. I think I love a little bracelet that 2 of my friend’s purchased for her.

     20151017_143744    20151018_112257



Sassy Bloom Box 2 REVIEW | BABY

I was so excited to receive the next Sassy Bloom box, after the first one arrived. I mean, all the things inside the box are actually for but I was way more excited! I waited… and waited…. and waited. Really disappointed actually because I received the box 5 days after the date that all boxes should arrive.


I had already seen the products that my sister received in her box (for my nephew) and there was some AMAZING stuff. I know that all boxes are different but our kids are 1 month apart and our boxes couldn’t be any more different.


I am a little disappointed in what we received this month, simply because it was pretty much ALL bath related products. I know that I said before, that loves bath toys but they should have mixed it up a little bit. 1 bath product in a box would be fine. I think I got 3 bath related things!

Anyway, on to the products.

A-Z Bath Storage Bag with Suction Cup RRP £5.00

This is actually quite cute. It’s a little storage bag to place all the bath toys in after they’ve been used. It’s got a little suction cap on the bag and the bag is a wire/mesh type material. I have to admit the monkey does look cute!

PROS: I’ve had it stuck up on the bathroom wall for over a week now and it is still there, which is pretty good in my eyes! Plus it’s a cute design!

CONS: it’s a little bit small in terms of storage space. I can only get about 3 toys in there.


Munchkin Squirt N Strain Fruit Basket RRP £5.99

The second bath product we received! Obviously I love the munchkin brand.

PROS: this actually came in handy whilst giving E a bath! She played with it a little but I found myself using it to wash her hair! It has little holes in the bottom where the water pours out.

CONS: the toy fruit don’t actually fit in the basket which was a little annoying!


Funky Giraffe Dribble Bandana Bib Pink RRP £5.00

When was born, I found the Funky Giraffe website as I was browsing for cool looking bibs. The website is amazing and I was ready to purchase pretty much EVERY COLOUR in all designs! Thankfully for my bank balance, I didn’t but I was happy to get it in the box.

PROS: The design is pretty, it has two fastening points which will come in handy! I love the material and it looks like it will wash well. It fits well around the neck and has a little ruffled design, which is quite different.

CONS: did not like wearing it at first, but then she forgot all about it. I think this will be a recurring thing every time I put it on her. Never mind!

wpid-wp-1444617317918.jpg    wpid-wp-1444617341845.jpg

B Kids Bath Stacking Pals RRP £10.00

Another bath toy! I haven’t used this yet so can’t comment much on it, but the age for using it is 12 months. At the moment E only puts toys in her mouth rather than play with them properly so I think I will wait before I open it.


Munchkin 3 Hot Bowls RRP £4.99

I did previously look at hot bowls because I think they are quite handy. The strip in the middle turns white if the food is too hot and helps kids work out when they can or cannot eat something. Sometimes you don’t know how hot the food is – I really like warm bowls! Of course we love the Munchkin brand as well.

I have too many plates at the moment so I haven’t opened these, plus it says it’s for toddlers so we aren’t quite at that age yet.


Birthday Surprise by Milo Ferreira RRP £2.00

PROS: This is a nice book, perfect for this month as it is her birthday soon.

CONS: This is not so much a negative point with the book, but more about E. She does love books but she likes turning pages and constantly flipping back and forth. As this is a paper book, the pages are very thin and she can’t turn them herself yet. I will have to keep it in her bedroom and read it to her myself.



All in all it wasn’t a great box. Im sure the bath toys will be used over time but i want so keen on everything else. Our favourite toy I guess is the fruit basket bath toy!

For more information on Sassy Bloom, or if you want to purchase a box visit https://www.sassybloom.com/


That’s Not My… review | BABY

For those of you that have children, I am certain that you have heard of the Usborne range of books. They publish books for ages 0-16 and one of the most famous books for babies is the That’s Not My.. range. There are over 42 titles and really encourage children to explore and test boundaries with books.

PicsArt_1427477428730 PicsArt_1427477721247

loves this range. She does own quite a few as I am an Independant Organiser for Usborne (meaning I sell the books as a small hobby!) but I always find that she loves to sit down on her own and look through it or she wants us to read it to her.

20150911_132013 They are board books, so they are perfect to throw around and even sometimes nibble on! I found that a lot of mums would say that they don’t buy books for young babies as they will ruin them. I can’t even tear these books up as they are so sturdy.

The idea behind them is repetitiveness. Each book has pretty much the same story. It goes through lot’s of reasons why “that’s not my hamster. It’s nose is too rough!” etc until the last page where you find your animal.


I love how bright and colourful they are.

likes to sit there and run her hands across all the pages as each page has a touchy-feely part to it. She used to have the Kitten and Meerkat version and then we lost it! Her favourite is the Hamster book and very recently I have given her the Fox version.

I would 100% recommend it for young children, up to the age of 2 at least. They are normally £6.99 in price but you can buy them on special offer in some stores and through me!

2015-03-20 12.07.05                                   2015-04-24 09.37.18-1     2015-05-14 12.22.18


Sassy Bloom Box 1 Review | BABY

I found Sassy Bloom through an advertisement on Facebook and it looked pretty cool. A subscription box for kids where the products cost over £50 but you only pay £25? (that was a long sentence!) After browsing reviews and looking at previous products people have received, I filled out the form BUT didn’t go through with it. I’m not sure why.

My older sister saw that I had liked the page and she went and purchased it for her son! After I had seen the products she had received I went ahead and ordered one for my daughter.

I will say that the delivery took ages. I was waiting for over 10 days so I sent them a quick email and they sent the box the next day, with an apology.

So, onto the actual products. The products arrive in a beautiful box. I unfortunately threw away the box with one of the products inside by accident…….  more on that later. Aside from my stupidity, the box is lovely. It’s quite big, made from sturdy material and it has such a cute bow on the side.


Spilly Spoon Medicine Spoon RRP £4.99


I still haven’t used this product yet. It looks pretty cool. If you have a child that doesn’t like sipping from a spoon or it’s difficult to get them to take their medicine, then this is perfect. It’s a non spill spoon which makes it easier for all the medicine to go in the right direction! At the moment E (10 months old) is happy to take medicine – weird, I know! – but I’m pretty sure this will come in handy when she is older

Melissa and Doug Flapping Flower RRP £7.99

FLOWER               20150904_173249

I have to be honest, I was a bit disappointed with this product.

PROS: It looks fantastic! It’s wooden, with really brightly coloured parts of the flower.

CONS:It doesn’t do much. You just click the little petals back and forth. There isn’t much noise either!

E does pick this up from her toy box every now and then. She will sit down and spend about 2 minutes just clicking the petals and then she finds something else to play with! At least it looks good in the toy box!

Doidy Cup RRP £3.80

CUP    20150904_125813

I was VERY excited when I saw this. E keeps destroying all cups I purchase for her and it’s about time I got a trainer cup and she is getting older now.

PROS: As you will have seen in last week’s post I have now got the perfect cup, but this is quite good as well. It’s a funny little shaped cup, where it’s tilted so the child can see what’s inside. That was the best thing I found about this cup as E was so interested in drinking from it because she could see the water inside.

CONS: It spills everywhere. I don’t know about you but E throws her cup after she has had a sip – that’s fine if it has a lid but not with this cup! Right now, I only give it to her when I am sitting with her.

Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew Chewy & Co RRP £11.99


This was the product that was still in the box when I threw it away, accidentally. I feel really sad since it was one of the more expensive products in the box! However I don’t think would have used it. She is one of those babies who doesn’t take a teether and chews on everything OTHER than what she is meant to.

Munchkin 10 Squirtin’ Sea Buddies RRP £10.00

BATH  20150904_180711

When my sister purchased her box she was trying to find the right non-spill cup for her son. She was amused to find that SassyBloom had sent her a Nuby cup as part of that month’s box. I have been looking for bath toys for a long time now. We have quite a few but really enjoys playing in the bath and the toys can be quite expensive. When I saw this product in the box I was SO EXCITED!

PROS: It is beautiful. Seriously. There are 10 toys, which is brilliant. They are the perfect size and SO brightly coloured. I love the variety of animals and they all have little squirter’s in different places when the water comes out. They all come in a little tub where you can just pop the toys back in to store them. This is by far one of my most favourite things in the box and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Munchkin brand.

CONS: None.

Playskool Tambourine RRP £12.99

TAMBOURINE    20150904_173203

For some reason, this product isn’t listed as something I received in my box, but i did! I’m not sure if it was an error, or a surprise but I love it! Oh and obviously loves it as well! It’s a little tambourine that plays music when you shake it. The music speeds up or slows down depending on how fast you shake it.

PROS: It’s the perfect size for little hands. It has 6 tunes that play and one of them is the instrumental version to Lady Gaga’s Just Dance. I sometimes keep shaking the toy till the song comes on, then slow it down! It sound’s fantastic. The volume is good, the music is good and it really makes the child think and move!

CONS: Nothing! Love it!


I am incredibly happy with the box and I’m excited to receive the next one. Our favourite toy is definitely the Tambourine.

For more information on Sassy Bloom, or if you want to purchase a box visit https://www.sassybloom.com/


Spontaneous Sainsbury Haul! | BABY

I live right next to quite a big Sainsbury supermarket so when I pop in to purchase one thing, I ALWAYS walk out with four more! Everyone tells you take a shopping list with you, so you avoid making stupid purchases. So this was my shopping list:


This is what I ended up purchasing (excluding the baby):


As you can see, I probably purchased 4 out of 8 products that were on my list and 5 extra things! As soon as I walked in to Sainsburys, they had a HUGE display on all things baby. I picked up 4 other things and had to force myself to put them down because I knew my husband would KILL me if I purchased them!

I am glad with the rest of the spontaneous purchases though as I really DID need them.

Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes


I have always purchased No7 make up remover, which is in a liquid form. I found that recently it made my skin really oily so I purchased a lotion instead and Johnson’s facial wipes which were fantastic! So they were on my list to repurchase again but when I went down the aisle, they were back to normal price of £3. These Simple wipes were on offer at 3 for 2 and worked out cheaper than buying 3 of the Johnson’s wipes!

The last time I tried them, they didn’t work well on my skin, but everything changed after I had my baby. Hopefully they will work now.

Dettol Surface Cleanser

BEFORE                                  AFTER

20150907_130829   20150907_131505 20150907_131536

Again, something I really did need to purchase. I started using the anti-bacterial wipes to clean my daughter high chair tray.I It is annoying how dirty it can get. I found the wipes still left a bit of dirt, plus stray cat hair’s and dust! Really impressed with this spray as it completely wipes it clean!

Munchkin Trainer Cup

20150907_130842 20150907_132705 20150907_133140

I love this brand so much. They always make really good quality products. I am a sucker for these kind of things as I am always looking for something better. My daughter currently drinks out of a Nuby non spill cup (the pink one) but she’s managed to make a few holes in the top (thank’s to the teeth!) so it now spills everywhere. So when I saw this, I thought hey! This might work! It’s a trainer cup which let’s you drink out of it at a 360 degrees angle (basically from any angle around the cup) and it doesn’t spill. I tried it out and could not work out how to get the water out – until I actually tried to drink out of it and you have to suck at rim of the cup – my daughter currently bites the rim of all the cup’s she has! Still, it took her a few minutes to work it out and she loves it!

Munchkin Plates

20150907_130849  20150907_13142520150907_131409

Another product I was looking for. We currently have this horrible Pound shop plate, where the plastic picture is actually scrubbing off! (Picture on the far right) So I was trying to find a nice looking plate, that wasn’t too heavy for her as well. These are perfect. There are a few colours and the design is engraved into the plate which is perfect.

Munchkin Bath Toy Scoop


My daughter loves her bath time and she has gathered quite a few toys. Whenever my husband and I have a shower we just gather everything in the corner of the bath as we cannot be bothered to take it all out! So I did need something that would hold it all together. I haven’t tried it yet but hopefully it is as great as it looks! I think the idea with this is once bath,time is over and the toys have dried, scoop them all up with the scooper thing and then slot it onto the bracket on the wall!

I had a quick look at the instructions and you don’t need to screw anything into the tiles – it’s apparently a very strong glue like adhesive.

I will have to see how this one pan’s out!

Ella’s Kitchen Prune, Prunes, Prunes


My poor little daughter does get constipated at times, so I just purchased this to see if it would help. Apparently fruit’s beginning with P are meant to be quite good for that kind of thing. (That’s also why I went shopping for pears, peaches and plums!)